Seisan Mahoushi – 199

Chapter 199 – Regret of the Foxfolk!

The foxfolk abandoned their rules.

When the chief announced this, none of the foxfolk objected.

With such a dangerous situation in front of them, it was easy to discard such things.

Well, it was a welcome decision for us. It meant that we had more allies.

However, my personal feelings were conflicted.

If they could change their ways like this, why hadn’t they done it sooner?

Of course, I was sure that the chief was thinking the same thing.

As for Yomotsu, he had been told everything through Milina. Apparently, he did not say anything in reply.

The rule, which had resulted in their banishment, had been forgotten so easily as it was nothing… I could not help but feel sympathetic towards Yomotsu.

That was probably why I couldn’t be too happy about the foxfolk joining in the alliance.

No, perhaps it was because there was something even more worrying…

It was while thinking such thoughts, that I finished my work.

“…Good… It’s finished.”

I had been working on a residential district for the foxfolk, on the rocky mountains north of the Nowa tribe.

It offered a good view of the surrounding area, and would be easy to protect.
Furthermore, they would be close to the Nowa tribe, so they could help each other.

Unlike the Nowa tribe, the foxfolk were able to take human shape. However, they avoided it for the same reason. Humans were easier targets for enemies.

That being said, they could handle tools while in human form.

And so I left some tools, weapons and armor for them. As for the houses, tower and defense walls, they were also made with humans in mind.

The chief bowed his head to me.

“We are grateful for the houses and the tools you made for us. It seems like the others are also being taught how to use them, in that school-like place.”
“Aye. Also, was there anyone who wanted to learn magic?”

The chief nodded.

“Mostly children, but there were about fifty. They want to go to the school in Fendel. What we call arts, is most likely the magic that you use.”

There was no doubt that Yomotsu and Kyuby were users of magic. And since they were foxfolk, they must be a tribe with magic talents, just like the Nowa tribe.

And so many of them were interested in magic as well.

“Aside from them, there are those who want to go to learn farming and fishing. If you will accept them.”
“Aye, leave it to us. We will also have some Tengus and dwarves stay here. I hope that you will treat them well.”
“Of course.”
“Thank you… By the way, who here was using the concealment arts?”

We had not been able to find the foxfolk until they revealed themselves. And so they must have been using something similar to Hide.

The chief explained.

“I was using it. That being said, I can only hide living beings. I could not hide our homeland.”
“I see. I can use something similar, and also detect the movement of magic energy. But I wasn’t able to find you at all.”
“Is that so… So that means if the baby did not raise its voice to the sound of Milina’s singing…”
“We may never have found you.”
“And we would not have relied on your help, and would have continued on the path to self-destruction…”
“…Milina is your granddaughter. Even if you can’t with Yomotsu, you should make peace with her.”
“The young and the children can get along. However, we adults have no right to do that.”

The gap between Yomotsu and the foxfolk could not be filled.

“Indeed… It seems like your daughter only wished for the happiness of the children. I doubted she ever held a grudge. Yomotsu also kept what happened a secret this whole time.”
“Those two…”

The chief closed his eyes tightly.

He seemed like a completely different fox from the one that tried to give away a child. As if he was ashamed of his past self.

“…In any case, we will have much to discuss about our future, but that can wait. Do not hesitate to come and visit the village. We will welcome you.”
“I…will not go… Well, I could offer Yomotsu my head, but I feel it would only increase his suffering…”

And then he continued.

“I will step down, so someone younger can become chief. And they can handle negotiations with Fendel. I intend to use the rest of my life to help the young of my tribe and to repay you people for helping us.”

So, he felt that there was no atoning for what he did to Yomotsu and his children.
Well, it was not something that I should interfere with.

“Very well. In any case, I wish you well… Ah, also, there is one thing that I want to ask you.”
“What is it?”
“I heard from the Nowa tribe, that there are turtles near the eastern shores. Could we go and see them?”
“There shouldn’t be a problem. While they are conservative, they will not refuse to talk to you. Though, they have not even been sighted recently.”
“In any case, we will search for them.”

If we found the turtles, then this eastern region would be secure. Besides, they might know something about the other demihumans.

“Mmm. I pray that you will find them. Also…please continue to take care of our young ones.”

The chief said with a bow, and I nodded.

“Fendel will lend its help so that more people do not end up like Yomotsu or Kyuby. And to make your daughter’s wish come true.”
“…Thank you.”

The chief said with a bow.

And so the next day, we decided to head to the east.

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