Seisan Mahoushi – 174

Chapter 174 – A Surprising Suggestion!?

Beyron led me to a large, special room that was on the top floor of the inn.

It was very luxurious, and had its own drawing room.
There was a table in the center, and Beyron and I sat on the sofas on opposite sides so that we were facing each other.

Beyron immediately got to the point.

“So…it was you people. You did everything?”
“Do you mean the rescinding of the order?”
“No, not just that. All of it. Including the whole matter of the undead. I have heard rumors of the Fendel Knights Order helping to take back the city, under Ylis’s command. And they say an ally of Ylis took the crown for her… I’m assuming that it was all your doing?”

It wasn’t as if Ylis and her people did nothing.
However, we did come up with the plan.

“It is true…that we helped.”
“I knew it. But why did you help this kingdom?”
“Ylis is an old friend of mine… But that is not the only reason. It suits Fendel’s interests for this kingdom to be ruled by someone who sees us as friends.”
“For trade then? Well, I understand that. But why did you get her to help us as well?”

I suppose he was asking how that gave us any advantage.

“To put it simply, there are many demihumans gathered together in the Fendel Alliance. And we’ve always helped demihumans that were in need, even if they were not allies.”
“And that’s how you get them to join.”
“Indeed… Well, in other words, we helped you, because we want you to be a part of the Fendel Alliance as well.”

Beyron burst into laughter.

“Up until now, I thought you were quite rational. But you are still moving based on emotion. Do you understand what it would mean if we joined your alliance? Everything that you built up with Ylis. That could all come crashing down.”
“I don’t mind. A fortress for demihumans who cannot rely on humans or the Demon King. That is what the Fendel Alliance is. Surely it is not wrong for such a place to exist?”
“I won’t argue with you… But I don’t understand.”

As expected, Beyron did not agree to it.

I had no intention of pressing the matter.
I would just try to build up the trust between us, and hope that one day, they would come.

“Well, you are always welcome, regardless… But more importantly, did you know about Yomotsu, a spy from the Demon King army?”
“There was someone with that name…one of the Demon King’s apprentices. Seeing as how necromancy was being used on such a scale, I had assumed it was an officer or apprentice that usually wouldn’t be on the front lines. But it was Yomotsu all along?”
“Aye. We have already captured him and his children. As they have both human and fox forms, we call them foxfolk.”
“So they were acting as a family? To think that they’d bring children to a battle… That is like flaunting your weakness.”
“You’re one to talk, seeing as how you let Riise run around in the city…”
“Do not remind me…”

But then Beyron suddenly looked suspicious.

“Why would an apprentice of the Demon King come here, and just with his children?”
“Actually, there is apparently another. A man called Kyuby, who is in the north. He was also wearing a fox mask…”
“Another apprentice of the Demon King. But this makes matters even more strange.”
“Why didn’t the Demon King army respond? I haven’t heard anything about them attacking this country, or the neighboring ones.”
“I thought it was strange as well. We receive word of the south every day from Fendel Village. However, the Demon King army has not advanced at all.”
“In that case, is it possible that Kyuby and Yomotsu traveled north in secret?”

Beyron’s words suddenly reminded me of something.

“…Yomotsu was very afraid of being returned to the Demon King. If he really was moving without the Demon King’s permission…”
“Perhaps it would be brushed aside if he was victorious. But since he lost, it will be more than just embarrassing.”

If I gave him to the Demon King, then Yomotsu might be killed. No, it would likely be his whole family.
Perhaps that was why Yomotsu had brought his children with him.

After thinking about it for a moment, Beyron said,

“Alright… Joshua. Leave Kyuby to me.”
“You are going to capture him?”
“Aye. I’m sure he will fetch a good price, whether I sell him to humans or the Demon King.”
“I suppose. But…”
“And so I will sell him to you.”

That was unexpected.

Well, I suppose it was because he thought we had a lot of money.
Or maybe it was because I had spoken about wanting to make a place for demihumans.

“I do not mind. If you will do it, then I can offer you some potions that erase illusions. This Kyuby, he is not a necromancer, but a sorcerer who uses illusion magic. We can also offer you enough gold and jewels that you should be satisfied.”

However, Beyron shook his head.

“We do not need money… To be honest, the potions would help, but we already owe you a debt. And so we won’t take them.”

Beyron looked at me with serious eyes.

“It’s not that, Joshua… I want to ask you to take Neia, Riise, and the children to your village.”

It seemed that deep down, Beyron also longed for a place where they could live permanently in peace.

However, if the Grank Mercenaries as a whole joined an alliance, then the alliance might become a target for both humans and the Demon King. As Beyron said earlier, it could ruin the relationship I had built with Ylis.

However, if it was only the young ones who joined, while those who had earned notoriety continued to fight… It would not affect the alliance too much.

“I will say it again. We will always welcome you. But…”

Before I could finish, the doors flung open, and Neia and Riise tumbled to the ground.

“Neia, Riise!? I thought you were taking a bath.”
“Fa-father! I will not go!”
“Me too! I won’t leave you, father!”

They said with tear-filled eyes.

Behind them, I saw Ecleshia and Ymir as well.
They must have been listening.

“Both of you… No. I cannot work with you two around. You should marry Joshua and live there.”

Neia and I both said ‘What?’ at the same time.

“Do you really think I would marry this scrawny thing!?”
“He seems to be doing well with his numerous wives already. Surely you won’t have a problem fitting in.”

Beyron said. And then Riise opened her mouth.

“I wouldn’t mind marrying Joshua! He is nice and he makes things!”
“Ri-Riise! You cannot make such decisions so quickly!”

Neia protested, and so I joined her.

“Be-Beyron! I think you are misunderstanding something. I am not married to anyone!”
“Yes. We are merely engaged.”

Iria’s voice rang next to me.

I hadn’t even noticed her arrival.

However, everyone fell silent at that. Ecleshia and the others stood by the door, their eyes blinking.

Iria smiled.

“Well, we would welcome you. It will be fun with more people.”
“Iria… I told you before, but you should not appear so suddenly… In any case…”

I steadied my voice.

“Yes, you are all welcome. As long as you agree to join the Fendel Alliance, that is.”

Upon hearing this, Neia opened her mouth.

“Riise and I will stay with father. Even if he is a hopeless fool…he is still our father.”
“Yes! Besides, mother will be watching over us!”

Riise went over to Beyron and handed him the bracelet that we had helped to repair.


Upon seeing it, his face turned to that of regret.
He was probably sorry about how he had acted up until now.

“It’s made of stones that I gathered at the places we went to. Don’t break it again.”
“Aye… I promise.”

Beyron nodded, and he held Riise’s hand with the bracelet.

“…Joshua. Will you take those who wish to go with you? Some of our men are badly wounded.”
“Of course.”
“Thank you… I will stay with the others and fight a little longer. But I do intend to change my ways. And maybe then… You will be able to accept us?”

Upon hearing this, Neia and Riise looked at each other joyfully.

He would change his ways… In other words, Beyron would stop doing things that would make them infamous, and act towards changing their reputation.

It should not be impossible.
The Fendel Alliance had already earned the trust of the people here. And Beyron’s mercenaries had also done the citizens no harm.

Iria and I looked at each other and nodded.

“We will welcome you gladly.”

Beyron bowed and said, ‘Thank you.’

After that, it was decided that we would take some of the Grank Mercenary tigerfolk with us. About thirty, who were gravely wounded.

Still, this would be too sudden of a parting. And so the Grank Mercenaries decided to hold a final feast that night. We joined them, and postponed our return to Fendel Village to the following day.

I mainly wanted to attend in order to share something with the others.

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    Independent action of Kyubi is all but officially confirmed. New theory, since demon army treat demihumans same as humans – their enemies – foxfolks must have a very low position in demon king’s domain. So this may be their attempt to get better treatment by military merits. Fendel made foxfolks plan fall a part though…

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