Cave King – 224

Chapter 224 – They were after the ore!?

When we walked up to him, Remlik bowed his head and said,

“You saved me. Thank you.”
“No, you helped us as well… besides, surely you would have been fine even if we weren’t here.”

Remlik’s skill with the sword had been overwhelming.
I was sure that even if we didn’t do anything, he would have been able to dodge the magic while fighting.

However, Remlik shook his head.

“That is not true. I was in a dangerous situation, and without you, there would have been damage to our surroundings.”

He bowed his head again.

“And so I thank you, from the heart. However… You people really are more than you claim.”
“No, we are just…”
“Travelers. Well, I’m sure that part is true. But your magic energy and spells… It is unthinkable here in Vader…”

So that meant he could detect magic energy.
Perhaps that was what interested Remlik, and not that we had been involved in a fight.

This might have been a bad idea…

I wondered, but Remlik took my hand in his and said,

“…Please! Will you not agree to teach me your magic!? Vader is on such bad terms with the surrounding countries, that I cannot attract any brilliant magicians!!”

He pleaded.

Apparently, even though he sensed that we were powerful, he did not think it was that strange.

That being said, we could not do that…

“I’m sorry. But it’s not something we can teach.”

In the first place, our magic energy was the result of the things we gained from mining.
We had learned some magic from Elto, but not a lot.

As for Remlik, his shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“Of course… You are in the middle of your travels, after all…”
“It’s not about time. We just don’t have anything to teach.”
“That is fine… I don’t wish to force you, or interrupt your journey. Besides…I have something to do as well.”

Remlik said with a sad expression.

“What is that?”
“I am the viceroy of the south. I have to protect the people who live here. In preparation for the day that will surely come, we all have to work together.”
“The day?”

I asked, and Remlik looked happy.

“Hehe. Travelers do like it when you drop hints. It stimulates their curiosity.”
“…So you were just baiting us?”

Fule said angrily, but Remlik quickly shook his head.
And then he became serious again.

“No, it is an important day. After all, Vader has been expanding its lands because of that prophecy.”

An important day…and a prophecy.
I had heard similar words before.

Rienna noticed it as well.
And so she asked.

“This day… Is it a day when something will cause the destruction of your country?”
“Oh. Where did you hear that?”
“It was…we heard a similar story during our travels.”

We had heard it in Sanfaris and Arancia.
It was likely the black miasma that attacked Sheorl.

Apparently, there was a prophecy that said that Vader was in danger as well.

Remlik looked quite impressed as he continued.

“On that day, an army of darkness will come from the north… And the only thing that can stop them…is the great silver.”
“Great silver… Do you mean…”

I looked at Remlik’s armor and sword.

Remlik raised his mithril sword a little and answered.

“You know then. This sword and armor appear in the foundation legend of Vader. The great silver of the golden treasury. It was resting with the stones that gave our ancestors the appearance of both humans and dragons.”

Theodoshia of Sylphion had already told us the Vader foundation legend.

So it was confirmed then. Remlik was wearing the mithril armor and weapons that were stored in the Sheorl undergrounds.

Remlik was a prince.
And so it was likely that the other nobles and royals also had mithril armor and weapons from there as well.

Furthermore, they believed that with it, they could stand against this unknown threat…the army of darkness.

If that was the case, the Vader people might try to search the Sheorl undergrounds again.
And invade Sylphion.

I thought this, but as Remlik continued, it seemed like I was wrong.

“We must acquire this great silver… And I believe it is buried somewhere here in the south.”

Perhaps he thought that the mithril storage house was already empty then.
However, they had not found any mithril mines to make armor and weapons.
Since they had some mithril weapons, it was natural to assume there would be an ore deposit nearby.

One thing was for sure. We had not acquired any natural mithril ore in Sheorl.

I hadn’t actually asked Shiel, but the mithril and Orichalcum must have been brought in from a different region.

Of course, there had to be an ore deposit somewhere.

But even if I did ask Shiel, the terrain would have changed greatly after the meteor fell.
Considering that, there very well could be mithril ore somewhere around this place.

All of a sudden… I was curious about the ore around Langs.

As my mind became full of mining again, Fule muttered.

“So the reason that you bring all kinds of people from different places here, is to find the spot?”
“I hope you are not offended, but that is true… In the first place, the reason that Vader is attacking the surrounding countries is in order to acquire the great silver.”

Answered Remlik, and he turned his eyes to the distant sky.

“The southern regions of Vader have always been considered the most promising place for discovering the great silver. However, we have yet to succeed… And so we decided to expand in every direction, in search of it.”
“And along the way, Vader became the conqueror of the continent. However…”

Remlik nodded.

“You still cannot find it… Aside from Sylphion and some other smaller regions where you haven’t searched yet. And it is likely not there at all… And so you have resorted to sending out ships.”
“If you cannot find it after all of that, perhaps the prophecy was false?”

Fule said plainly.

“That is possible… However, the great silver was here…”

Remlik said as he looked down at his sword.

I understood the situation in Vader now.
I didn’t know if they all took it as seriously as him, but the country had been preparing every since its founding, in order to face this army of darkness.

I had thought that Vader was completely different from Sheorl.
However, when it came to preparing to stand against an oncoming threat, we were the same…

That being said, their methods were too violent.

Fule must have thought so as well.
She opened her mouth with an exasperated expression.

“You tormented Shia and the others because of that…”
“…I agree. Why didn’t the founders of Vader tell the surrounding countries about the threat?”

Remlik continued with a sad expression.

“Such a danger was coming. And so they should have told everyone to join hands and work together…”

Theodoshia had told me about the history of the Vader people.
Until they acquired their dragon forms and the weapons, they had been persecuted by humans.
And so perhaps it did not occur to them to try and work together with such people.

“While it is a difficult situation, there might have been some people who argued that it should be done…”

I said, and Remlik nodded deeply.

“I’m sure that there was. There were people throughout our history who were against expansion… But they did not have the power to make that happen… They must have felt just as helpless as I do now.”

There was anger and sadness in Remlik’s voice.

I had often felt like that in the past.
Well, compared to how I used to be, Remlik did not seem very powerless.

Eventually, Remlik shook his head and said,

“Ah, I am sorry. I’ve been talking for too long. I should be leaving soon… Thank you for your help.”

Remlik bowed again and turned away.

…But I still had one question.
Why did Remlik and the leaders of Vader believe that this army of darkness would come?
Had they fought against them once?

In any case, it was for that reason that Remlik felt that he had to acquire the great silver.

But unlike the other Vader people, he intended to find it while also considering the other races.

Who knew if he would find it… In the first place, it might not be enough to deal with the black miasma.

I wanted to tell him that, but was not sure if he would even believe me…

Rienna then asked me.

“Is something the matter, Lord Heal?”
“According to that prince, the Sylphion invasion is not something they are putting their full force behind. There may be no need for us to do anything.”

We could just return and help Sylphion with the defenses… That would be enough.

After seeing Roda and the others, they were not that much of a threat.
Though, it would be a different story if over a thousand people like Remlik were invading.

In any case, we had done enough for this Vader investigation.

…However, should we really leave things like this?

Of course, most of the Vader people were the sort that we would not want to get involved with.

But Remlik had been different…
Perhaps someone like him could change this unending expansion.
Eventually, he might be able to help Sheorl as well.

“I… I don’t want to end things like this with that Remlik.”

Rienna nodded.

“I feel the same way. While it may sound calculating, I think that he will be able to help Sheorl in the future.”
“I would also like to see him succeed… For Shia and the others as well.”

Fule answered.

“Thank you. Both of you.”

I said, and then followed after Remlik.

“Huh? What is it? Uh…”
“Aye, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Heal.”

Upon hearing this, Remlik smiled.

“So you finally tell me your name. What is it, Heal?”
“If you don’t mind… I was wondering if you could show us round Langs?”
“That is… Do I look like I have so much time to spare?”

Remlik said with a chuckle. Fule answered immediately.

“Yes. You look like you have lots of time.”
“How rude… However, you cannot be blamed for thinking that. After all, I do spend most of my time patrolling the towns and villages, playing a peace keeper…”

Remlik said with a serious expression.

“You people are merchants. And you are making a prince be your guide… I hope you will give something of equal value in return?”

Equal value…
Perhaps Remlik had now realized that we were no ordinary travelers.

“Aye… We are travelers. Who happen to be good with mining.”
“Oh? Mining.”
“And so I want you to tell us of any places where there could be unusual ore. Perhaps we can find this great silver that you’re looking for.”
“That sounds wonderful… Yes, I will gladly be your guide.”

And like that, we decided to travel around Langs with Remlik.

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