My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 465

Delicious food was important to Sherry

“So she doesn’t remember that. What do you think, Leo?”
“Wuff? …Wuff-wuff. Wou?”

I turned to Leo to see if Ms. Claire’s guess was correct.
After tilting her head, Leo barked as if she was not confident.

“Maybe? That is what she said. And she says that since Sherry is still young, she might be curious about presences that a grown fenrir would know to run away from.”
“I see… Leo did say before, that fenrirs instinctively submitted to Silver Fenrirs, I believe?”
“Wou. Wou-wuff-wuff.”
“She says that they might be able to detect Silver Fenrirs from a distance. Though, adult fenrirs would run away so that they do not encounter them. But I guess Sherry was too curious.”

As Sherry was a fenrir, she would also have a sharp sense of smell, and might have been able to detect Leo from far away.
Unless Sherry was just special… But it was hard to think that, considering how she has acted since coming to the mansion.

“Indeed. Sherry? If you sense something strange, you have to tell someone, okay? You don’t want to get attacked by trolls again.”

When Ms. Claire talked to Sherry, it just looked like a lady and her dog.
Even if the dog was actually a fenrir…
While Sherry was nodding to Ms. Claire, Leo was sighing as if to say, ‘you should be able to beat a mere troll…’

“So we know why Sherry was on her own now. However, does she not have to return to her pack? Even if she is Claire’s familiar. While familiars cannot attack their masters, they are not servants either.”
“Yes, father, I understand that. Sherry? While it would make me sad, do you wish to return to the forest? If you do, you can return to the forest as a normal fenrir, and not a familiar.”

I had never actually heard about familiars not being able to attack masters before. But it made sense, or you would not be able to do it with any dangerous monsters.
An intelligent monster might be able to trick humans…and pretend to be a familiar.
Ms. Claire looked at Sherry with a serious expression as she asked her.
Sherry tilted her head, and while I didn’t understand what she was saying, she did look quite sad.

“It’s not that I don’t want you here, or think you are in the way. I would like for you to stay here. But if you want to go, I would not want to stop you.”
“Kyuu… Kyau-kyau!”
“Hehe. If you say so. Very well. Father, Sherry says that she wants to stay here with me. The reason…is that she gets to eat delicious food here…”
“Haha. Food, eh? In that case, you will have to continue to provide her with good food, so she will not want to leave. Of course, you cannot feed her too much either, or it might upset Leo.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

After barking, Sherry licked Ms. Claire’s nose and cheek.
It was her way of showing affection.
Ms. Claire relaxed with a smile and told us that Sherry wanted to stay.

I could see that she was relieved about Sherry’s decision.
Even if it was more because of the food.

“So if you are staying with Claire, that means you will continue to be trained by Leo.”

Sherry did not sound happy when Mr. Ekenhart reminded her about that.
I suppose she had forgotten.

“So, good Leo. Sherry will fight orcs and other monsters in the forest. As for food… It will be secured on location, as you said. Of course, you can leave the cooking to us.”
“So, as for the next thing…”

Now that the business with Sherry was finished, the next was Liza.
And so along with Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian, I told her about the dangers of the forest.

“What do you want to do, Liza?”
“So you and mama will be away for some time? …Okay.”
“Liza. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. Leo will be there, and you won’t be in the way.”

After finishing the explanation, I looked straight at Liza and asked her the question.
She thought about it for a moment, and while looking at the floor, said that she was fine.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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