My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 398

Sherry had become fat from eating too much

“I’m sure Lady Claire would have prepared some food if she knew… Why didn’t she ask her…?”
“I see. Uh, papa…”

Sebastian was right.
Ms. Claire doted on Sherry, and would surely ask the servants to bring her some food.
Liza nodded and interpreted Sherry’s excuse.

According to her, as they were familiar and master, she is not supposed to ask for things.
Leo had taught her about the relationship. Familiars were supposed to protect their masters and not ask for too much or complain…
Leo… It’s good that you want to educate Sherry, but… Maybe you were a little too thorough?
Besides, it wasn’t like Leo was my familiar…
Perhaps Leo was playing the part of a wise old crone, or was teaching her younger sister how to adapt to the human world.

“Wuff… Wuff-wuff?”
“Even still, aren’t you eating too much? That is what Leo is saying.”
“She says that she was hungry…”

As Sherry was a fenrir, neither I nor Sebastian knew how much they normally ate.
But when looking at her now, I did think that she might be eating too much.

As a growing cub, I could understand her having a great appetite, but…
Leo had calmed down by now, and had placed Sherry down on the floor.
She was about as big as a medium sized down, and a little larger than when we first found her.
She looked quite round and soft.

I had not really noticed it before, but it did seem like she was eating more than she needed to grow.
Besides, now that I thought about it, I had hardly ever seen Sherry exercise.
She usually just rode on Leo’s head or back, or was carried by Tilura.
Ms. Claire also carried her often… And if she was eating more than three meals on top of that, it was no surprise that she would get fat.

“Well, Sherry. I think you may need to lose a little weight now…”
“Wuff. Wou… Wou!”
“What is it, Leo?”

Perhaps fenrirs were different, but if Sherry was a dog, then I would be worried about her health.
She would become more sluggish and easy to tire. And she might get sick in the future…
Leo had always liked to go on walks, and would obey me so that she didn’t overeat, so I hadn’t had to think about such things before. But I had read about it in books.

Obviously, Leo ate a lot more after turning into a Silver Fenrir, because she was larger. But she still exercised a lot, and was not overweight.
As I thought of such things, Leo started to bark as if she had thought of an idea.

“Wuff-wuff. Wou! Grau-grau!”
“Ah… I don’t know about that.”
“What did good Leo say?”

Leo moved her front paws and barked while explaining.
I wasn’t quite sure about her idea, but Liza and I then explained it to Sebastian.
Leo was suggesting that Sherry could train with Tilura and me.
Obviously, she could not wield a sword, but she could still run around in the garden.

That in itself was fine, but Leo was also suggesting that Sherry come with us to the forest and fight against the orcs.
Ms. Claire would have to give her permission first, and I didn’t know if Mr. Ekenhart would agree… Well, maybe he would.
In any case, she wanted Sherry to exercise and regain her wild side as a fenrir.

“As a fenrir…”
“Yes. Leo is concerned about what will happen to Sherry if she just lays around all day.”

Well, even if she was a familiar, it wasn’t like Ms. Claire was going to make her fight.
And she was still quite small, so it was only natural for to be picked up and carried often.
She only ran around when she wanted to play.

Sherry showed no signs of wanting to fight like a wild fenrir, and was very lazy. And so Leo had been thinking for a while to do something about that.
She said that this would be a good opportunity for Sherry to get some much needed training, but I wondered if she wasn’t still upset about her stealing food.
But I suppose it worked as a punishment as well.

“Indeed…I have never seen Sherry move around with any agility.”
“Do fenrirs normally move around much faster than humans?”
“Yes. They confuse enemies with their speed, while attacking with their claws and fangs. And since they can use magic as well, they are very dangerous monsters.”
“…You would never think they were dangerous if you looked at Sherry…”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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