Seisan Mahoushi – 204

Chapter 204 – A Visitor!?

We listened to the sounds of the crashing waves, while gazing at the eastern sea from the beach.

“Now, we have finished our search of the eastern regions.”

That just left the north and west, but…

There were tall mountain ranges and forests in the north.

While it was possible that demihumans lived there, we lived to the south of it, and so the Demon King’s army could not invade it.
Furthermore, the humans would not be able to overcome the mountains and forests as well.

And so even if there were demihumans there, it was not necessary to rush and make contact with them.

As for Fendel’s west, it was land that humans often traveled through. Therefore, it was best to assume that there were not many demihumans here.

It was possible that farther to the west, there were demihumans similar to the Grank tribe, but that was far away. And the Demon King’s army was already invading those lands, so making contact with them would require some careful planning.

“We also finished building the houses for the turtlefolk. We did everything we could.”

Like with the Nowa tribe, I had built several stone houses for the turtlefolk.

And while I didn’t know if they would be using them, I also prepared some tools, armor and weapons as well.

Furthermore, I had the dwarves extend a road to them, so that the Nowa tribe and foxfolk could occasionally come here in order to hunt the Shield Shells.

And now that the Tengu added this place to their scouting range, we would know if the Demon King army were to come from the coast.

Iria also nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Now the east is fully prepared.”
“The other side of the sea, that can be next time.”

Melk muttered, and then Asuha nodded.

“It will be much easier to go once the airship is completed.”
“I still cannot believe that a ship will be able to fly in the sky…”

Mette said.

“We will also think if we can use our magic to help with the building of the flying ship, meow.”

With the magic of Rona and the black cats, perhaps we could make one or even two ships fly.

Well, we could also just go on a normal ship.

Once things became stable here, I wanted to travel farther off.

Just then, Iria muttered.

“Still, our allies have increased so much once again.”
“I really didn’t think there were others out there that looked like us.”

Milina said, and then Rona opened her mouth.

“The tigerfolk, meow? We were also surprised to see someone who looks similar to us, meow.”

Melk asked, and Rona moved her tail and ears.

“They look exactly like us, meow.”

Melk said as she stared at Rona.

“Well, there may be others who look like you as well. Like how the werewolves and foxfolk look similar. I hope we find more.”

Said Mette, and I nodded.

“We will continue to increase our allies.”
“Aye. And not just demihumans, but humans and monsters as well.”

Said Iria, and the others agreed.

Just then, one of the Tengus came down from the sky towards us.

Asuha noticed this, and took off in order to greet them.

They then talked to each other while in the air.

But Asuha looked frantic when she returned.

“…Sir Joshua! Someone claiming to be a special envoy of the Demon King has arrived in the village!”

No, I had actually asked the Lizardman, Alto, in White Sand Island, if he could set up an opportunity to negotiate with the Demon King.

It must be about that.

And so I said to Asuha,

“In any case, tell them to wait in the house where the elders gather. Serve tea and fruits… And have Ecleshia, Berdos, Monica and the others keep a strict watch on the surrounding area.”

Asuha said, and then both she and the Tengu rushed back to the village.

We followed them, and made our hasty return back to Fendel Village.

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