My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 400

Leo started a diet plan for Sherry

“Besides, it is probably easier in some ways when they are a familiar.”
“Yes. Because no matter what happens, you can speak to each other.”
“Ah, that is true. It is very convenient to be able to understand each other. But I think that after I brought Sherry back with me…I left too much of the work to others. Sherry, from now on, I will be more strict with you, understand?”

Normal dogs and humans could not communicate clearly.
While you may be able to understand each other’s emotions somewhat, once you are close, it is not quite the same thing as being able to talk to each other.
Ms. Claire was usually the one who other people took care of, so I suppose there were a lot of things she didn’t know when it came to handling Sherry.
But through this incident, she seemed to have learned the importance of talking to Sherry and deciding things.
I had also failed in different ways after rescuing Leo.
We could not understand each other like we could now. And even if she seemed smarter than most dogs, I still struggled.

“That being said, Mr. Takumi. I heard from Sebastian that you wish for Sherry to go to the forest as well?”
“Ah, yes. I suppose it is to help Sherry lose some weight…. Leo wants to toughen her up.”
“…Are you sure it will be alright?”

While Ms. Claire trusted Leo, she was still a little worried about Sherry.
After all, when we first found her, she had been wounded and surrounded by trolls…
Sherry was still young, and so even if she was a fenrir, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to fight.
…Especially since she had never fought before.

“Wuff-wuff! Wuff…wuff-wuff.”
“Uh, Leo is saying that trolls are weak, and no enemy to fenrirs. As long as you do not let your guard down.”
“Is that right, Sherry?”
“Kyau? Kyau-kyau!”
“What did she say?”
“She said that she had been separated from the pack, and was not wary of her surroundings. And so she walked through the forest alone, due to curiosity…”
“It definitely sounds like she let her guard down… Well, Leo. Sherry is still young. So it cannot be helped.”

Normally, you would think that you would become more cautious if you were separated from the others… But Sherry had a laid back personality, and perhaps she did not know how to react in that situation.

“Wuff-wuff. Wuff!”
“Hmm… Are you sure?”
“Very well. Since we have a few days until we go to the forest, she will be able to do some training. I think it will help a little…”
“Training… Very well. If that is what good Leo says, then I will allow it.”

Sherry did not seem to like this idea at all, and was clutching to Ms. Claire’s arm, but Ms. Claire had made up her mind, and so she put Sherry on top of Leo’s head.
A look of despair came over Sherry’s face. She was probably thinking about the harsh training she was bound to face… However, it was necessary for her.

“Now, let’s begin.”
“Grau! Grau-grau!”

After I finished talking with Ms. Claire, we ate lunch with everyone, and then I quickly finished my work of growing herbs.
I gave some herbs to Milina to be made into medicine, and then I went to inspect the herb gardens.
Like Sebastian had said yesterday, the surrounding plants had wilted, and the soil looked quite dried. After seeing this, I went to a different spot to grow some herbs.
It was best to experiment as much as I can now.

Once all of that work was done, I started my training with Mr. Ekenhart.
As Sherry would also be training today, Leo and Liza were in the garden as well.
I had thought that Liza would want to help with the medicine, but she was apparently interested in Sherry’s training.
It was a good thing that she was curious about different things.

In fact, Liza was currently running in front of Leo, as if to encourage Sherry.
…Sherry was running as if out of breath, but Liza looked energetic.
Well, Sherry was mostly like that because of a lack of exercise. But Leo was also running at a similar speed to me and Mr. Ekenhart.
While Leo had been running in the lead at first, as Sherry would stop running, Leo was now running behind her.
As a fenrir, it was probably a scary thing to be chased by a Silver Fenrir…

“First…we should start by running like we usually do…”

Mr. Ekenhart said, once we had finished preparation.

“…I will run behind Leo. Mr. Takumi and Tilura can…”
“I will run in the front. Since Liza is as well.”
“I want to run with Liza and Sherry too!”
“Uh, yes. fine. Now then…”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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