10th Year – 46

Part 3: Chapter 15 – A Historical Invention

By the time that Euphie and Mailey had returned to the control facility with Coen, the battle was already over.
The five over parts users were on the ground. They could not move, due to broken bones and being covered in rubble.
In the center, Tor waited, but remained ready to fight. But when he saw the twins, he sighed with relief and waved his hand.

“And the result?”
“We succeeded after testing it with a Golem’s magic stone.”

Euphie said as she looked behind her.
It was the Adventurers who they had united with while testing the magic energy recharging.
Mailey looked at the over parts users.

“These Adventurers told me about what has happened. All of them seem to lack magic energy, just like Mr. Rokuk. We have the materials, so we will commence recharging at once.”
“Thank you. I’ll hold them down if they become violent. The rest of you Adventurers, keep your eyes on the area. As the control facility is destroyed, the other magitec beasts might come to repair it.”

Normally, they would have quickly retreated, so they would not encounter any magitec beasts. However, as they had to deal with Rokuk and the others, they may have to fend them off.

Mailey then took out a part from a Golem that was coated in wax.
She then touched it with a needle made from a sharped Golem finger. And then the needle was placed on the empty magic stone.
And then Coen used a magic conductor to connect the empty magic stone with the one in Rokuk’s over parts. While Tor was holding Rokuk down, the fact that Coen worked without hesitation showed how brave she was.

Rokuk turned unfocused eyes towards them.

“I still…have consciousness. The others…”
“Don’t talk. Just understand that the Adventurers of Fangaro look up to you. And if you are not healed, then they will be worried.”

Coen muttered and then clicked her tongue.

“Really. I do not like humans at all.”
“Aye, Tor said that. I think I understand what a ‘tsundere’ is now.”
“If you talk nonsense anymore, I’ll change your arms into something you won’t like.”
“But everyone looks up to me!”

As Rokuk chuckled, and felt the magic being drawn from his over parts. His eyes followed the wire of the conductor, and fixed on the circle board of wax.
Tor was also looking at it with a curious expression, and so Mailey explained.

“It is a kind of record disc. A very primitive one, made by Mr. Edison.”
“I thought it was a discus.”
“We had to use what we have. But when it comes to sound, it is better to use vertical grooves.”

The magic energy from Rokuk’s over parts flowed into the vibration board, showing a unique pattern.
And then the needle carved it into the rotating disc.
As the Adventurers held their breath and watched, Euphie removed the needle, and then connected the reading needle and Golem magic stone with the magic conductor.
The magic energy from the Golem went into the needle.
Then the needle was placed against the wax disc, and it started to vibrate up and down.

“Mr. Rokuk, tell me if something feels wrong. This is still an experiment, so we do not know what can happen.”
“I meant to die anyway. I will accept any outcome.”

Rokuk said with a chuckle, and then the reading needle began to send magic energy into his over parts’ stone.

It was a strange feeling.
It felt like his arms were being warmed from the inside. Like the blood was starting to flow in again. It itched and felt numb.
And the orders that had been ringing in his head grew farther away. And his foggy visions and thoughts became clear again.
It was as if he was regaining himself.

“How do you feel?”
“It does not feel bad.”
“And your speech has improved.”

They would have liked to watch over him for longer, but after seeing his face and hearing him talk, Mailey determined that the danger was gone. And so she instructed the others to do the same procedure on the remaining four Adventurers.
Rokuk was told to rest there. He then turned to Tor, who was next to him.

“…Sorry for all the trouble.”
“Really. Though, it resulted in my friends creating the invention of the century.”
“Recharging magic stones. The world will change. And it seems quite simple to do.”

Up until now, there was no way to recharge magic stones, and so it was difficult to maintain the barriers and cars in cities, as they required magic energy of high purity.
The barriers around cities were especially important, because they kept magitec beasts and monsters out, and yet they required so many magic stones that they put the city at financial risk.

But once this recharging method spread, the price of stones would drop, and the fuel problem would be solved. It would affect so many departments.
The development of battle Golem and magitec cars for transportation would change things the most. They could connect the cities, which were currently isolated under their barriers.

“You’re really something, Tor. But these pals of yours. They will be a part of history.”
“Yes, I’m starting to feel left behind. And so I’ll expect you to drink with me when we return to Fangaro. We can cheer each other up.”
“No, you make me sick. Ouch! Don’t hit me! I’m bound here and can’t even move!”
“You deserve it. Idiot!”

As the two joked around, Tor and Rokuk’s lack of seriousness seemed to infect the others, and their expressions finally relaxed.
If Rokuk was this lively now, then the others should be able to return to themselves as well.

The process continued, and they waited for all five of the Adventurers to regain consciousness. And then Tor and the others left the magitec beast nest behind them.
They reunited with the team that had been worriedly waiting for them, as they were late, and then they started down the road back to Fangaro. It was then that someone muttered.

“Over parts. What will happen to them now…”

Now that they knew of the danger of losing control, and the effects of the control facility, the use of them would surely be restricted.
However, Rokuk just laughed it off.

“People will just have to continue using magitec arms. Well, it’s a bit too late for us. I suppose I’ll have to do office work at the guild instead.”
“It seems like you won’t be affected, as long as you avoid any stressful combat that uses a lot of magic energy. And with regular inspections, you should be able to live a normal life.”

Mailey declared.

“Isn’t that right, Ms. Coen?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Coen, who knew more about magitec than anyone present.
Coen yawned as if disinterested.

“Hmm? I think it should be fine? The Golems probably went crazy for a similar reason, so expulsion won’t be necessary. A fighting force is always needed, no matter where you are.”

Now that Coen had agreed with Mailey, the Adventurers sighed with relief.


Suddenly, Coen stopped and raised her voice. And then she turned back to the nest.

“After all that chaos, we forgot to gather the aluminum!”

As she tried to return, Tor grabbed her by the collar.

“We can do it tomorrow.”
“My aluminium!”

As he dragged Coen away, he turned to the twins.

“I hope that you two aren’t thinking about going back either?”
“Yes, yes.”

Rokuk saw them and chuckled.

“…They sure are free.”

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