Seisan Mahoushi – 163

Chapter 163 – I remade it!?

“I’m sorry, Riise.”

I took out Beylon’s repaired bracelet from magic workshop, and put it on a wooden plate.

I had trimmed parts of the string that were frayed, and rebraided it. And then I put the pieces of precious stone back together. I had also washed off all of the blood.

However, there were parts where pieces of stone were missing, or the entire stone had been lost.

And so the result was that it looked rather bad as a bracelet. Besides, the stones that were missing fragments would probably break again.

But Riise shook her head.

“No. I didn’t think it would be repaired this nicely. Thank you, mister.”

Riise said with a bow.

And then Ymir opened her mouth.

“Indeed, it is impressive that you could repair it to this degree. Well done, Joshua.”

She praised me, but I still felt some regret.

And then Riise handed me a different bag.

“Will this be enough…? For payment.”

There were pretty stones and crystals inside.

“Did…you collect these, Riise?”
“Yes. Because father travels to so many places. So these stones are from different lands. But the people at the last store said only the crystals have any worth.”

Indeed, many of the stones looked like something you would find in a river.

“…I can’t accept this. Besides, you don’t need to pay me.”
“It’s fine, Riise.”

I muttered, and Ecleshia nodded her head.

“This is not a stone you see often, so you should take good care of it. They can sometimes be found in the forest. They are stones that heal animals. Rabbits like to carry them.”
“Aye. When a cure tree dies, its fruits will slowly become hard like a stone.”

As Ecleshia explained, it suddenly came to me.

“Fossilized cure tree fruits… A cure stone! I could not tell what they were by just looking at the shape.”
“As these are the only fruits that become stones, they must be the cure stones you speak of. There are three…no, five of them.”
“But just one is as valuable as a precious stone. That is an amazing find, Riise.”

I said, and then Riise’s face lit up.

“Yes! And so I’ll give them to you for payment.”
“No, Riise… I think I have a better idea.”
“An idea?”
“We can use these cure stones and other stones to repair the bracelet. I’ll open some holes in them.”
“B-but, this…”

Apparently, Riise wasn’t sure that we should change Beylon’s bracelet without his permission.

And so Enna turned to Riise and smiled.

“I’m sure that your father will be very happy.”
“Of course, he will! His child made it! And if it is repaired, then your father and sister will stop fighting!”

Ymir agreed.

“I…father’s… Okay! I want to fix it too!”

I smiled and nodded.

After that, Riise decided on what order to place the stones in the bracelet. And I helped her by opening holes in the stones.

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