Royal Magician – 134

Chapter 134 – Quartet

Noelle Springfield’s suggestion was reckless to the point of being confusing.

The two were some of the most powerful magicians on the western continent.

President Cronos of Ardenfeld’s Royal Magicians Order, and Queen Evangeline of the Great Forest. They were on a different level from most magicians.

Their mana was so strong that when unleashed, they could cause people around them to lose consciousness. Layering their magic would require an incredible amount of magic controlling ability.

It would be such a difficult feat, that even Cronos and Evangeline would not be able to realize it.

However, Cronos did not laugh at her.
The true nature of the power she had shown up until now.

She was able to adapt like no one else.

He had taken hundreds of years to create his ‘Chronostasis,’ and though incomplete, she had recreated it in just a few days. So perhaps she could make the impossible possible.

Even if other magicians could not…

“Very well. I’ll leave it to you.”

Evangeline smiled at his words and said,

“So Noelle and I will do a combined attack. The power of friendship can cut through the darkness.”

The spells were activated.

“Mr. Dragon, please lend me your power. I’ll leave the offset of the recoil to you.”
‘Very well. I will do something about the recoil. I will focus all of the mana around me towards you.’
“Thank you.”

And then Noelle sharpened her senses
All sound disappeared from the world.

The only thing she could see was the magic right in front of her.

“Start with an output that she can withstand. And then raise it little by little.”

Evangeline nodded at Cronose’s words.

“I know. We’re depending on Noelle’s ability to adapt.”

The two spells activated.
After confirming that there were no abnormalities with Noelle’s body, the output was raised.

However, the mana levels of their magic exceeded what most magicians would be able to bear.

The space distorted.
The formula creaked.

Her white gloves became soaked in blood.

(Perhaps it is not…)

It was just as Cronos was starting to have doubts.

Light shone from the bright green magic formula.
The feeling of skin burning.

(The mana level has risen…)

The rapidly activating magic formula.
If a single magic formula was not enough to process it all, it could be achieved by brute force through multiple activations.

What made this possible was her magic that accelerated her speed and her abnormal concentration.
If even for a moment she had been distracted by the bleeding of both her hands, the magic formula would have shattered and the entire operation would have collapsed.

On top of that, to control and layer two spells with such violent output, it was necessary to find the optimal contact point by calculating the characteristics of each magic formula.

A precise sense of balance was required that allowed no room for even a 1% margin of error.
Cronos sighed with admiration as he activated the spell.

It shined a yellow color as it was unleashed, and was even larger than the dragon.
The air shook like a mirage.

The mana level was so high, that just being near it would make you lose consciousness.

‘Radiant Engraving Flash.’
‘Air Fluegel.’

The light of destruction emitted by a thousand high-ranking spirits was layered there.

The recoil was so strong, that even a dragon would be blown away into the distance if done wrong.

There was a flash, brighter than the sun, that filled the darkness
Rain of light poured down on the body of the ancient dragon.

Multiple layers of heat rays.
The tough scales began to evaporate in a flash.

Hot wind burned their skin.
Light shone through their eyelids.
And the sound beat their eardrums.

An unbelievable attack.

A great hole was opened.
Cell tissues melting red like magma.

The giant creature in front of them had lost most of its body.

“Amazing, amazing! As expected of my best friend!”

Evangeline shook Noelle, who had pushed herself to the limit and then lost consciousness.

(Even though it wasn’t perfect, she controlled two spells with that level of output and layered them while suppressing the reaction.)

Cronos thought.

(And she did it in a state of exhaustion from the continuous battles. I didn’t reach her level until my late thirties.)

He quietly gazed at her sleeping form.

(Perhaps she is a being that surpasses all magicians that have existed until now.)

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