Seisan Mahoushi – 173

Chapter 173 – We Stopped!?

After saying farewell to Ylis, we took Riise, and headed towards the inn where the Grank mercenaries were staying.

Riise’s face seemed to darken.

“I don’t want to go back…”
“Don’t say that. Besides, you can come and visit us whenever you like.”

Ymir said encouragingly, but it did not cheer Riise up.

During the past few days, Riise had really enjoyed her time with Ymir and the rest of us.

That was one reason she was sad… But the biggest problem was probably because Beyron and Neia were still fighting.

Even I was worried about that.

That being said, perhaps the two will calm down, once they heard that they would no longer be banished from the kingdom. The reason for their argument was now gone.

As I thought of such things, we arrived at the luxurious inn which they were staying at.

Just like before, the weretiger gatekeeper noticed us.

“Young lady! And you people…”
“We came to return Riise to the inn. And I was hoping to meet Beyron?”
“Ah, of course. He should be in the back garden.”
“You don’t mean… They are still fighting?”

The gatekeeper nodded silently with an exasperated expression.

Ecleshia let out a sigh.

“I did not think they would still be at it.”
“Sir Joshua. Should we stop them like we did before?”

Enna asked.

“Well, wait. I will go and talk to him…”

And so I went around to the garden behind the inn.

There, I saw that Beyron and Nei were on their knees and panting.

“Hah…hah… Clearly, Riise has grown tired of you, father!”
“Well, what about you then?”
“Oh, I’ve grown tired of you a very long time ago!! I will surpass you, and lead the Grank mercenaries!”
“We have fought three days and three nights, and you could not even beat me!”
“I will not lose to you, old fool! I just need one more day!”

And so I called out to them.

“Surely you don’t mean to say that you two have continued to fight since we left?”

Neia answered.

“This is not even a real fight! I am just taking care of this stubborn old man!”
“Hah… And I was only taking care of this infant.”

I let out a sigh.

There were no other weretigers around. I suppose they had realized a long time ago that there was nothing they could do.

Perhaps Riise’s disappearance also made the fight go on for longer.

“Both of you. There is no reason to fight now. As the new queen, Ylis has rescinded the order against you. Not only that, but Count Torlin’s family will now be forced to pay what was owed.”
“Do you really mean it?”

Neia asked, sweat dripping down from her forehead.

Apparently, she really did not expect me to speak with Ylis about it.

“Ylis is not the kind of ruler who would allow such injustices. You should be glad.”
“Damn it. Didn’t I tell you? That it would all work out in the end.”

Beyron said as he brushed the dust from his clothes.

Neia’s face turned red.

“But still! I cannot accept your methods of doing things! You are always making enemies! Had you found other ways…we would have been able to save mother!”
“…Are you blaming me for that?”

Beyron glared at Neia and walked towards her silently.

I had never seen Beyron like this before.
He must be very angry.

…This was bad.

I was about to move between them…

But then, Riise stood in front of Beyron.

“Stop this already!”
“Riise… Children should stay out of this.”

Beyron said, and Neia also told Riise to go somewhere else.

“No, I won’t! I can fight too!”

So saying, Riise rushed towards Beyron’s leg, and started to beat her paws against it.

But Beyron showed no signs of feeling any pain and did not move back.

However, he did notice the bracelet that Riise was holding.

“Riise… You… That…”
“I fixed it! With Joshua and the others! But, you wouldn’t listen to me!”

Riise clutched onto Beyron’s leg and burst into tears.

Beyron’s face darkened as he saw the trembling Riise.

“Younger sister! I was wrong! I won’t fight anymore, so please forgive me!”

Neia picked up Riise and hugged her.

Beyron had a conflicted expression of regret and sadness.

“…Really. Just don’t do anything to make her cry like this again. Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this as an outsider, but you are family, aren’t you?”

I said, and Neia nodded with an apologetic expression.

“…Riise. Let’s take a bath together today. I shall wash your tail, little sister.”
“…You won’t fight anymore?”
“I won’t. I promise.”
“You and father always break your promise.”
“I shall keep it this time. Thank you. All of you… I shall make it up to you later.”

Neia said, and then she returned to the inn with Riise, who waved her hand at us.

“Well, we better go too. Farewell, Beyron.”
“…Wait, Joshua. We still have a lot to talk about…don’t we? You should stay awhile.”
“Aye. I did have something important to tell you.”

I answered, and followed after Beyron.

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