My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 369

I Decided To Go Shopping

“In that case, I shall also go as a partner! Surely having someone like me there will make the venture even more of a success!”

While Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian discussed it, Ms. Anne suddenly got to her feet and made this declaration.
…What the hell was she talking about?
And what had been going on in her mind…

“No, Anneliese. You are not the head of your house yet, and cannot make such decisions. Count Barsler…your father, is still on shaky ground. Who knows what will happen to him? I cannot let you act in such a situation.”

Mr. Ekenhart suddenly became very serious as he calmly told her that it was completely impossible.
Of course, it was… This wasn’t her land, and she wasn’t even lord of her own house yet.
Besides, Count Barsler and Ms. Anne’s fate was not even decided. Even I knew that this was ridiculous.
This was still her reeducation period. She had more important things to be thinking about.

“Yes, that should do it.”

Now that Ms. Anne’s ridiculous proposition was promptly dismissed, there was a need to talk about the matter with Ms. Claire in more detail.
Also, we would have to go to Ractos, and so I went to my room in order to prepare.
Since I had already given some herbs to Nick yesterday, there was no need to use Weed Cultivation today.
The reason I was going to Ractos was Liza.
Though she had spent a few days in the mansion, she did not have enough clothes.

It was no wonder, as we had found her in the slums.
When I asked her about it, she said she had no belongings in the place where she had lived. The place did not even have a roof.
Up until now, she had worn some of Tilura’s old clothes. But there was a problem.
Because Tilura was human while Liza was beastkin.

Even if the size was similar, Liza had a tail.
And so we wanted to buy some clothes in Ractos that she could wear in spite of having a tail.
It wasn’t just clothes, but there were other things she needed as well.
Just as I had to go shipping after coming to this mansion.

Thankfully, I was being paid for my herbs, so I had plenty of money.
This time I would be able to buy things without having to borrow money.
…It would look pretty terrible for a father to borrow money to buy something for his daughter.

“Papa. Let’s go!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Yes, yes. But calm down a little, okay?”

Liza was riding on Leo and telling me to hurry up as they waited near the door.
Even Leo was impatient with me.
She was just as excited, because going to town meant that she would be able to run.

“That should do it. Alright, let’s go.”

I made sure that I had money and any necessities.
And then we left the room and headed for the entrance hall.
Aside from me, Liza and Leo, Ms. Claire and Ms. Lyra would also be going to Ractos.
After all, I needed someone to help with choosing clothes for Liza.

Also, someone had to stay with Leo as she waited outside.

Ms. Claire and Ms. Lyra were also prepared and waiting for us at the entrance hall.
As Ms. Claire was going, we would also need guards… Sebastian would not have allowed it otherwise.
Nicholas had an ordinary sword like Johanna, instead of a katana.

Obviously, he could not take it with him to town.
As for the one Mr. Ekenhart had given to me, I kept it safely in my room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms. Claire.”
“Now at all, we just arrived.”

And then we quickly went outside.

As always, the servants saw us off.
Liza seemed a little surprised by them, but then she realized what they were doing and so she waved back at them.
Some of the servants smiled and waved back. It was clear that they were fond of her.

“Surely Mr. Ekenhart of Ms. Anne won’t follow us secretly.”
“Indeed. Well, Sebastian will keep an eye on my father. As for Anne… She does not really like to go outside.”
“Haha. Well, if Sebastian is watching him, we have no reason to fear.”

When I had decided to go to Ractos with Liza, Mr. Ekenhart had been the first one who wanted to accompany us.
I suppose he had really enjoyed our last trip.
However, Ms. Claire and Sebastian put a stop to such ambitions, and ensured that he would not be able to slip away this time.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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