Royal Magician – 167

Chapter 167 – Epilogue 2

Royal Magicians Order Headquarters.
The office of Ernest Meterlink, captain of the 1st unit and director of the Central Command Headquarters. The Glimmering Magician.

And in this strange room, where the best barrier magicians in the kingdom had cast eighteen layers of barriers, a magician with silver hair and blue eyes was visiting.

Luke Waldstein.

The third highest rank in his unit. A genius magician who had broken historic records in terms of how quickly he was promoted.

“The matter I inquired about in my letter. Have you considered it?”

Luke asked, and Ernest replied without a change in expression.

“It is too early for you. I am sure that I told you before.”
“Yes, it was true then, I agree.”

Luke nodded.

“However, since that time, I have achieved more than any other candidate for Magus Rank promotion. The fall of the Twilight crime syndicate, participating in the Viceroza Grand Dungeon campaign, and I’ve provided numerous dungeon relics and magic resources to the kingdom. In the World Trophy, I was the first human to defeat Estelle Blueforest, and also held my own against the Spirit Queen. Furthermore, in the recent Count Wilhelm case, you know how much Noelle and I contributed to its conclusion.”
“Indeed, I have no complaints when it comes to your achievements. However, your wish is accompanied by a certain amount of responsibility. It would be the first time in the history of the Royal Magicians Order. It might be subject to great opposition. It is my opinion that you are a brilliant magician, and I want to ensure that you are taken care of as you grow.”
“I am grateful for your concern. However, I do not have much time.”

Luke chose his words carefully as he explained the reason.
It also contained information that Ernest was not aware of.

He looked at Luke with a severe expression and answered.

“One wrong step and you will lose everything. And yet you still want to do it.”
“I am not afraid of losing what I never wanted in the first place. Only, there is one thing that is an exception.”
“And it is for that thing, that you are trying to move me.”
“That is right.”

Ernest folded his arms and closed his eyes.
The air was tense.
A heavy silence followed.

“I understand your thoughts on the matter.”

He said with his eyes still closed.

“I will consider it. Be prepared when the time comes.”

◇  ◇  ◇

That day, Leticia Risettestones felt that there was something different.

Her daily work, which she had done so many times.
The familiar scene.
The small interactions that she would likely forget about soon.

However, everything felt strangely new to her as well.
As if she was in a different world that merely resembled her old one.

(I really am blessed.)

While she was once again reminded of this, she also felt a slight sense of loss.

She had chosen it herself. All of it.

Including the payoff and pain.

With conviction, she had been able to say that it was fine.

(I am weak…)

But Leticia shook her head and looked forward.

She would accept the responsibility of her actions.
Bearing the pain in her chest, she pretended to be fine as she laughed.

Because she thought that that was what it meant to be an adult.

“Excuse me.”

Her Buddy and superior, Gawain’s office.

He had been looking through a thick stack of papers, when his eyes moved to the envelope that Leticia placed on his desk. His brows narrowed.

“What is this?”
“My resignation.”

Said Leticia.

“I wish to quit the Royal Magicians Order.”

“And what is your reason for that?”

Asked Gawain, and Leticia nodded.

“In regards to the Count Wilhelm incident, not only did I steal information, but I conducted illegal investigations of the orphanages run by the Count. Additionally, I infiltrated his house by using sleeping and transformation potions.”
“Well, I see such things as necessary for solving the case. Besides, I wrote in the report that you were acting on my orders, so you are not responsible.”
“But I acted alone. I even wrote false reports.”
“You thought it was necessary, as you did not know where information was leaking from. Additionally, as your superior, I am the one responsible for allowing you to take such actions.”

Leticia looked down for a moment and then said,

“Why are you going to such lengths to prevent me from leaving?”
“It’s nothing remarkable. I just don’t want my underlings to leave. Pure self indulgence.”
“But when I was in the 1st unit, you made me your vice captain in order to protect me.”
“…Very well. This seems like the right time for it. I will tell you the truth.”

Gawain quietly opened his mouth.

“It was a cold, rainy night. I was meeting with a certain person. A junior back during my student days. He said that he had an important matter to discuss, which could not be brought out into the open.”

Gawain said seriously.

“He whispered in my ear. ‘There is a business that will give you unlimited money while you are sleeping.’”
“As a cautious person, I listened calmly and considered what he said. And then I decided to go along with it. He was a good man, so it would surely be fine. And what could be better than to earn money by sleeping?”
“First of all, you should apologize to your predecessors for ever describing yourself as ‘cautious.’”
“Surprisingly, it was a scam. And I ended up in immense debt.”
“Of course, you did.”
“And so I asked Arnold. I was in danger of reaching out towards the order’s funds, and so I needed someone capable who could manage things. And so that is the story of how my old comrade, Leticia, came to work with me.”
“…I had a different view of the situation. Reality can be so disappointing.”
“In other words, I hate to be suspicious of people, and I am weak to temptation. I cannot live alone. And so I need a calm vice-captain who is the exact opposite.”

Gawain said as he looked at Leticia.

“I will protect your place here. No matter what. And so you must help me too. I need you.”

Leticia’s eyes widened a little.

Silence filled the room.
She turned her face away and searched for the right words.

And then she said,

“I understand. If you will have me.”
“I look forward to continuing to work with you, Leticia.”

Gawain said with a smile.

“Now then, there is something I wanted to ask you about. I was informed about a side business that would only require an hour of my time a day, but promises to double my annual salary. And I’m feeling quite positive about it…”
“Turn them down.”

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