Seisan Mahoushi – 200

Chapter 200 – We Started a Journey to Find Turtles!

“Well, father. I’m going now.”

Milina said. But there was no answer from Yomotsu from within the house.

Melk patted Milina on the back.

“Don’t worry. He’ll come out once Celse arrives.”

Milina nodded and looked at Yomotsu one more time. And then she joined the rest of us as we headed towards the Fendel gates.
We were going to start our search for the turtles.

As Milina was going to accompany us, she said goodbye to Yomotsu, but… Yomotsu was still quiet like before.

After I spoke with the former foxfolk chief, I visited Yomotsu. And I asked him if he wanted to meet someone who was dad.

Yomotsu did not answer. Apparently, he really did mean to keep his silence with everything regarding the Demon King.

That being said, there was currently nothing that Yomotsu could do to aid them. The most that he could do was to pray that the Demon King and Kyuby were successful.

But there was one thing that I didn’t quite understand. It seemed like Kyuby and Yomotsu’s actions were not really in sync with the movement of the whole Demon King army.

Even when the Toria Kingdom was in such a chaotic state, the Demon King army to the south had not made any moves.

And Yomotsu had acted strangely when we captured him.

When I said that we would hand him over to the Demon King, he said that it was the last thing he wanted. And so it seemed likely that Yomotsu and Kyuby were acting on their own, and not the Demon King’s orders.

Furthermore, Olto and the Lizardmen that we met on White Sand Island, they had not been very eager to fight us. However, they claimed that the commanding officers of the Demon King army wanted to fight.

It seemed like overall, a lot of them were not on the same page… Did that mean the Demon King was struggling to unite the different tribes?

In any case, all we had to do was to solidify our own position.
Search the remaining southern area of the east coast. And make contact with the turtles there.

“Well, let’s go then.”

I said, and then Iria and the others all nodded.

After that, we decided to start by going to the Noir village by carriage.

Ymir and the dwarves had wasted no time, and with the help of the Golems, laid out a road.

And so we traveled down the road that was also connected to Fendel village.

“This is…amazing…”

I couldn’t help but mutter while driving the carriage.

Melk agreed.

“It doesn’t shake at all.”

I had never seen a road like this.

Not only were there bumps on the stone materials, but there were grooves along the center of the road that were parallel with each other. There were four grooves in all.

It seemed like the grooves were covered in iron, and the wheels of the carriage went through them. The two on the right were for the Fendel direction, and the two on the left were for going to Noir village.

Thanks to these grooves, the carriage did not shake or go off of the road.

Iria then said,

“It looks like we could go faster.”
“Indeed. While it depends on how much energy the horses have, they should be able to run quickly if it’s an emergency.”

While they were running normally now, it seemed likely that they could run even faster.

“The dwarves never cease to amaze me…”

Once we reached the Ymirdia mountains, where the dwarves lived, we saw that the road connected to a tunnel in the mountain. Once we went through the tunnel, we would be on the road that would take us to Noir village.

In the tunnel, I saw an unloading area that connected to Ymirdia’s storehouses. Like this, we could trade goods without getting wet.

We greeted the dwarves there, and continued on our way.

On the carriage, Mette muttered.

“The dwarves…I hadn’t seen them for awhile, and now they are able to make all kinds of things.”
“Perhaps they are now capable of making that airship.”

Asuha agreed.

In the not too distant future, they may really make that airship. Currently, Ymir was conducting various experiments.

Regardless, the rest of the journey to Noir village seemed to go by in a flash.

The Noir tribe had learned how to use magic and tools, and so their lives had become quite stable.
We did not even need to send food from Fendel, as they could secure it themselves.

“Meow-meow! Thank you for visiting!”

We were greeted by the black cat, Rona.

“Rona. How are things in the village?”
“Things are going well! Meow! Of course, we are now able to eat until we are full. But most importantly, the children say that they enjoy going to the school in Fendel, meow!”
“That’s good to hear.”

There really were a lot of different tribes gathered in the Fendel school.

Rona then asked.

“So, you are going to search for the turtles now?”
“Aye. We are thinking of going to the south from here, and then going by boat.”

Turtles live near the water…that was what I thought.
Furthermore, the Kappas had said that they saw turtles near the coast several years ago.

“In that case, Rona will go too, meow!”
“Oh, you are welcome. Perhaps the turtles will remember the Nowa tribe.”

Apparently, Iria and Mette had never seen or even heard about the turtles. The Tengu may have seen them, but it was from too far away, and they could not tell if they were demihumans.

However, the Nowa tribe and the foxfolk had been in contact with them before.
And so if Milina and Rona were with us, talks with the turtles might go more smoothly.

And so, along with Rona, we headed to the south beach, and there, got into the boat.

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