Seisan Mahoushi – 153

The Enemy Was No Match For Us!?

“Straight ahead!”

Ylis held her sword and dashed down the cobbled street as if to lead us.

It seemed that the diversion had gone well, and we only encountered small groups of enemies occasionally.

Not only Mette and Iria, but Ylis could also wipe them out in a few seconds.

Sometimes, they would shoot arrows at us from the windows and roofs of buildings, but Asuha would then block it with wind magic.

Amidst all of this, Mette talked to Ylis, as she advanced and cut down the skeletons.

“You have an aptitude for it.”
“Thank you! I’m also impressed that you can swing that thing with such thin arms!”
“Joshua made it for me! My husband makes good weapons, doesn’t he!?”
“Ah, uh, yes! Joshua really does make good weapons!”

Ylis must have felt something bad, as she quickly tried to end the conversation.

However, Iria swung her sword as she answered.

“I told you yesterday, Mette! You must only speak the truth to Princess Ylis! Sir Joshua does not have a wife yet!”

Upon hearing those words, Ylis became quite pale.

Indeed, Ylis had bathed with Iria and the others yesterday.
And I could imagine what they had been talking about…

“Joshua… I was going to make fun of you, but…”

Ylis looked at me with pitying eyes.

I suppose she thought I had been through a lot.

However, I honestly found it lively and fun. It was a compliment, after all…

As I thought about this, Ylis suddenly smiled.

“Hmm? What is it, Ylis?”
“It’s nothing. I just thought that you look happy now, Joshua. Your expressions are completely different from before.”

Indeed, while there had been some hardships since I came to Fendel, I was also living a very fulfilled life.

My face was not tense like it used to be, I suppose.

“Aye, I am happy…”
“I’m glad to hear that. Actually…I had been thinking about writing to you, Joshua.”
“To me? What kind of letter?”
“I wanted to invite you to become a royal blacksmith in this country.”
“I see…”

Had Ylis sent the invitation sooner, and I accepted it…I might not have met Iria and the others. That being said, until the very end, I had not want to quit the Knights Order.

I then noticed that Melk was looking at me with a concerned expression.

“Don’t worry, Melk. I will always be with you.”
“I-I’m not…worried or anything.”

She looked away with an embarrassed expression.

Ylis saw this and smiled.

It seemed that she could see how much we all got along.

In spite of such invitations, I would surely never live in a human city again. Even now, I just wanted to return to Fendel village with the others.

“…Ah, we are almost at the temple! There are more enemies here!”

There was a large plaza in front of the temple that came into view.
And there, I saw that nearly a thousand skeletons were waiting.

That was a lot…
However, it just showed how important this place was. There was no doubt now that the graveyard here was the source of the skeletons.

I became a little anxious at the sheer number of them, but Mette was not phased at all.

“Finally, some worthy opponents!”
“Perhaps it is the equivalent of what we fought in the dungeon before coming here?”

Iria mused calmly.

Indeed, we had fought skeletons in a dungeon close to Fendel village. And there had been knights and liches, which were stronger as well.
And there had been hundreds of them… And so Iria and Mette were not afraid.

Then Melk muttered.

“Defeat them all at once. Asuha will blow the arrows with wind magic.”
“Very well.”

Without me having to say anything, everyone moved into action.

Immediately after, arrows began to fly from the skeletons.
However, they were easily blown away by Asuha’s wind magic.

After that, the skeletons were defeated at an astonishing speed.
Iria and her sword, Mette and her club. The two began to charge through the horde of skeletons as if they were competing.

Iria’s movements were smooth and calculated.
Mette boldly swung her club wide.
Both of them could knock down multiple skeletons with a single swing.

Ylis was also swinging her sword in an attempt to keep up. However, even she was amazed at how the others fought.

“Am…amazing. It is no wonder that Royg and the Knights Order could not win…”
“And they have improved since then.”

I was also surprised as I saw them fight. With every fight, including the battle with the Minotaurs, they had become stronger.

Eventually, after a final burst of wind from Asuha, there were no more moving skeletons in the plaza.

But as the white bones remained, these skeletons had not been summoned. They really were reanimated corpses from the graveyard.

“In any case, we have defeated them all now. I had some explosives from Ymir…but we didn’t need to use them.”

I thought about the bombs in magic workshop.

It was a weapon that was effective against large groups of enemies.
And so I had thought that it would be useful in battles like these, but I suppose it was different with Iria and the others around.

“A new weapon? …I don’t know… It seems like there are more coming from the temple.”

Ylis said as she raised her sword.

Hundreds of new skeletons were now coming towards us from the temple.

However, Iria and Mette did not look worried at all.

“I would have been shocked if it ended that soon.”
“As of now, I am winning, Mette.”
“You were counting…?”

And then I turned to them and said,

“Alright! Let’s head to the graveyard behind the temple! That should be where they are coming from.”

And so we made our way to the back of the temple.

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