My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 463

Sherry was traumatized by the trolls

“I don’t mind. Besides, it’s almost time for dinner.”
“So, father. You have something to discuss with Leo?”
“Mr. Takumi did not tell you?”
“Ah, I thought I would let them hear it from you…Mr. Ekenhart.”
“I see. Very well…”

He then turned to Leo and started to explain.

“Wuff… Wuff-wou. Grau-grau. Wou!”
“What did good Leo say?”
“She says that she’ll have Sherry fight off random orcs. And some other monsters as well, depending on the situation.”

My interpretation was not as precise as Liza, but I think I got it mostly right. Even Leo was nodding.
I could have just asked Liza to do it for me, but I wanted to improve, as Liza might not be with me all of the time.

“Hmm, I see. In that case, Sherry will accompany us with the same purpose as you and Tilura? To gain experience?”
“Wuff! Wuff-wuff? Wou!”
“Yes, but she also wants to know if we will be fighting any other monsters. She thinks trolls would be good.”

Apparently, Leo was also considering making Sherry fight other monsters as well.
Aside from dieting, she also wanted to toughen her up as a fenrir, and so she was rather strict.
…At least, I hoped it had nothing to do with being angry about stealing food.
Regardless, upon hearing the word ‘troll,’ Sherry lifted her head and yelped.

“…What is it, Sherry?”
“I see. Sherry does not want to fight against trolls. What do you think, good Leo?”
“Wuff… Grau-grau!”

Sherry was sitting on Ms. Claire’s lap as she explained the reason.
As she was Ms. Claire’s familiar, they were able to understand each other.
Perhaps being attacked by them previously had resulted in some trauma.
After all, several of them had surrounded her, and she had been close to death.

However, Leo sighed and then barked as if to scold Sherry.
Uh…she was saying that a fenrir should not be afraid of mere trolls.
I then relayed this to the others.

“Hmm… It is true that fenrirs are supposed to be stronger.”
“Indeed. While trolls are big and strong, they are not as dangerous when compared to fenrirs. They can move swiftly and cut down trees with their claws. And they can use magic. While trolls rely on strength alone… Their movements are slow, and so fenrirs can dodge them. Of course, I have never actually witnessed it…”
“Well, it is rare to see monsters fighting each other. But it is our understanding that while trolls are above orcs, they are much lower than fenrirs.”

I had never fought one myself, but Leo had defeated one on our way to Range village.
And while I watched from a distance, it did seem slow… Though, I didn’t know if I could dodge them for certain.
Even if they were slow, they were so strong that I might not survive being hit, which made them a great threat towards me… Unlike Leo and Mr. Ekenhart.
…Sherry did not look amused.

“Hmm. What is it?”

As I wondered what to do, Leo looked at me and tilted her head.
Apparently, she wanted to ask me something.

“I’m sure that will be prepared. Sebastian, Leo is wondering about everyone’s food.”
“Food? Just like before, the butlers and maids will prepare it once we reach the forest.”
“I see. Thank you. Did you hear that, Leo?”

Leo sure cared a lot about food… Or so I thought, but it was apparently not that.
After hearing those words, Leo stopped to think.
I hadn’t seen Leo like this since I made her smell something bad…

“…Wuff! Wuff-wuff. Wuff! Wuff-wuff?”
“Ah, I see…”

Leo seemed to think of something as she started barking.
Umm…Sherry will defeat orcs for food, and she will leave the cooking to us?
And so I told Sebastian what she had said.

As this was Leo’s plan for putting Sherry on a diet, no one wanted to intervene.
Because Ms. Claire and I had no idea how to strengthen a fenrir.
And so we just left it to Leo.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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