Seisan Mahoushi – 170

Chapter 170 – A Misfire!?


By the time I had raised my voice, a single arrow was already headed towards the king. Monica had unleashed it.

Her arrow slammed into the crown that shone purple…and knocked it off of his head.


And then the king looked around as if puzzled.

Eventually, he realized that there was no one else there, and in a panic, he turned his horse and rushed back to the north.

Upon seeing this, the cheering on the battlements grew even louder.

“Asuha. Sorry, but could you bring that crown to me?”

And so Asuha went down and picked up the crown.

She swiftly returned and handed it to me.

“Here it is.”
“Thank you, Asuha.”

I then put it into magic workshop.

Iria and the others watched with expressions of concern. It was no surprise. After all, that light had been very similar to the light that shone from Yomotsu.

Iria then asked me,

“How is it, Sir Joshua?”
“I sense incredible magic energy from it… It is a magic tool.”

If anything, the magic in it was more powerful than the magic in Ylis’s crown, which was the real one.

Surely it must do more…than just shine with purple light.
It must have something to do with necromancy.

And then Mette said,

“So that light really is…”
“Aye. It is the same light that we saw when Yomotsu used magic. If we did not do anything, the Toria king would have likely used necromancy.”

Switch the crowns and create numerous undead…

That being said, the only thing in this area were some defeated skeletons.
There had been no casualties around the walls.
So how many undead would he have been able to call?

It seemed like a poor plan.
Perhaps he was not very good at planning in the first place.

No, I felt something like franticness.
For instance, if it was to save a friend who had been captured…

“Perhaps they wanted to use the chaos in the capital to rescue someone.”
“In other words, Kyuby…”

Iria answered.

I also thought of Kyuby, and the fox mask.

Kyuby was Yomotsu’s friend.
And so perhaps Kyuby had rushed to save Yomotsu.

“However, this seems rather sloppy, even for Kyuby.”

But Kyuby was good at assessing the situation, and had retreated as soon as he saw us.
If Kyuby was so desperate to free Yomotsu that he had lost his calm, then perhaps it could explain these actions.

Well, even if it wasn’t Kyuby, the purple light on the crown made it clear that it was one of their comrades.

Iria opened her mouth again.

“But, does that mean they knew we were going to take the crown?”
“Either that, or they always meant to swap it anyway. Regardless, the person who did it must be close by…watching us…”

And if it was Kyuby… He would know that we were the people from Fendel.

They might target Fendel because of this.
And so it would be necessary for us to act first.

“Mette, I have a request. I want you to bring Yomotsu here.”
“Are you sure? If we do that, his friends might…”
“That is why I want to do it. We will use him as bait. And the enemy will surely bite.”
“Very well.”

And so Mette immediately headed to the dungeons below the Toria palace.

In any case, Ylis’s side had won in this battle for the capital.

The Toria king had fled after being defeated. And the whole city knew of it now. And so all the people were in agreement, that Ylis had proved once again, that she was truly fit to be their ruler.

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    Good war action sequence was just around a corner..! Alas, anticlimactic victories are mainstream in this novel.

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