My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 462

I was asked about Liza

“Your Grace, what about situations where we encounter monsters that are stronger than orcs, such as trolls?”
“Now that I think about it, you did see trolls before, didn’t you? But good Leo or the guards should be able to handle it. There is no need to take any risks.”

Last time, we had seen trolls surround Sherry and attack her.
And while Leo could deal with fenrirs and trolls, it was possible that there were other monsters as well.
If that happened, then we would just let Leo or the guards deal with them.
While we were here so that Tilura and I could get some experience, it was best if we did not put ourselves in danger either.

I sighed with relief, but made sure that Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian did not see me do it.
While I had fought orcs in Range village, when it came to other monsters…
Trolls were big. Their arms were as thick as my body.
If I were to be hit by them, I would break bones and get knocked into the air… I did not like the idea of fighting them.

“Mr. Takumi looks relieved.”
“He does? … Well, we are not going to the forest to face danger. So there is no reason to fight trolls and other monsters if not necessary.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

Apparently, Sebastian had seen that I was relieved.
There really was no hiding things from him.

“Now, Mr. Takumi. Can you call over Leo? And Liza.”
“Leo and Liza?”
“Mmm. As Leo wants to train Sherry as well, we should know how she intends to do it. As for Liza…are you going to leave her here?”
“Yes, I did want to leave Liza here where it is safe… Is that a problem?”
“I don’t mind if she stays. However…she might not want to. Perhaps she will want to follow you and Leo to the forest. Well, I’m sure you could persuade her to stay… But if she did come, I’m sure Leo would keep her safe. So I do not mind either way.”
“I see… It’s true that she might want to come. She got quite lonely when we went to the slums.”

If we went to the forest, we would be gone for a few days.
And while she would be safe in the mansion, she would surely miss us.
Well, like Mr. Ekenhart said. If Liza wanted to come with us, I suppose it would be fine, as long as she stayed close to Leo the whole time.
…Though, I did feel a little bad that Leo was so much more reliable in terms of protecting her. I need to improve more, so that I can protect my daughter by myself.

“So that’s how it is. She has finally found a place where she feels safe. And it is with you and Leo, not this mansion. Though, she might pretend that she is fine.”
“Indeed… She had a habit of not saying how she really feels. And I don’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to.”

She had done a lot of that in the slums already.
Recently, she had finally started to enjoy being herself more, and so I didn’t want her to go back. But if she thought that she might get in the way, she might just say that she would prefer to stay at the mansion.
And so I would have to be careful when talking to her.

“As she is close in age to Tilura, I could not help but worry.”
“Thank you. I will call Leo and Liza then.”
“Mmm. Good.”

And so I left the dining hall and went back to the garden.
On the way, I thought about what Liza’s answer would be. And concluded that she would want to come.
Ms. Claire and the others would be in the mansion, so there should be no problem with her staying. But Tilura was her only playmate, and she would be gone.

In any case, I would tell her of the dangers in the forest, and let her decide…
Perhaps I was being too soft. But it wouldn’t be allowed if Leo was not with us.
Though, it’s not like we would be going to the forest regularly.

“…I see that everyone has come.”
“Sorry. Since they were all together…”

I called the others in the garden, and we all returned to the dining hall and sat down.
Ms. Claire was curious when she heard that her father wanted to talk about something, and Tilura followed Leo and Liza… And then so did Sherry and Ms. Anne.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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