Paintbrush Summoner – 24

Chapter 24 – A Real Elf!

It was just when they had finished gathering the hobgoblin crystals, and were about to leave.

With a loud rustling through the tall grass in the forest, she moved towards Menew, and crashed into him.


“Woah. Are you alright?”

Menew calmly caught her before she fell. And their eyes met. Pretty blue eyes and wavy golden hair. The pointed ears. While she was wearing rags, she was beautiful.

(An elf…!? An elf! A real elf!)

But in spite of his excitement, the elf had a troubled expression as she moved her hands towards Menew’s face.


“Don’t touch me, you fool!”

And a short range explosive magic attack erupted in Menew’s face.

(Her expression and acts don’t match up?)

That was the last thought he had.

The magic attack had exceeded his 999 magic defense, causing him to lose consciousness.

But as the elf looked at Menew fearfully, a man approached her from behind…it was Ralph.


His hand came down before she knew what was happening, and with a cry, she too fell unconscious.

Ralph had thought that Menew’s head had been blown right off. But once he moved closer, he saw that he was still alive.

That was why he didn’t attack with his sword.

He then picked the two up and pulled them to the side of the road where it would be safe.

Menew awoke to the sounds of a crackling fire.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a sky full of stars and fire sparks drifting on the currents before disappearing.

“You’re awake.”

“Ralph…? Sorry, I don’t remember what happened. I think…I was hit by magic…”

He held his forehead while sitting up. Next to Ralph was the elf who had shot him.

Her limbs were bound now, and she was gagged.

“Mmm! Mmmph!”

“So it wasn’t a dream…”

“I’m surprised that you’re still alive.”

Ralph muttered as he added some wood to the fire.

Menew only had to look at the elf to know what there had to be some reason behind it all.

“What should we do?”

“Have Stan glare at her?”

“Good idea.”

Stan was hopping on Menew’s shoulder, and was completely fine. However, he did look a little angry. Menew had almost been killed right in front of his eyes, after all.

And so Menew made Stan enlarge and then told him to ‘glare at the elf.’

Tsk. If you insist. Stan seemed to say as he glared. And the elf became quiet. Apparently, that intimidating look was effective on elves as well.

“Now, I would like to know why I was nearly killed as soon as we met.”

Menew said after removing the gag from the elf.

“St-stand back! For I am the queen of the slaves, Mamnak!”

She said with a quivering voice and teary eyes. Menew glanced towards Ralph.

“I am Menew, and that’s Ralph. And Stan is the one glaring at you. We are just travelers, who have nothing to do with you, Mamnak. But will you tell us what is going on?”

While Menew sounded calm, the meaning behind his words were still, ‘after pulling something like that, you will have no choice but to explain yourself.’

And Mamnak was not so foolish as to not understand it, and so she began to talk.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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