Royal Magician – 48

Chapter 48 – Dragon Mountain

“Abnormal appearance of mist around the dragon mountain?”

As Nina’s parents were incredibly strict, her work as a B-Rank Adventurer was kept a secret. She was currently staying in this town due to an investigation.

“Yes. No one knows what causes this white mist, and so the Adventurers Guild has put restrictions in place for entering.”

The dragon mountain was in undeveloped land, beyond the western border.
Difficulty 7. Only Adventurers who were above C-Rank could enter the place, which was famous for being able to gather rare herbs, as well as ore.

That being said, you were still only able to go as far as the second layer, which was near the base of the mountain.

Going any farther than that was strictly forbidden.

There was an S-Rank Adventurer who had tried to reach the very summit of the mountain once.

‘There is a monster on that mountain that no human should ever challenge.’

A dragon.
The strongest creatures on the western continent.
One of them had made this mountain its home, and so it was called dragon mountain.

“What is causing the mist? The Adventurers Guild believes that it could be an intentional criminal act, and so the most brilliant Adventurers were summoned. A special team was put together for a quest. And I was one of the people that were asked.”
“You were invited to such a team. That’s amazing, Nina.”
“Though, everyone else in the team is A-Rank or above, so I feel a little awkward.”

Nina said with an embarrassed chuckle.

“But after much searching, we found the leftovers of a very large monster who had been eating. There were several very large carcasses that were from monsters that should have been on much higher levels. After inspecting the remains, we speculated on the predator. The deep laceration from giant claws, the crushed bones from numerous teeth. This predator was much larger than its prey, and seemed to be in a state of madness. That was our conclusion.”
“You don’t mean…”
“A mad dragon has descended to the first layer. That is what we think.”

I could not help but be stunned by this.

Monsters that had gone mad would attack everything around them without prejudice.
Dragons had high resistance to any status effects, and so they would rarely be seen in such a state.

However, if this was happening in reality…

It’s not just towns or cities that would be in danger. This could result in the destruction of the entire western region.

“Shouldn’t there be an evacuation order?”
“They are currently moving things in that direction. And they are gathering aid from surrounding privately owned knight orders and vigilante groups.”
“I will talk to the Royal Magicians Order then. They should have headed out on an expedition to the west today. And the Royal Knights Order should be with them. I think they will help.”
“You can do such a thing…!?”

Nina looked very surprised at this.

“They aren’t the type of organization who would move because of an Adventurer’s request.”
“The leader of the expedition unit is my friend. And this is a state of emergency, so I think they will act.”
“Thank you. That will really help…!”

Nina said as she leaned forward. It made me feel very glad that I had become a Royal Magician.

It was then that a ripple appeared in my cup of tea.
The ground was shaking slightly.

And then I heard the voices of the townspeople coming from outside.
We looked out of the window.

People were running frantically in the eastern direction.

“Um, I will leave the money right here!”

I said to the owner, and then we rushed outside.
And then I called out to the nearest person.

“Did something happen?”
“A dragon! A dragon was sighted flying in the west forest! You should hurry up and run! Or you will die!”

Nina and I looked at each other.

“I will go and ask the Royal Magicians Order for help. What about you?”
“I’ll leave the town and try to buy some time until help arrives.”
“But it’s too dangerous! The enemy is a dragon!”

Nina had grown into an impressive person.
However, I still saw her as the same girl that I knew a long time ago.

The Nina who had always hid behind me.

I could not imagine her fighting against a dragon.

However, there was also a Nina that I did not know at all.

“Didn’t I tell you? I became an Adventurer, so that I could protect people during times like these.”

And then she smiled.

“I’m the first apprentice of the ultimate, most powerful magician. That dragon won’t stand a chance. Leave it to me.”

Amazing. I thought from the bottom of my heart.
Even though it was a powerful monster that she might not be able to beat, she was willing to stand on the frontlines, where it was the most dangerous, in order to protect someone.

How dashing.
I could not help but respect her immensely.

After separating from Nina, I used the magic communications device in the Adventurers Guild in order to contact the Royal Magicians Order.

It took some time before it connected.
While Luke said that he would come at once, it would take much longer for the actual Magicians Order to act.

And so we would have to hang on until help arrived.

Currently, my own mother was in this town.
What could I do to ensure that the people were kept safe?

The answer was simple.
We had to stop the dragon, who was the reason for the current state.

Nina had said that she wanted to be like me.
As the apprentice of the ultimate, most power magician, she said that she was going to fight in order to protect everyone.

And as the ultimate, most powerful magician, who would go if not me?

As a crowd of people rushed to flee, I ran in the opposite direction.

Wait for me, Nina.
I will show you that your mentor has not fallen behind.

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