My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 422

The guard interrogated me

“Excuse me, Mr. Takumi. I was told to not call you by name right there. And so I had to talk to you here.”
“Ah, so you knew…”
“Yes, of course. We have met several times already. And your Leo… She looks a little different, but I recognize her.”

So the guard did recognize us after all, even though Leo was soaking wet.
Apparently, they had been instructed to not say our names in front of Deam…
We did not want him to know that the duke was involved in this.
Even though I had said that I had rescued Liza, it wasn’t widely known that she was at the duke’s house…I think.

“After you arrived in town, we received orders from Mr. Sebastian. And we were told to aid you in capturing Deam, while not saying your names in front of anyone who lives in the slums.”
“So it was Sebastian after all…”

He did enjoy tormenting those who deserved it.
I suppose he had sent out a messenger after we left the mansion.

“Thank you for capturing Deam and his men.”
“Not at all. I just searched for someone who I had a grudge against.”

The guard bowed to us. The other guards stood in the back, blocking the view from Deam and the others.

“In any case, can I leave the rest to you then?”
“Yes, of course. That was our reason for coming here.”

It would make things a lot easier if the guards took over from here.
We did not want to stay much longer. I wanted to return and take a bath.
We had done enough already.

Besides, I had already said what I wanted to Deam.
Oh, but there was one other thing…

“Aside from the men, there are some boys…”
“Yes, I can see that. The ones who were being attacked…?”
“Yes. They were the ones who had attacked a beastkin girl, after Deam ordered them to. But a lot happened after that, and it seems like they were being punished.”
“I see… I know about the boy who was arrested for throwing the rock. I believe he is being sent to the duke’s house.”

I had to talk to the guards about the boys now.
They had probably done bad things up until now. But I didn’t think they should be punished to the same degree as Deam and the others.
Though, they couldn’t get off with just a slap on the wrist either.
In any case, I explained what I could about them.

“Unlike Deam, they were not active in committing crimes…”
“I understand. They will have to be questioned before anything is decided. But I’m sure the punishment will not be too severe. Especially since they are not even adults yet.”
“Indeed… Thank you.”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

And so the guard promised to be merciful if it was possible.
At least there was no worry about them being executed now.
Of course, it probably wasn’t something they did to people so young in the first place.
There was an orphanage in the town, and it received generous donations for its management. So they seemed to care about how children were raised to a certain degree.

And so I left the rest to the guards, and Leo and I went on our way.

As for the apology… I could take the boys to the mansion, or bring Liza to Ractos…
I had not decided yet…
Well, it was something I could discuss with Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian later.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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