My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 368

I Suggested Joint Management

“Hiring her is not the problem. It is what people will think. It is possible that it could hurt the reputation of this house.
“…Because she was hired by a commoner?”
“That is one reason. While the people of Range village and the other people you hire will know… We could make up an excuse for others.”
“An excuse?”
“Mmm. Like say that she is just visiting. Besides, since it is this house that will be selling the products, you could say that she is monitoring.”
“So you will hide the fact that she is hired.”
“Yes. While we have a responsibility to report to the royal family with the truth, it doesn’t have to be the case with others.”
“I see…”

According to Mr. Ekenhart, since we would be working in Range village, there would not be many witnesses to see her and know the truth.
Rumors might still spread, but Sebastian could do something about that.
I was relieved to know that if I did hire her, it would not cause any trouble for their house.
Well, maybe there would still be some.

But in any case, I thought that Ms. Claire should do what she wants, if there is no problem.

“That being said…she would have to return to the mansion every few days. I have left this house and the surrounding lands to Claire’s care. And she cannot do everything in Range village.”

Mr. Ekenhart seemed quite positive about the idea now.
I see… Since she had duties in the mansion, she could not stay in Range village the whole time.
Besides, it would probably affect the servants if she was absent for so long.
I thought about such things and looked at Ms. Claire. She seemed a little uncomfortable.

She had looked relieved a moment ago when Mr. Ekenhart said it was technically fine, and then she looked excited again to see what my decision would be.
I felt bad for making her wait so long and go through those different emotions.
But judging by how Mr. Ekenhart looked amused, it was possible that he was drawing it out on purpose.
Sebastian was usually the one to explain everything, but he was taking the reins now… But maybe it was because we were talking about nobles.
Sebastian looked a little disappointed by this, but I ignored him.

“Besides, I would rather have her hired by someone I trust, than a complete stranger. If there is any problem, I will deal with it myself.”

Mr. Ekenhart continued.

“Very well. If there is no problem, and everyone is satisfied with it, then that’s what we will do.”

I decided to end Ms. Claire’s suffering before Mr. Ekenhart could continue talking.
She suddenly sprang up at these words and smiled happily in my direction.

“What? Is there something else?”
“Do you have conditions, Mr. Takumi?”
“I don’t know if I’d call it conditions, but… I want this business of growing the herb fields to be a collaboration with Ms. Claire. I suppose…it just seems a little absurd for me to hire her.”

Perhaps I was being stubborn, but I just could imagine it happening that way.

It was also because I felt like I was greatly indebted to her.
And I already felt anxious enough about having to hire other people.

“I’m still not used to the idea of hiring people. So I was hoping you could give me some advice so that we could be partners instead.”
“Hmm. I see. That is an interesting idea.”
“…Your Grace. That would solve a multitude of problems.”
“Indeed. If they were partners, she would actually be in Range village as a monitor. And no one will say anything if she isn’t being employed.”
“Partners… Mr. Takumi and me as partners… It does seem a little early…but not a bad idea…”

I honestly told them how I felt.
Ms. Claire ordered servants and was well educated, so I expected her to be able to help me when it came to dealing with my employees.
There was so much that I didn’t know yet. But with her…it should be much easier.
In fact, I would probably end up relying on her for most things.

Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian looked at each other, and after talking, smiled.
I see. So it would help with their reputation if she wasn’t working under me.
That showed that there would have been problems after all… Even if Mr. Ekenhart said it was fine and that he would deal with everything.

As for Ms. Claire, for some reason, she was blushing and muttering to herself.
It seemed like she was surprised by this suggestion, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.
It made me think I had accidentally said something strange again.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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