My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 464

I asked Sherry why she was alone when she was attacked

“Hmm… Acquiring food on location. Are you sure about that?”
“Wuff! Wou-wuff!”
“She says that it will be fine. Leo says that Sherry stole from the kitchen because she never hunted for her own food.”

Sherry was only a few months old, so she was still a fenrir cub.
I didn’t know when they started hunting, but it was likely she had not experienced it yet.
While we didn’t see any others when we found her, she probably had parents that hunted food for her before.
…Now that I thought about it, what happened with the other fenrirs?

Were they looking for Sherry in the forest? Or was this just an accepted part of living in the wild?
While it had happened a while ago, I was now curious as to how Sherry had found herself in that situation.
I suppose I should ask her? It would be easy for Ms. Claire or Liza to talk to Sherry.

“While it is not exactly the subject we are on…”
“What is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“Well, uh… We did not see any other fenrirs when we encountered Sherry in the forest.”
“Indeed. While she was being attacked by trolls, there were no other monsters in the area.”
“Right? I was wondering why Sherry was alone in the first place… I heard that fenrirs moved in packs…”
“Mr. Takumi. As Sherry’s master, I have asked about it before.”
“You did, Ms. Claire?”

If fenrirs moved in packs, surely they would not abandon a young fenrir.
Regardless, it seemed that Ms. Claire had wondered about the same thing, and had questioned Sherry about it. I felt dumb for not even thinking about it before.
I suppose it was because I was so busy with other things in this unfamiliar world.

“Yes. It was around the time that you went to Range village, Mr. Takumi.”
“I see. And what did Sherry say?”
“Sherry was born in the forest. Well, I suppose that is to be expected, as fenrirs rarely come from other places.”
“And while their pack usually stayed deep into the forest, Sherry suddenly felt a strange presence one day. Isn’t that right, Sherry?”
“Kyau! Kyau-kyau!”

Ms. Claire started to tell me what Sherry had told her.
And Sherry barked in agreement.
She was a lot more cheerful now. Perhaps she had forgotten the trials Leo had set for her.

“I see. So it was more of a scent… A vague feeling. Regardless, she became curious, and separated from her pack.”
“A strange smell…”
“Yes. At first, she was able to move through the forest without encountering any monsters, but… She started to get hungry, and then realized that she was in a strange place, and there was a different strange smell. I suppose her curiosity had distracted her, so she lowered her guard.”
“But what kind of smell was it?”
“Apparently, it was the trolls. And by the time she realized this, they were already too close, and surrounded her so that she could not run away…”
“I see… So that is why. And then she was attacked…”

When Ms. Claire was finished, Sherry barked and nodded. And then looked sad as she seemed to remember the trolls.
In any case, I understood why she was separated from her pack now. But what was that unfamiliar presence?
Perhaps it was something that fenrirs could sense, but I was a little curious.

“Did Sherry say what the presence or scent was?”
“I did ask her about that. But after being injured, she did not really remember… But I think that it must have been Leo.”

Sherry seemed a little embarrassed that she did not remember it well, but she was still young… And so it could not be helped.
Still, it was quite careless of her.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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