My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 370

We Went to Ractos with Liza

I felt a little bad for Mr. Ekenhart, as he left looking quite disappointed about not being able to go to Ractos.
Ms. Claire would be going instead.
I still remember seeing her raise her fist in triumph at this.
I suppose she was happy, as she had not been able to go to town in a while?

As for Ms. Anne, she stayed in her room, claiming that there was an emergency situation regarding her hair rolls.
Ms. Claire said she did not like to go outside very much, so it was no wonder she spent so much time on her hair.

And Tilura had her studies, so she also had to stay home with Sherry.
Sherry wasn’t interested in the town to begin with, and seemed to think she could spend her time playing with Tilura. Well, she would soon be disappointed, I think.

“Now then, Mr. Takumi. Let us go.”
“Yes. Leo?”
“Yay. I ride on mama as she runs!”

Ms. Claire and Lyra would ride in a carriage driven by Johanna. I nodded at them and then called out to Leo.
Leo nodded and Liza raised her hands in the air with excitement.

“Liza, it’s dangerous. You have to hold onto Leo’s fur, alright?”

Liza lowered her hands and grabbed onto Leo’s fur, just as she started to run.
Nicholas then followed the carriage on his horse.

“It’s around here, isn’t it? Where mama made that delicious water.”
“Indeed. It was around here.”

As Liza had become thirsty on the way, Leo had used magic to make some clean water for her.
There were only plants and trees on the side of the road, nothing distinctive. So it showed that Liza had a really good memory.
I suppose it was because she usually drank muddy water. So the event had left a big impression on her.

“Mama, if I get thirsty again, will you make that water?”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff.”
“No, no. You don’t have to do it now. Just when she is thirsty.”
“Wuff. Wuff!”

Leo has started to slow down, thinking Liza wanted it now. And so I told her to continue running.
Leo looked a little disappointed as she nodded, and then she picked up the pace.
I suppose she really wanted to use magic and show it to Liza…

“That water sure was delicious…”
“That much? But you have that grape juice and tea at the mansion?”
“Yes. I’m happy that there are so many delicious things there! But that water was still the best!”
“Wuff! Wuff-wuff!”

As it was the first clean water she had drunk, she was not able to forget it.
Especially since it had been after her grandfather died, and she was being attacked.
So it was understandable that other delicious things were not as special for her.
Leo was happy that the water she made was appreciated so much, and she barked cheerfully.

“Welcome, Lady Claire and Mr. Takumi.”
“It’s been awhile. But we are happy to be back.”
“Mr. Halton.”
“Wow, there are so many clothes!”

The first place we went to after reaching Ractos was Mr. Halton’s clothes shop.
It was also the first store that Ms. Claire had taken me. And they had tailored the clothes I wore when first meeting Mr. Ekenhart.
When we went inside, we were greeted by Mr. Halton, who had not changed at all.
As we talked to him, Liza scanned the items in the store with wide eyes.
I suppose she was interested in clothes then?
As for Leo, Ms. Lyra and Johanna were staying with her outside.

“Oh, a beastkin…”
“Did you say something?”
“No, nothing. Be they beastkin or human, anyone who wears clothes is welcome here.”

Mr. Halton said with a smile as he looked at Liza.
I had been a little tense at first, due to what I had heard at the orphanage.
Mr. Halton was quite old, but while he had likely heard the various rumors about beastkin, it seemed that he was not prejudiced against them.
I suppose it could have to do with Ms. Claire’s presence as well. And he was educated enough to not believe such rumors.
Besides, we were customers as well.

“Today, we want you to make some clothes for this child.”
“Ms. Claire. We don’t have to have them made if there is already something that fits…”
“Mr. Takumi. I doubt there will be any clothes that fit her just right? She is a beastkin with a tail, after all.”
“That is true. And we do not sell clothes that fit beastkin children here. Either the clothes will have to be altered or made from scratch.”
“Ah, that’s right.”

Well, there was no point in selling clothes that hardly anyone would buy. It wasn’t good for business.

“In that case, we will take her measurements.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“It cannot be helped, I suppose. But if the alterations can be done quickly, I would like to buy some clothes today before leaving.”
“Indeed… As long as we know what to alter, we could have it ready in a few hours.”
“Then that’s what we’ll do.”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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