Cave King – 223

Chapter 223 – Surprisingly Strong!?

We had decided to save Prince Remlik.
And so we followed after him and entered the alley.

I then sensed the movement of what I thought was the magic presence of Roda and his men.

They were going to attack Remlik…

Shortly after, the prince and about twenty other hooded figures came into view.

The hooded men surrounded Remlik, causing him to stop.

The prince let out an exasperated sigh and said,

“It is not too late to turn around and leave…”

Apparently, Remlik had noticed them even before they appeared.

Still, the men unsheathed their swords all at once.

“Very well then… If this is what you want.”

Remlik said, and then he unsheathed the mithril sword that hung at his belt.

He was facing more than twenty opponents.
Surely he would have no chance…

But as I thought about such things, the fight began.
The hooded men charged towards Remlik.

Remlik held his mithril blade in front of him, and then suddenly jumped high into the air.


The hooded figures were stunned by his sudden disappearance.
Some of them were not able to stop their charge, and so they crashed into each other.

Remlik landed behind them, and one after another, swung his blade at their backs.


They fell to the ground.
I thought they were dead at first, but they were not bleeding.
Apparently, they were merely unconscious.

After that, Remlik continued to dodge their attacks and took them down, one by one.

As for the rest of us, we watched from a distance.

“While he did not look very reliable, he might be as strong as my father…”
“And he’s just as fast as Mr. Ashton and Mr. Haines.”

Fule and Rienna were very impressed.

I was also amazed by his skill with the sword.
In my home country, I had never seen anyone fight like this.

And as someone who could not fight well, it was like watching a god fight.

However, I suddenly detected large magic energy from the surrounding buildings.

“Magic… I won’t allow it.”

And so I cast shield magic around Remlik.

A moment later, fire, lightning and ice magic was unleashed from the buildings.
But thanks to my shield, all of them were blocked.

After that, I continued to protect Remlik from the magic attacks.

As for Rienna and Fule, they sent weak lightning magic into the buildings, causing the attackers to collapse inside. Of course, they were not dead, just unconscious.

Eventually, there were only a few of the hooded enemies remaining.

Then they started to shout in confusion.

“Lo-lord Roda!”
“What should we do!?”

And then one of the figures screamed angrily.

“You bloody fool! How dare you speak my name!!”

So, that one was Roda.
However, this too seemed to be known to Remlik already.

“I already knew that it was you, Lord Roda. Do not worry about that.”
“I will give you one last chance. If you leave now, I will not pursue this matter.”

Even now, Remlik was willing to let it go.
Merciful…or too soft.

However, Roda’s anger and bitterness had not subsided.

Spectators had now started to gather, and residents were opening their windows to see what was going on.

Perhaps Roda did not want them to see him look pathetic.

“Don’t make me laugh!! I am not a complete failure like you!! Arrghhhhh!!”

Roda’s body suddenly started to glow.

And when the light subsided, there was a lindwurm, like we had seen before.

“Ahahaha!! This is my true form! Larger than all of the others.”
“Lord Roda. It is forbidden to transform into a dragon here. How many more laws do you mean to break?”
“Laws? In this land, the strong are the law!!”

Answered Roda, and then his body was enveloped with lightning.

Through turning into a dragon, Roda now had immense magic energy.
And I could also feel the power from the lightning itself.

Though, considering how fast Remlik was, I wasn’t too worried about him being hit.
That being said, it would be dangerous if the lightning hit the surrounding houses or residents.
Roda seemed like he was so mad that he was blind to his surroundings.

As I thought about it, Remlik called out to us.

“You, travelers! Please see to it that the area is safe!! You do not need to protect me with magic!”
“So he noticed Lord Heal’s magic?”

Fule wondered.
Shield was invisible. What did this mean?
Well, he had probably seen us use the magic, and determined that we had done something to block the attacks.

In any case, there was no use questioning it now.

And so I answered.

“Leave it to us!”
“Thank you! …Now I do not need to worry!!”

Remlik said, and then he dashed towards Roda while carrying his sword.

“Turn into asssshhhhh!!”

Roda shouted as he unleashed his lightning attack.

Not only did it shoot towards Remlik…but it shot out in every direction as well.

And so I activated Shield, just as I had promised, protecting the people and buildings.

As for Remlik, he kicked off the stone pavement and launched himself into the air.

Roda’s electric attack missed, and he frantically tried to use his thick arms to thrash at Remlik.

However, Remlik kicked Roda’s leg, and then flew off behind him.

“Stop moving around!!”

Roda spun around, but by then, Remlik’s sword was pointing at his throat.

“This may hurt, but you’ll have to bear it.”

Remlik said, and then he thrust the hilt of his sword at Roda right below the neck.


He let out a short cry and then fell heavily to the ground.

And like that, Roda returned to his human form.

Remlik then turned to the hooded figures that remained.

“Take Lord Roda back to his house. You can tell the governor that he fainted during practice.”

The men picked up Roda and quickly carried him away.

“I thought he was weak, but that was quite impressive.”

As the spectators muttered, and then Remlik waved towards us.

Rienna turned to me.

She was asked what we should do.

Prince Remlik was stronger than we expected.
He also seemed very insightful. It was possible that he might try to use us…

However, he had not killed Roda or any of his men.
This way of avoiding bloodshed… It was similar to how I tried to live.

If I was being honest, I was even more interested than before.

Perhaps with him, some sort of cooperation with Sheorl in the future would be possible…

I turned to Rienna and Fule and nodded.

And then we walked over to Remlik.

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