Seisan Mahoushi – 180

Chapter 180 – We Decided To Keep Heading East!

“We’re not going east?”

Melk said as the boat traveled downstream.

Three days had passed since my decision to explore the eastern regions.
We had left Fendel village by boat, and headed downstream to the south.

Our first destination would be White Sand Island, where the Kappas lived.

And so I understood why Melk was puzzled.

I turned to her and nodded.

“Aye. I was thinking that we would go easy by following the coast first. In a short while, we will land. As the dwarf mountain is very high, it is a good landmark.”

For this next adventure, I had had the Tengus gather some information for us in advance.
And so Asuha had made trips to see what was east of Ymirdia.

Because of this, we even had a simple map already made.

According to it, if we continue on to the east by sea, the coast will start to extend towards the north.
And if we continue on north from there, we would likely enter territory that was unknown to man.

However, there were many monsters in the sea by the east coast. Among them, the most famous were the Shield Shells that we had fought on White Sand Island.

Even if they weren’t working for the Demon King, they would still attack humans. And so compared to the western and northern parts of the continent, there were fewer fishing villages, and no large port towns.

But on the other hand, if there were fewer humans, the chances of there being demihumans increased.

That being said, according to the Tengu reports, they did not see any demihumans who were active during the day.

“I would be happy if we encountered some other races.”

Iria said, and Mette nodded.

“Even for us Kijins, there used to be various other tribes as well.”

As Mette said, aside from races not seen in Fendel, there were others who were of the same race but different tribes, who they had lost contact with long ago.

Asuha listened to this and answered.

“While I didn’t see anyone during the day…perhaps it will be different during the night.”
“Leave it to Melk. Melk’s nose will be able to tell immediately.”

Melk said with a confident expression.

This time, it was me, Iria, Mette, Melk, Asuha, and Wiz, on this adventure.

As it was so soon after our return from the royal capital, Ymir and Enna were with their parents, while Monica was with Fletta.
And Ecleshia had wanted to plant the various plants she had brought back with her.

Aside from that, the Tengus were to contact us regularly.

Well, the others could come once we knew that everything was safe. If the view was good, I might build a villa somewhere, and we could all come and visit it sometime.

Regardless, our first destination, the White Sand Island, had just come into view.

The island was right offshore after exiting the mouth of the river.
And so we anchored the boat by the wharf.

The residential district on the island, which was a cluster of houses and storage buildings, was full of life.

Aside from the Kappas that were native to the island, you could also see Kijins and Tengus here, as boats now visited regularly from Fendel.

Here, they would unload any game they hunted near Fendel village, and then leave with fish that was caught from the sea.
Such trading of goods was conducted here.

Just then, Enna the Kappa noticed me as she carried a large fish in her hands. And so she approached.

“Ah, Sir Joshua! And the rest of you! Are you about to leave?”
“Aye. Enna. I just came to check up on the island. Has anything strange happened recently?”
“Not at all. It has been very peaceful! Well, if I had to mention one thing, it would be that we caught a great amount of fish today.”

Enna said as she showed me the fish.

A large fish that was shaped like a teardrip… I believe it was called a tuna fish. It tasted a little like chicken when cooked, and was a very luxurious fish.

The Tengus who scouted around the island had also not reported anything strange.
And there were no signs of the Demon King army coming from the west.

I had planned to stay on this island a little longer, if there was any trouble, but it seemed like it was fine.

“We intend to send a lot of it to the village later! Sir Joshua, please take this and eat it with the others.”

Enna said as she tried to hand me the fish.

“Are you sure?”
“Yes! You can even eat it raw! Please give it a try!”
“R-raw… Well, uh, thank you. We will gladly eat it.”

I took the fish from Enna and froze it in magic workshop.

“I wish that I could go with you as well, but my younger brother and sister will not let go of me.”
“You’ve just returned after a long journey. You should relax with everyone here. And if anything happens, we will call for you.”
“Yes. Please be safe then!”

And so we said our farewells to Enna, and left White Sand Island, and continued on down the coast to the east.

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