Seisan Mahoushi – 152

Chapter 152 – We Charged In!

“Alright, it should be fine after hammering the stake in this deep.”

I had used stakes that were twice as tall as a human, and pierced them into the ground. There were three of them, and they connected at the top, which also had a hole for a rope to go through.

Here, Iria and I put the rope through the hole and pulled. And then a ropeway connecting to the castle walls was completed.

Iria wiped the sweat on her forehead and said,

“We were able to finish it without being seen by the enemy!”
“Aye. Everything has gone well up until now. We just have to wait for the others to arrive… Ah, it seems like Mette and the others have noticed.”

Up on the walls around the palace, Mette and the others had attached the cargo box to the rope.

They sent a small box first, which was filled with some rocks.
Next, Wiz came down. These were all to test the durability.

“Wiz. Does it look like it will be alright?”

Wiz had made ropeways with me before. And so he was able to check the way it shook, or the state of the rope, and make sure that everything was safe.

Wiz nodded its body vertically. Apparently, there was no problem.

After that, I waved the flag that I had been carrying.

And then after some time, I could hear shouts and cheering coming from the top of the wall.

“It looks like Ms. Ylis is giving a speech. They must be starting with the diversionary attack.”

While I couldn’t hear it, apparently, Iria could. After that, the gates to the palace walls opened, and the soldiers marched out.

Their destination was the bridge that connected the palace district to the temple district.

And just as expected, the skeletons began to gather around in order to protect the bridge.

There were easily over a thousand, and shortly after, they swelled up until there were nearly ten thousand.

It was there that the royal soldiers pretended to be waging a desperate battle. As their goal was not to win, they mainly used their shields to try and keep the enemy on the spot.

“Good. The enemy’s eyes are on them.”
“Now we just have to wait for the others to arrive!”

When I turned my eyes back to the wall, I saw that they had attached a large cargo box to the ropeway.

And then it came rushing… No, it didn’t. Because Asuha was using wind magic to blow against it, so that it would come down slowly. I had asked her to do this.

Thanks to this, they were able to come down safely.

Mette, Melk, Asuha and Ylis climbed out from the cargo box.

Ymir, Celes, and Monica would stay by the river in the boat. That way, they could help us escape in an emergency.

As I gathered the items from the cargo box that I had asked Ymir to prepare, Melk muttered,

“That was different from expected. Thought it would be faster.”
“Because it will be dangerous if you go too fast… But more importantly, is everyone prepared?”

I asked, and they all nodded. And then Ylis opened her mouth.

“You are all putting yourself in such danger for this country… Thank you. I and the people will not forget this.”

She said as she bowed her head. Mette nodded in agreement.

“In that case, I would like to eat some of this country’s delicious food.”
“Melk too.”
“I would like clothes.”

Said Melk and Asuha.

“It’s my hope that after this, the Fendel Alliance will be seen as a friend to this country.”

Iria said, and Ylis nodded with a ‘I will make it happen.’ And then she turned to me with a serious expression.

“Joshua, let’s go.”
“Aye. Let’s go, everyone.”

‘Aye!’ They all shouted.

After that, we began to run towards the temple.

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  1. I will make it happen as long as Joshua can be my King, I be his Queen, and the rest of you can be his Queens for your people. … But I have known him the longest so I get to be first.

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