Ossan Boukensha – 80

Failed Product

“Uh, that’s a sword, right? Why is it in a magic tool store?”

“I suppose I’ll have to explain it after all.”

The manager smiled and then started to explain.

“Indeed, this was made as a sword. But originally, it was an experiment to raise the effects of enchantments. There is a limit to how much effect a sword enchantment can have. And so in order to break that, there was an idea to not store the effect, but to make the magic energy flow through it directly, and activate the effect.”

“Oh, that sounds incredible. And I suppose the experiment failed?”

“By having a high-ranking magician send magic energy into it, the activating of the effect succeeded. Sharpness, weight reduction, and durability. However, no matter how much magic energy was sent, we could not exceed the limit.”

“But just activating the effect alone is amazing, isn’t it?”

Upon hearing this, the manager shook his head sadly.

“If that’s all it does, then you’re better off with enchantments, which do not consume energy. Not only that, but the strength of the effect is decided by the amount of energy sent in. So in a way, it is just a magic staff that is in the shape of a sword.”

Hmm? That doesn’t sound right?
Indeed, while consuming magic energy was quite a flaw, being able to use it as a staff was a good thing, and something that an enchanted sword could not do. I had sometimes heard of swordsmen who use magic, or priests and monks who use swords.

“Wouldn’t a magic swordsman be able to use it?”

“Even for people who use both swords and magic, you cannot move when using magic. And without magic energy, the steel will be inferior, and if you do fill it, you cannot move. And so it is not fit for combat. Merely a decoration.”

Huh, that was interesting. Indeed, I had never heard anyone talk about my Parallel Thought skill. So it wasn’t common. I grinned internally as I continued to listen to the manager.

“Not only that, but it is too heavy for a staff, and quite expensive. In the end, it is something that neither a swordsman or magician would need.”

“I see. That’s too bad, considering it still has the enchantment effects.”

“Yes. However, it is still not as useful as normal enchantments, which do not rely on a user’s magic energy.”

Yes, I suppose there was no reason to choose something that would prevent you from moving. It was better to just buy something with enchantments.

“And so this failed piece was left here, without anyone wanting it. The dwarves had a saying, ‘Master digger, destroyer of mines,’ to describe someone who has abilities but is useless. And so we called it Mine Breaker.”

The manager with a satisfied expression. Clearly, he had enjoyed telling this story.
Mine, huh? That was very dwarvish.

Still, I was quite interested in this staff, no, sword. As someone with Parallel Thought, I could not just ignore something that seemed so suited to me.
The problem was, I needed to find out what effect it would have with how much of my magic energy. And also the price.

“Manager. Do you think I could try sending my own magic energy into it?”

“Of course, by all means.”

I picked up the two-handed sword and felt its great weight.
It was a lot heavier than my familiar one-handed sword, but it was still lighter than most steel blades of the same size. Back when I lost my leg, I had given up on this kind of sword, as it would be difficult to fight with it and a prosthetic leg.

I moved the magic energy within my body, and sent it into the sword.


Immediately after, the sword let off a pale blue glow, and then it felt lighter in my hands. Yes, the enchantment magic was working. It seemed like it was also using a little MP to maintain it.

“Status Open.”

I checked how much MP was being used as I sent more magic energy in. But it wasn’t enough for the numbers to move.
Next, I tried increasing the amount I was using. And then I was able to feel the sword as it grew lighter. And I continued to increase the amount, and then my MP dropped by 1. If that was how much it used, there would be no problem.

I continued to increase the magic energy to the limit, and the sword became even lighter, until it was just slightly lighter than a bastard sword. In that state, my MP dropped at the rate of 1 every three seconds.

I then stopped the flow, and the weight returned heavily. I see, so that’s how much it took to just activate the effect. It was hard, regardless of the Parallel Thought skill. Yes, it was not very convenient.

“Manager. How much is the Mine Breaker being sold for?”

He clearly had not been expecting such a question, as he looked at me with surprise.

“Indeed… In fact, I am not really enthusiastic to part with it. However, if I did sell it, it would be sixty pieces of gold.”

Gah! Even my entire savings would not be enough.

Could you perhaps settle for fifty?”

I asked, just in case. But the manager’s eyes sharpened.

“Are you a collector of oddities, mister? We do not sell to such people. After all, it is my duty to talk about the lessons of this staff.”

I see… Lettelotte, allow me to borrow your words for a moment.

“I am no collector, and I understand the need to speak on failures. However, manager. Don’t you think that it’s when they are used, that tools shine for the first time?”

The manager paused at this.

“This magic staff, no, sword, has the expectations of people, and was born with great abilities. And yet, it was given a dishonorable name, and exposed to the curious eyes of onlookers, instead of fulfilling its true purpose. Do you think that the Mine Breaker will be able to shine like this?”

“I-I am but a humble store owner! You don’t need to tell me that, I understand. But, what am I to do! Do you think I should lock it away, so that no one can see it?”

The intellectual attitude was gone, and his voice became rough. Clearly, he had been conflicted about it already.

“Then, I will allow this sword to shine.”

I declared while looking straight into the manager’s face. However, if I can buy it, that is. I added at the end.

“If-if you are going to insist so much…if you can really show me the Mine Breaker shine, then I will allow it. Yes, for fifty gold. No, forty gold.”

“And you will keep your word?”

“Of course. However, you also made quite the boast. And so if the results do not satisfy… Yes, you will give me that sword.”

He said as he pointed to the sword on my belt.

“How am I supposed to know if you are satisfied? Besides, this sword is worth twenty-five gold. This does not seem like a fair wager.”

“Very well. I have a friend who runs a weapon store nearby. We will allow him to decide, without explaining the situation to him. And if the results are satisfactory, I will sell it to you for thirty-five gold. How is that?”

“I accept your wager.”

I knew the results already. So there was no reason to refuse.

It was true that this Mine Breaker was inconvenient. If I switched my current sword with it, I would be weaker for some time. However, the fact that the effect changed depending on the user’s magic energy… You could say that it was a sword that ‘grew with the wielder.’

And there was one other thing that I liked.
Was there ever a sword that was better suited for magic energy training? No, there wasn’t!
Not only would it grow with me, but it would help me grow. Surely this was a great sword.
It was not the kind of sword that should be the subject to the manager’s smug little stories!

And so the two of us headed to the weapon store. But my eyes stayed on the blade.

Just wait, Mine Breaker. I will soon change the unfair reputation you have!

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