Royal Magician – 166

Chapter 166 – Epilogue 1

After that, I gave Mr. Gawain the formula structure of the magic that was disrupting the healing of the prince. And that was the last thing that I remembered.

While I had emergency healing magic cast on me, I had lost a lot of blood while fighting, which caused me to lose consciousness.
When I awakened, I was lying on top of a bed in the infirmary run by the 4th unit.

The warm sunlight shone through the gaps of the clean white curtains.
The clock on the wall showed that it was six o’clock.

But was it morning or evening?
This clear light did seem more like morning.

“So you have awakened.”

Said a smiling woman with long, wavy hair… No, that was a man.
Vicente Sera, the captain of the 4th unit.

“I hear that you’ve been quite reckless. Someone with your injuries would have usually been hospitalized for two weeks. Though, someone as skilled as me could shorten that two five days.”

Mr. Vicente said with a mischievous laugh.

“Of course, I still told your Captain Gawain that you’ll need two weeks to recover completely, so you can use the remaining time as a vacation.”
“Thank you.”
“No, I should be thanking you. It is because of you that we were able to save the prince. To be honest, you greatly exceeded my expectations.”
“I’m glad to hear that. So I was able to help…”

I sighed with relief.

“Yes. Though, since I stayed and treated you this whole time, I am rather sleepy.”

Mr. Vicente said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Her Majesty the Queen was overjoyed, and wishes to thank you in person.”
“O-oh, I couldn’t. It’s a great honor to hear that, but I am sure I shall cause some great offense. The idea makes my stomach hurt.”
“You do not need to be so afraid. Here, I have a letter here that I was ordered to give to you.”

While written quickly, the letters were beautiful on the paper.
In spite of there being no time, she had desperately wanted to leave a note.

As for the contents, they were the words of a mother who cared greatly for her young son.
Someone so important, that if she could, she would have gladly switched places and took on his pain.

I was still young, and did not quite understand such feelings.

But even then, I understood what it was like to be close to losing something important. And so I was very glad that I was able to help him.

At the end, there was even a ‘Thank you,’ in childish writing, which made me smile.

“I’m so glad.”

Mr. Vicente smiled.
It was warm, like the spring sun.

“Shamus was also praising your work. Because of you, they were able to expose the Count.”
“No, I just…”
“But he said he still hates the 3rd unit. You people took their case, after all.”
“Oh. I do feel bad about that.”
“It’s fine. It just shows how much he acknowledges you.”

And then Mr. Vicente looked at me seriously and said,

“Still, I had heard that you were good. But not this good.”
“Why don’t you work with us? You can’t be vice-captain, but I could still give you the third best position.”

I was shocked by his words.
Thi-this was a joke, right? I wondered, but he continued seriously.

“It will mean a raise in your salary.”
“It’s an incredibly cozy work environment. And you’ll be able to obtain certificates related to magic medicine. Such certificates are very valuable. You will never be out of work.”
“Above all, I heard that you love magic dearly. Would you not be interested in learning the essence of restorative magic, which was passed down through the years in our unit?”
“Essence of restorative magic!?”
“To give you a small taste, if you take this formula and do this and this…”
“And move this line over here, there is a strange reaction…”
“It is this supporting formula over here that is important… But that is all I can tell a mere outsider. Only those within the 4th unit can know the rest.”

It was an appealing suggestion.
I had not studied in the magic healing department enough, and it would definitely be an advantage in my life as a magician.

(I want to know… I really want to know…!)

My greed was overflowing.
I was practically drooling now.

Still, there were some compromises that I could not make.

It was fortunate… Really unfortunate.
But I had the answer from the beginning.

“I’m sorry. Luke saved me, and I have yet to fully pay him back.”
“How honest of you. Well, perhaps I better work on pulling that one out first then…”
“I have my plans. However, for now, things will be as they are.”

Mr. Vicente waved his hand and left the room.

(Why do I have the feeling that I heard something I shouldn’t have…)

I was too stunned to move for some time, but then I remembered all the wonderful things he said about me.

(He wanted me to join them…!)

I was able to work with magic here, and was needed and praised.

Nothing could make me happier.

Still, this incident had also shown how lacking my knowledge was when it came to healing.

But the number of things I could do was increasing.
I was growing.

Being able to feel that gave me strength.

I hugged my blanket, which smelled of flowers.

“Did something good happen?”

When I looked up, I saw that Luke was there.
He was wearing light blue hospital clothes.

“Are you alright? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”
“I’m fine. Mostly thanks to a certain someone, who watched over me like I was some kind of prisoner.”
“Nevermind that.”

It sounded rather dark.
What happened in the hospital in the sealed city…

“What about you, Noelle?”
“Of course. I’m tough. When I was a kid, I would eat grass off the ground instead of snacks.”
“Your childhood stories never cease to frighten me.”
“The colorful mushrooms were the best. They made your tongue all tingly.”
“Please don’t ever eat them again.”

After that, I told Luke about what had happened while he was away.

There was so much that I wanted to tell him.
Luke sometimes smiled or looked exasperated, but listened kindly.

It was because he was like this, that I liked him so much.

I didn’t know if this feeling was love.
I liked him as a friend, but I wasn’t sure if there was some other feeling mixed in there as well.

In the first place, I still didn’t know if he really did like me in a romantic kind of way.

However, for now, I felt like it was fine.

There was no need to forcefully put a label on our relationship.
Just like how all the friends and lovers throughout the world have their own special and unique relationship.

And so our relationship could be like that as well.

Knowing how smart he was, I’m sure he will tell me when the time comes.
The unique feeling in him that could not be found in anyone else.

I didn’t know what it would be, but since it was us, it would surely be alright.

“Hey. You’re being discharged today, right? And so I came to help.”

On the day that I was leaving the hospital, Misha came to help me.

“Listen, Noelle. The other day, when I was walking in the town, this person approached me saying that it was love at first sight. And he gave me his contact information.”
“Oh, that’s great.”
“Yes. I really am an impressive woman. And so I decided to at least consider it, but on our second date, he started asking about god and tried to make me buy some strange book. It cost three thousand gold.”
“I was so angry that I punched him in the face. Yes, I prefer my cats. There is no doubt about it.”
“Good one, Misha.”

We talked happily while packing.

“By the way, Noelle. You told me before that there was someone who you didn’t understand your own feelings for. If it was a friend or more romantic.”
“I did say that, huh.”
“And did you find an answer?”
“I did.”

I nodded, and she leaned towards me.

“Oh? Really? Which? Which was it?”
“It was neither.”

I said, and she looked at me with great dissatisfaction.

“So you can’t make up your mind. You’re a young woman. Aren’t there things you want to do? Go on dates and have a romantic kiss.”
“Of course, there is a lot that I want to do.”
“Really? What?”
“I want to be better at using magic. Much better than I am currently.”

She froze for a moment and shook her head.

“Uh, is that so wrong?”

I asked anxiously.

“No. I was just feeling a little sorry for a certain someone.”

She said with a laugh.

“That’s very you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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