Royal Magician – 49

Chapter 49 – Wrath(Magic Artificer Guild 8)

The western frontier town.
Magic Artificer Guild.

A single envelope had arrived.
The guild chief opened the seal and scanned the contents of the notices.

There were two things written on them.

Suspension of business order.
Disqualification of guild license.

“What… What is this…!”

The guild chief threw the notices onto the floor.
Then he stepped on, kicked, chased after them and stepped on them again and again.

“Why is this happening to someone like me…!”

He kicked and kicked.
Eventually, he fell to his knees on the floor among the papers.

He curled up and held the back of his neck.
And then he began to howl like a beast.

The vice chief later entered the room, and was shocked to see the guild chief prostrating himself on the floor like this.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

The guild chief was not able to answer.
There was silence.
The vice chief looked confused as he scanned the room. And then he bowed once and left.

After he was gone, the guild chief continued to curl up on the floor.
His heart was filled with rage and anger that threatened to burst out.

He was supposed to be in a position that everyone would envy.
He was supposed to be someone who had succeeded.


I won’t forgive them.
I won’t accept this.
This is not something that should be allowed.

But he could not stand back up or move his body.

Just then, the guild chief heard some terribly frantic footsteps.

“It’s a disaster! A dragon has appeared in the western forest!”

Shouted the vice chief as he rushed in.

“A dragon…!?”

The words had enough power to calm the guild chief, who had been about to go mad with rage.

A dragon.
The strongest creature in the western continent.
With wings that blocked out the sky and a gigantic body, their roars could flatten entire cities.

Such a monster could destroy a small frontier town like this with a single breath.

And so he took his money and a few valuables and hurried outside.

The town was in a great chaos.
People fled in a terror.
He saw a fruit roll from somewhere on the ground and get crushed by the stampede.

But as the guild chief rushed with the crowd of people, his eyes unexpectedly landed on a single girl.

And then he realized who she was.

…Noelle Springfield.

He could not take his eyes off of her as she ran west, against the tide of people that fled to the east.

The monster magic artificer who had supported the guild by completing an immense workload, and whose crafted magic tools had won the approval of Grand Duke Oswalt, who was at the very top of high society.

But she had not understood her own worth at all, and had clung desperately to her job until the very end. She really did not know anything about the world.

He could not hold back his laughter.

What a foolish girl.
There was no doubt in his mind that she was being exploited by someone else now.

After all, not many people would have guessed that someone like her had such an ability.

With her, he could return and be successful once again.

“What are you doing! Where are you…”
“I saw that girl!”

The guild chief began to run without thinking about anything else.
He chased the back of the small magic artificer.

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    • I’m worried that somebody might give him a second chance since he’ll accidentally be understood to have gone to help fight the dragon. And once enough people say it, he’ll believe in himself that he did it even though he originally just chased after her.

      But hopefully he’ll ask her to come back, she’ll say no, and then he’ll be eaten by the dragon!

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