Paintbrush Summoner – 9

Chapter 9 – Battle, Again

“Sir Menew. Were you able to see your status?”

By the time he reunited with Valette, it was already evening.

“Yeah. Like this, right?”

Menew concentrated on the space to the right, and with a ring, a semi-transparent screen of blue appeared.

It was his status window, which included his name, gender, age, level and occupation.

In the occupation section, ‘Summoner’ was written.

“Oh, so you have become a Summoner.”

“Yes. After all, I did summon your Cheeta.”

And he had never dismissed it.

Would it disappear if he willed it? Though, he would not do that. Ms. Valette might cry.

“So, I can now show you my status. You have to show your own status in order to see someone else’s.”

Valette said as she brought up her own status.

She was eighteen and her occupation was Magic Merchant. Level 37.

“How is that different from an ordinary Merchant?”

“A Magic Merchant uses magic, of course. Mostly for transport of goods and preserving quality. However, magic related to psychological manipulation is strictly forbidden, so if necessary we will show what kind of magic we can use.”

“How do you do that? I would like to see my own.”

“You touch the status window, think about the magic, and slide it to the side, I suppose…”

He then extended his right hand and was about to do it, when something pounced on him.

“NO! You must not!”

It was the nun. She was wrestling with his arm quite aggressively. But her body felt quite soft against it.

“Mr. Menew! I think that you should first check your status when you are alone!”


He had already seen two people cry today. And he did not want to see any more.

“I suppose you are right. Sorry, Valette.”

“No. It is personal information, after all.”

Valette said with a forgiving smile. Cheeta then rubbed against her cheek.

Perhaps it had a feature that made it continue to keep her in a good mood.

“Well, I need to get going now.”

“Ah, yes! My apologies.”

The nun finally let go of Menew’s arm, and watched them as they left.

The two then made their way back to the Harnes house.

However, something happened on the way there.

“We’ve been waiting for you. Ms. Harnes…”

There was a group of about ten thugs.

They had beards and wielded weapons. The kind of people that would have been stopped by police at any moment. Well, soldiers.

“Who are you…?”

Lady Valette asked calmly.

Menew was not afraid, thanks to his status. But in his past world, he would have been on the ground in an instant.

“Valette, stand back. I’ve been wanting to test something.”

He stopped her with his left arm and took a step forward.

“Hello. I am a friend of hers. What is your business here?”

He decided to speak to them first, even though they were brandishing their weapons.

And they were just two unarmed people. Valette had not even brought her staff.

“Shut up! We got screwed over by that old man! I won’t be satisfied until I humiliate his only daughter!”

“I see. So you really want a fight. Good.”

He then provoked them by gesturing for them to come forward. It was quite effective.

The man became red in the face and raised his one-handed sword high into the air.

While they probably had not meant to kill Valette, they certainly did not seem to think it would be a problem to kill this man who was in their way.

But when Menew grabbed the flat of the blade with his hand, a crack appeared.

Menew frantically loosened his grip and then pulled the sword away from its wielder.

And then he threw it over his shoulder.

The man looked at him with a dumb-founded expression, but in the meantime, the other men attacked all at once.


He could read their movements. Menew seemed to vanish in front of their eyes as he moved around to the back of two of the men. And then he bashed their heads together.

There was a dull ring as the two fell unconscious. As for the others, he took them down by hand, while trying to copy the movements that were familiar to him from action animation.

However, he was careful so that he would not break any of their bones with his attacks.

“Oh, dear.”

An arrow had come flying from the side, and he grabbed instinctively. However, he had gotten the timing wrong and grabbed the arrowhead.

His hand was bleeding. There was a burning, throbbing pain. As for the man who had shot the arrow, he was looking at him confidently.

Well, compared to the torture he had endured while working on the keyframes for a special anime episode, this was nothing. His head had pounded with pain. It had been like having one’s tonsils swollen from mumps and being repeatedly punched in the head.

“I hit him! Now he will not be able to move, due to the paralysis poison!”

“And yet, I can move.”

Thank you, status effect resistance. Sorry for saying that I don’t need you. I will try healing magic on it later. Thankfully, it was not the other hand.

Menew then shot towards the other three men, knocking their legs out from under them one by one, and then kicking them in the stomach so that they fell unconscious.

Even though he meant them to be light attacks, they were quite heavy.

Like that, he sunk the ten thugs to the ground. Until only the first man who attacked was still conscious.

“So, do you want to stay awake when you get arrested, or not?”

“Awake, please!”

He wasn’t even thinking about escaping now.

The overwhelming difference in strength had stunned him.

And so Menew instructed Valette to run to the house and fetch the guards.

(This has certainly been a busy first day… Ahh… What a pretty sunset…)

Menew thought about how much he wished to draw as he held his bloody hand and looked up at the sky.

But he had no idea how things were going to become even busier.

“Ah. I forgot to use the knife…”

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