My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 377

I Scolded Leo

“Ms. Lyra, please guide us to some place that isn’t crowded!”

Mr. Lyra knew the town much better than me, and so she was bound to know of a good place.
And so for awhile, we continued to run farther away from the main streets and Mr. Halton’s store.
As Leo was adjusting her speed for me, I was somehow able to keep up.

“Turn to the right here…just a little farther!”

Thanks to Ms. Lyra’s guidance, we were headed to a secluded spot.
The passersby looked at Leo with astonishment, but it could not be helped.

“Turn this corner and…here it is. Hardly anyone passes through here.”
“Hah… Phew…”
“Are you alright, Mr. Takumi?”
“Yes, somehow… Hah…”

It was a small clearing, but big enough for Leo to rest.
Now that I thought about it, we had also just passed Ms. Isabelle’s store… That was why the streets looked familiar.

“Hah… Ms. Claire, Ms. Lyra. Could you help Liza get down. Leo.”
“Wuff. Wuff.”
“Don’t worry, Liza. I’ll have that injury treated.”

I told Leo to lie low so that the others could get off. She seemed to look a little crestfallen, as she assumed that I was angry at her.
Once Liza was on the ground, I checked her head.
She had been holding her hand against the cut, but it had not stopped the bleeding.

Perhaps she was too weak to hold it firmly.
While it was not a deep cut, and there wasn’t that much blood, it still looked bad.
I told her not to worry, and then I looked around.

“Good, there is no one here…”

Still, I made sure to hide behind Leo as I put a hand on the ground and activated Weed Cultivation.
Perhaps it was affected by my franticness, but the Loe seemed to grow faster than usual.
I then picked it and changed it into a usable state.

“Liza, come over here…”
“What is that?”
“I’m going to heal that cut. Then it won’t hurt anymore.”

I called Liza over and gently placed the Loe on her forehead.

“Just wait a moment, okay? Then it should feel better…”

Liza grimaced at first, but I told her that the pain would pass.
Leo and the others watched with worried expressions.
But I had seen the effects of Loe before, and was sure that she would be completely fine.

“…Huh…? It doesn’t hurt?”
“Yes. You’re all fine now. And there is not even a trace left.”

Liza’s eyes widened with surprise when the pain faded away.
While the blood remained, there were no scabs and scars left on Liza’s face, much to my relief.

“Hah… She is fine now.”
“It doesn’t hurt anymore… That was amazing, papa!”
“Haha. Really?”
“Little Liza, I am so glad.”
“What a relief.”

Ms. Claire and Ms. Lyra were also happy to see that she was healed.
Ms. Lyra then started to wipe all of the blood off of Liza’s face.

“Now… Leo?”
“Wu-wuff!? …Wou.”

And so I left Liza to Ms. Claire and Lyra’s care, and turned my attention to Leo.
Leo looked a little nervous, like she was dreading what was to come.

“…Wuff. Kuuun…”

She barked apologetically and then lay on her back.
That was Leo’s surrendering pose.
Before she was a Silver Fenrir, she would do this when I had caught her in some mischief.

“Leo… Surely you understand that you cannot do such things in a town full of people. Do you know how many you frightened? And they were starting to understand that you aren’t just a scary monster…”

I talked to Leo as she lay on her back.
Even though Leo would not harm anyone intentionally, had Liza not moved in front of her and stopped her, Leo would have likely jumped out and knocked over a lot of people.

And those people might have been injured.
If that happened, Leo may not be able to enter this town anymore.
While Ms. Claire and the others would defend Leo, the townspeople would not like it.

“Don’t you see what it could mean? If you are no longer able to visit this town, then you won’t be able to eat any of the delicious food anymore…”
“Wait, papa! Mama did nothing wrong. She was angry for me!”

As I started to lecture to Leo, Liza suddenly threw her arms around Leo protectively.
Hey, Leo… We’re not finished here. Don’t make that facial expression just because you like having your belly rubbed…

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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