My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 456

It was nap time

Sebastian said that he would send a message to Mr. Halton, so that he could prepare a hat for Rosalie.
Mr. Haines was incredibly grateful for everything that was done for them.
Apparently, they would visit the tailor before leaving Ractos.
It should be fine, as Nicholas knew where it was, and Rosalie would get the same kind of hat as Liza.
…I’m sure it would be popular with the children in the village as well.

Maybe I should talk to Mr. Halton about it. After all, it could become a popular product…
No, I wasn’t a tailor, and so I would leave it to other people.
While I was a customer there, it would be strange for a complete amateaur to try and give them business advice.
I suppose it was a habit from my days as a salaryman.
Back then, I had made a lot of suggestions like that… And in most cases, they were rather desperate, and my boss would just mock me in the end.

“Well, we should be off then…”
“Yes. Please be careful.”
“Please be safe on your return journey!!”

Mr. Haines and Rosalie had said their farewells and were about to exit the door.
And then the servants bid them farewell in unison.
And just like Liza had, Rosalie flinched in surprise, which was rather amusing…

“She really is sleeping comfortably…”
“Hehe. Tilura as well. They look happy.”

After Mr. Haines had left, I wanted to train as always, but Mr. Ekenhart had ordered that there be no training.
He did not want us to be tired when going to the forest tomorrow, and so we were to rest today.
Indeed, it was not like we would find orcs as soon as we arrived. And so we would have to walk through the forest for some time.
And even if Leo, Mr. Ekenhart and I would be fine, Tilura was not used to being in the forest, and might lack the energy.

If it came to it, I could also use my fatigue recovery herbs, but I didn’t want to rely on them too much, and so I would just obey Mr. Ekenhart.
He said that relying on herbs too much would affect my growth. I then asked him about how he relied on sleeping herbs, but he changed the subject.
Well, as this was mainly for Tilura, I would not pry too much into it.

I had nothing to do now, but then I remembered that Leo had looked sleepy this morning.
While it was nice to sleep in my room, since we had nice weather, I suggested that she could nap outside under the sun.
And then, not only did Leo agree, but Tilura, Sherry and even Ms. Claire joined in.
Leo had gone out and yawned loudly under the sun before rolling up on the ground. And then Liza and Tilura lay against her while wrapping themselves in her fur.
Even Ms. Anne, who usually stayed in her room, had come out to sleep with the others…
…I wonder if the sun would affect her hair… Well, that wasn’t my problem.

Sherry had also rolled up on top of Leo’s back, and seemed very comfortable as she slept.
Leo had given her a break from her usual exercise.
I suppose she was also preparing for tomorrow… Well, it was probably mostly because of Leo’s nap.
In the meantime, Ms. Claire and I sat down at a table with some shade, and drank tea while we watched them.

“Now that I think of it, are you not so busy today?”
“Well, a lot of work has been completed. Besides, I do like to take it easy sometimes as well.”
“I see… Indeed.”

Ms. Claire had been busy with work related to the slums.
It was partially my fault, but I tried not to think about it.
Besides, even if I apologized about it, she would just tell me to not worry.
Ms. Claire had also been busy with other matters concerning the herb fields and joint management, so it was a good thing that she could relax now.

…On the other hand, Sebastian seemed to be keeping Mr. Ekenhart very busy.

“While I cannot use a sword… Tilura seems to have improved greatly under father’s instruction…”
“Yes. She enjoys it a lot, and is very passionate about it. And though I started at the same time as her, I feel like I am only one step ahead because I have a little real combat experience… It is actually hard to stay ahead of her.”
“Hehe… So Tilura may surpass you. Part of me would like to see that…and the other would not… I am conflicted.”

Ms. Claire talked as she watched her sister sleep.
While she was smiling, I felt there was a little sadness in her eyes as well.
Perhaps it was because her little sister could do something that she could not, and that would create a distance between them that would grow over time.

Ms. Claire would often strictly demand Tilura study, which sometimes got a very negative reaction from Tilura.
However, it was still true that the sisters trusted each other and got along well.
I suppose she was both happy and a little sad to see Tilura’s growth. It was a feeling somewhat familiar to me as well.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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