My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 399

Ms. Claire Apologized

Now that she had been captured and surrounded, Sherry rolled over onto her back to show that she had surrendered.
It was good that she recognized the situation, but it was strange, considering she was supposed to be a dangerous monster.
I suppose it was mainly because Leo was here.
Her belly looked very round and soft…
As Sebastian and I looked at her, we knew one thing for sure. We were in no danger around this fenrir.

“Are you sleepy, Liza?”
“I see. It is quite late… Thank you for helping with Sherry and Leo.”
“No. I was glad to help you and mama…hahhh…”

As I was thinking about Sherry, I heard Liza yawning next to me.
She must have been trying to stay awake. Her eyes were half closed and she yawned again while answering me.
I felt bad for keeping her awake.

“We can continue this tomorrow. I will have to discuss it with Lady Claire and the master.”
“Indeed. Well, I will return to my room then.”
“Yes, thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Takumi. I will also do my best with the cooking tomorrow.”
“Hahaha. That’s fine. I hope you also get plenty of sleep, Ms. Helena. Now Liza. Let’s go. Leo too.”

And so we all dispersed.
Liza seemed like she was falling asleep as we walked back to the room, and so I put her on Leo’s back. She then wrapped her arms around Leo’s neck. And by the time we reached the room, she was already asleep.
Leo’s fur was very comfortable, and she was tired, so it could not be helped.

I wanted to put her on the bed, but she looked so comfortable with Leo and I thought it would be best to not disturb her.
Leo also lay down carefully so as not to wake her.

“Thank you for staying up with me, Leo. We were able to find the culprit because of you.”

I thanked Leo in a whisper, and then got into my own bed.
Still, Sherry, huh?
I suppose Ms. Claire would have to scold her tomorrow… With such thoughts, I closed my eyes and fell asleep..
It was late, and though I hadn’t realized it myself, I was also quite tired…

The next morning, when I opened my eyes, I looked at the clock and saw that it was shortly before midday.
I suppose that due to what happened yesterday, they had let us sleep in late. And so I washed up and changed.
When I looked outside of the room, I saw that Ms. Gelda was waiting there, and so I asked her to help Liza get ready.
When going down for breakfast…or rather, lunch, Liza put on her hat before leaving the room.

“Liza, there is no need to cover your ears when you are in the mansion, so you don’t need to wear that hat.”
“I know. But I want to wear it.”

“Really? Well, if that’s what you want…”

The first time she put on the hat, she had some difficulty as it squished her ears. But now, she seemed to be quite fond of it.
If she liked it this much, then I felt good about buying it.
And like that, we headed to the dining hall.

“I’m sorry that we are so late…”
“Not at all. I heard about last night. I’m sorry that you were troubled, Mr. Takumi, Leo and Liza. Now Sherry, say you’re sorry.”

When I went to the dining hall, Ms. Claire was holding Sherry and waiting for us.
Tilura, Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Anne were not present, so they were probably in their rooms.

Sherry looked quite dejected, so Ms. Claire had probably scolded her about what had happened.
Even her ears were drooping sadly.

“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“Kyau. Kyu…”

Leo nodded and told Sherry, ‘Don’t do it anymore, okay?’
Sherry shuddered once and then barked with a nod.
While Leo was just trying to scold her for stealing the food, it probably looked more threatening because she was a Silver Fenrir.
Regardless, I very much doubted Sherry would continue after being told by both Leo and Ms. Claire.

“Sherry is so cute, so I couldn’t help but spoil her…”
“Haha. Well, that’s how it is. You have never had a pet before, I suppose?”
“Yes. Unless you count horses.”
“Then it cannot be helped. You two will have plenty to learn together.”

I said. But I was not really in a position to talk as if I knew a lot about that.
There was still a lot that I didn’t know, and I was constantly learning more.
And though having a familiar wasn’t exactly the same as having a pet, both came with different mistakes when you had no experience.
It was very common for owners of cats and dogs to feed them whatever they want, because they are cute.

I had also given Leo a lot of food at first… But then a veterinarian warned me, and so I was more careful.
Just because they are cute, you shouldn’t spoil them all of the time.
If they become too fat, then they might get sick. And so it was the owner’s responsibility to be strict with some things.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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