Ken yo, kaku katariki – 27

27 – Fistfight

“Gin. Shut up and stay out. We’re negotiating…”

“Negotiating? Don’t be a fool, Ragi. They’re the ones who attacked first!”

The man called Gin said as he walked heavily towards us. He stopped in front of me. Looked down with a grin.

“You, squirt. Are you as strong as he says?”

“Who are you calling a squirt, fatass?”

Ah, rude. I shouldn’t speak like that.
In the first place, I was only here so that Mr. Sylt would teach me to use a spear. Why did that lead to me being here and fighting with these brats…


The veins on his forehead twitched, and his grin turned into a broad smile.
‘Stand,’ he said.

“A match. If you can beat me, we’ll hand over the case. What do you say?”

“…Uh, I guess that’s fine.”

I said with a sigh, and then handed Mr. Sylt my sword.
He looked at me with surprise, but since this was a match, it would surely be with bare fists.

“Hey, hey. You can use your weapon if you want.”

“I don’t need it. Now let’s get this over with.”


Was that all he could say?
His forehead and muscles were still twitching. His face became red. Woah.

“Hey, you sure about this? Gin can break bones with his fists.”

The men said as they laughed. They looked at me as if I was already dead. Even Mr. Sylt seemed concerned.

The man must have a bold style, as he faced me while I took a step back.
Not that I would have minded a surprise attack. There was something about him that I found hard to hate now.

“The signal?”

“With this.”

The boss, Ragi, pulled out a coin. I nodded.

“Don’t curse me in hell.”

“No worries, I won’t kill you.”

I shrugged my shoulders at muscle’s provocation, and dropped into a lower stance and leaned forward.
Bare fists. I had done this countless times when training with the old man. Though, I had never fought any other human in this style.
Upon seeing this, muscles narrowed his eyes.

Ding. The sound of the coin bouncing off the floor.
And then muscles came charging.

Shouldn’t it be when the coin starts rolling?
Ah, nevermind.


From the charge, a straight punch from the right.
It was so fast you could hear it moving through the air. I tilted my torso, swiping it away with my right arm. And then I grabbed his wrist.


While he was confused…
I pulled back, still gripping his arm, and twisted the wrist…and from below, my fist shot out, shattering the joint between the muscles.
Crack! The horrible sound echoed. And then…
I was right in front of him.


A small exhalation.
From a state of relaxation to tension. A heavy stomp on the floor, and the force of the rebound is converted into a spiral.
The technique, Spiral Palm—converging the rising spiral, and then my right palm shoots through his jaw.

And then the man’s body is floating in the air.
From there, a spinning kick knocks him back to the floor.

There is a dull thud, and muscle’s body slides away.
I didn’t drop him on his head. So he should be alive. Though, he would not get up immediately.

The room was silent for a second—and after confirming that he did not move, I got out of my stance.
Gin was completely knocked out.

“So, we’ll be taking the briefcase then. Any problems with that?”

I said, and the boss and the others all shuddered.

As there was no answer, I turned to Mr. Sylt, who nodded.
He handed back my sword, and then grabbed the briefcase and stood up.

“Well, thank you for your time.”


It sounded like he had to force words out.
The leader…Ragi, was holding some kind of remote controller in his hand.
And his expression was filled with rage.

“If we let you go like this, Death Butterfly will be a laughing stock.”

“…Even if we don’t spread the word?”

“Shut up!”

Just as Ragi shouted and pushed the button…
The thing that had been hidden on the second floor revealed itself.

“…An auto-turret? You have that…”

The two machines were positioned on opposite sides of the floor.
It had multiple barrels, like a gatling gun.
How advanced was the military in this world? I shook my head. And this was what regular gangs had. Even Americans would be surprised!
Speaking of surprised, Mr. Sylt had gone completely pale.

“Those bastards knew…”

I heard him mutter. There was both panic and regret in his voice.
He must mean the cops. So that was why they sent Hunters to do it. They really did just see them as disposable pawns.

“Hahaha! Even you can do nothing against this!”


I licked my lips.
Yeah, this might be a good opportunity.
Strangely, no fear welled up in me at all.

“In fact, be my guest.”


I lowered my stance and then loosened my sword in its sheath.
The boss’s stunned voice echoed around us.

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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