Seisan Mahoushi – 190

Chapter 190 – They were Fox Cubs!?

“Wha-what are these things!?”

Mette was astonished by the fox cubs that clung to her.

They were also clawing at my legs as well.

And they seemed to be afraid, as their bodies were shaking.

“How cute… Wait, no! But why are there foxes in a place like this?”

Iria said as she picked up one of them.

There were dozens of them. Clearly, they hadn’t just wandered in here by accident.

Surely…they could not be ordinary foxes… Besides, I could sometimes hear human-like words coming from them.

While still clumsy, it seemed like they were talking about being scared, or wanting their parents.

Could it be that they were also demihumans?

They could be foxfolk, like Kyuby, Yomotsu, and Milina, who was right with us.

However, the foxes were in no state to be questioned now. They were still small, and most of them were just crying.

First, we had to make them calm down.

In the meantime, Melk muttered calmly as she was being mobbed by the foxes.

“Milina. Make foxes calm down.”
“Uh, ah, yes!”

Milina took in a deep breath and started to hum.

And then, upon hearing this, the foxes became quiet in an instant.

Perhaps they had been tired, as some quickly started to doze off.

Milina was astonished as she saw this.

“No way… They all became quiet.”
“The song sung to Milina’s siblings.”

Melk had heard Milina singing it before.

“Yes… It’s the song that my mother used to sing.”

Still, Milina was surprised to see the fox cubs fawn over her like this.

Eventually, she started to gently pet the teary eyed foxes.

Perhaps they weren’t just foxfolk, but closely related to Yomotsu as well.

“In any case… I will make food for everyone.”

I nodded at Mette’s words.

“Aye. We will prepare to cook at once. Asuha, can you keep watch of the surrounding area? It’s possible that there may be other foxes close by.”

So saying, Asuha took off into the sky.

“As for everyone else, let’s make these foxes calm down. And then…if we cannot find the others…since the Nowa tribe’s house is too small, we will have to take them back to the village.”

I said, and the others nodded.

And then we made the foxes drink and eat some food.

They were quite hungry, and ate anything that we gave them.

As for Asuha, she had called more Tengus and searched the area. But they did not find any other foxes.

And so I built a tower on the rocky mountain, and asked the Nowa tribe to keep watch there, while the rest of us took the foxes and returned to Fendel Village.

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