Seisan Mahoushi – 201

Chapter 201 – A Quiet Meeting!

“Ohh, the beach is out of sight now!”

Mette said as the boat moved farther away.

The coast had continued straight towards the east, but finally stopped at the cape.
And from there, the coast stretched towards the north.

“Perhaps we should land by the cape and eat. Besides, I would like to build a lighthouse, which will be useful in the future.”

Everyone agreed to this suggestion.

And so we stopped the boat near the cape, and then retrieved the boat.

The cape was like a small hill, and we were able to climb up to the top.

“Oh, what a great view!”

Milina said as she looked at the sea from the top of the cape.

Iria nodded at her.

“If you turn your eyes to the southeast, you cannot see any land at all.”
“Meow-meow. I wonder if the sea just continues forever, meow.”

Rona said, and then Asuha answered.

“When it gets warmer, large birds fly over from that side of the sea. So there must be land.”
“Aye. On the other side of this sea, there is a different eastern continent and islands. But there is also another sea to the east of that…so perhaps it really does continue forever.”

Did the people on the east continent know what was beyond the sea? But I also wondered what lay to the west as well.

“In that case, maybe it comes back to this continent.”

I nodded at Melk’s words.

“It is possible… Surprisingly, the world might be round. In any case, let us all eat.”

And so we decided to cook on the top of the cape.

“Good. Today, I’ll make something simple and delicious!”

Mette said, and she started to bake some bread from Grank wheat.

And when the bread was ready, she would cut them open.

Lastly, the bread was filled with grilled fish and vegetables. And there were also small bits of citrus fruit as well.

“Good, it’s ready!”

Mette raised her voice.
Indeed, it was a simple meal.

However, no one was worried when it came to Mette’s cooking.

And so we sat down and held the fish and vegetable sandwiches in our hands, and took a bite.

“It’s delicious…the fish and citrus go so well together…”

I said, and then Melk muttered as she ate.

“The vegetables are crunchy.”
“And the bread is crispy!”

Asuha seemed to really enjoy the texture of the bread.

“It is so good… It seems that with every passing day, the food gets better and better.”

Iria said with a smile.

Rona and Milina were also eating hungrily without saying anything.

Upon seeing this, Asuha said,

“And it looks like you two have come quite fond of Ms. Mette’s cooking.”
“Hehe, of course. As it’s simple, every person can have seconds at least once!”

Mette said, and everyone said they wanted another one. I was no exception.

“Ah, aye! I’ll make it now!”

Mette answered happily, and she quickly started to bake some more bread.

And so we stayed there for quite some time and enjoyed our meal.

“Ahhh…I ate so much… Was it good, everyone?”

Mette asked, and everyone nodded.

And then I turned to them and said,

“In that case, I’ll make the lighthouse. So you should all rest here.”
“Well, I think that I’ll rest a little then. After all, there is a rock here that will make a perfect chair.”

And Mette tried to sit down on one of the rocks on top of the cape.

However, as soon as her buttocks touched it, Mette tilted her head.

“Hmm? Wh-what? The rock just twitched.”
“I should be asking you that… What is wrong with you people?”

The voice came from the rock that Mette tried to sit on.

“Huh? What!?”

It was not a rock at all.

An animal head and four limbs had appeared.

Our voices rang in unison .

“…A turtle!?”

And so it was that we discovered the turtles.

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