Royal Magician – 133

Chapter 133 – Evil Dragon

“Amazing! Amazing, Mr. Dragon!”

I was riding on its enormous back, and looking down at the scene below with great excitement.

‘Of course. Unlike that time when I was affected by madness, I am in my best condition right now. And more importantly, I have been training for this day.’

It communicated through telepathy, which some monsters were capable of.
After explaining the situation, the dragon nodded to me.

‘I understand your purpose. Now is the time for me to return the favor of that day. I will lend you my help.’
“Thank you!”

I had succeeded in getting help, and bowed my head.

“To think that you would summon an actual dragon. You never cease to surprise me.”

President Cronos said with a smile.

He had jumped onto the dragon, a feat of astonishing agility and magic control.
But as I watched this in awe, another voice rang from behind me.

“It is no surprise. After all, she is the friend of the strongest and most impressive person who rules this world.”

Teleportation magic.
I turned in surprise, but Ms. Evangeline had a calm expression as if she barely noticed my reaction.

“Wh-why are you here?”
“It’s only natural for me to help a friend who is in trouble. Besides, I see that you two are off to fight an evil dragon. Do you really expect me to sit back and watch?”

Evangeline said with a smile.

“Now, follow me. Eva and Noelle’s Extermination Force is on their way!”

This person was so free.

“Very well then. As the calm and mature one here, I will allow you to take the captain’s seat. And in exchange, you must call me…”
“I know that you feel lonely and distant from the other magicians, because you spent too much time on your research, but forcing people to call you ‘older brother’ isn’t going to help with that. No one wants to.”
“…Is that so?”

President Cronos looked hurt.

It took some time to cheer him up again.

‘Fighting an evil dragon with friends… It is not bad.’

Mr. Dragon also seemed like he was enjoying it.
Perhaps it was rude, but it was a little cute to see.

“Let us go then. Kill as many of the monsters on the way, in order to buy time as we head for the depths.”

Immediately after, the dragon moved at the speed of sound.
The ability it was born with, Wind Protection, allowed it to fly with such unbelievable speed.

By just charging through them, it tore through the hordes of enemies as if they were paper.

And like that, we descended into the dark depths of the hole.
Eventually, I could feel the density of mana increase.

And the number of monsters increased as well.

“There are so many…!”

But as I gasped, I heard two other voices next to me.

“It won’t be a problem.”

Numerous spells shot out at great speed.
My vision was filled with colorful lights, and in the next instant, the monsters went flying in bits and pieces.

What was most impressive, was that the magic attacks took the dragon’s flight into account.

It looked like brute force, but it wasn’t at all.

They knew the effects and destructive power of their magic, and controlled the range and output so that it would not be a burden.
Amidst the pitch black darkness, layers of magic flashed and sparkled.

The deeper we went, the thicker the shadows became.

There was no natural light to speak of.
The air was warm and humid, the mana so thick you could smell it.

I could not even see my own hands, and the flashing light of magic was hardly any help.
The feeling of dread was getting stronger as we approached the bottom. And that’s when it happened.

The cold sweat dripped down my neck.
It suddenly became difficult to breathe.

Something was wrong.

‘Damn it. The seal is breaking even faster than expected.’

Said the dragon, but I could not even mumble a reply.

There was something in the darkness that was different from the rest of the horde.

Coldness. Fear. Anxiety.
I felt it instinctively.

This was something that could not be unleashed to the outside world.

“All the better. It is something worth defeating.”

Said Ms. Evangeline with a raised fist. And then President Cronos said,

“The problem is that we will need to attack it repeatedly in order to weaken it before resealing. However, the force of our magic is too strong. If we unleash it together, they will affect each other, and erasing or disrupting will be likely. Holding back our power would make it easier to control, but then the output will be insufficient.”
“How tiresome. Let’s just punch it and see what happens.”
“No. That won’t reach it.”

President Cronos frowned.
If those two could combine their powerful magic, then there was hope of resealing the monster.

There was no time to think.
Just as the others fought without running away, I had to do my duty as well.

Have faith.
And be prepared.

“Let me do it.”

I said after taking a deep breath.

“I will layer your magic.”

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