Royal Magician – 165

Chapter 165 – Magician of Hellfire

“Do not move. If you take one step, twenty-one of your fellow magicians will be turned into dust.”

Said the Count with a sharp gaze.

Amidst this tense air, Gawain walked silently.

He did not stop. It was as if he could not even hear the threat.

The colorless eyes.
The face that was completely lacking in emotion.

“I’m warning you. I will detonate it.”

Gawain didn’t answer.
He just kept walking.

He did not expect this to happen.
Panic and confusion.

The Count was forced to make a decision.

The Royal Magicians that he had locked up as hostages were his most powerful card during this situation.

By threatening to kill them, he could limit the actions of others.

Gawain Stark was known for being soft when it came to his subordinates, so it should have been effective.

However, in reality, he did not stop.

(Perhaps he believes that I won’t actually do it.)

Still, using his trump card now was clearly not the best decision.

But if he didn’t use it, then it would show that his threat meant nothing.

(Fine. You shall lose them all then.)

And so he pushed the button.
Only, there was something liquid and dripping in his hand instead.


His mind went blank as the intense pain shot through him.
The spinal reflex due to touching a high-temperature object.
The melting device fell to the floor.

His palm was burned.
Steam and bubbles rose as the device melted on the ground.

(What the…)

The Count held his right hand and shouted.

“Fire! Shoot him dead!”

The bullets were unleashed.
Gawain did nothing, but continued to walk.

The bullets shot towards him like rain.
However, instead of piercing through him, they began to melt with clouds of smoke. And they evaporated after turning to liquid.

The only thing that remained was the smell of burnt metal.

(Impossible… His mana is being restricted to one tenth…)

He was proud of his elite private army.
They wielded the latest magic weapons. And yet they could not even scratch him.

(This is ridiculous… How can he…)

The paintings and furniture. The red carpet. The crystal chandelier.
All of them bubbled and evaporated with smoke.

The Count did not know.
There was one thing that you must never do when facing the Magician of Hellfire.

Taking hostages when dealing with Gawain Stark.

And if you did…

Once Gawain was in a rage, he became a monster that no one could stop.

(There…must be something…)

He looked desperately around.
And so he pointed the barrel of his gun at the cheek of Leticia, who had been shot in the back and bound.

“You can’t melt it when it’s so close. It will burn her face.”

Gawain’s eyes widened a little.
And then mana that enveloped him grew even stronger.

The immense mana pressure burned the skin.

One could not even recognize it anymore.
The power far exceeded what a human could measure.

However, in the next instant, the thing that spread out before his eyes was something that no one could have anticipated.

Ice magic was activated faster than the eye could see.
The soldier that held her was knocked unconscious in an instant.

The gunfire tore through eardrums.
But the bullet was not headed towards Leticia.

Leticia had regained her balance in an instant, and pulled the Count to the ground.
The minus 150 degree temperature had weakened the handcuffs, and the remains dangled on her wrist like bracelets.

Count Wilhelm’s body was thrown onto the red carpet. And after taking the gun from him, the blade of ice swung down towards his head.

It could cut through human flesh like jelly.

However, someone’s hand intercepted it, and the blades only grazed the Count’s ear.

“He’s not worth it.”

Gawain said softly.

The large hand that gripped her wrist.

Leticia gritted her teeth.
Her hand shook as she held the ice blade.

Her master’s enemy, who she had chased for so long.

She wanted to kill him.
The impulse.

However, Gawain’s hand would not budge.
But more than anything, Leticia was angry at her own weakness.

“…You’re right.”

She said quietly and looked down.

An enemy who she had hated for so long and wanted to send to hell.

She knew that personal revenge would not serve her.
Still, it had been the only thing she could do.
Probably, her master would not have approved.

(But it was important for me.)

It wasn’t about what was permitted.
Or what could be understood.

It was her life, and the path she had chosen.

But once her life came to an end, and in some other world, she was able to see her master again…

She hoped that he would scold her gently, like he used to.

Such childish thoughts flashed through her mind.

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