Ossan Boukensha – 30

Request and Prayer

“What!? Why? What god?!”

Well, there was only one possibility that came to mind. The church that I went to during the day. But I had only prayed there once? And what was this Ability God?
Ability… Skill? No! Status!?

If Lord Memrikia was the god that was in charge of Status, had I been blessed because I prayed? After just one time?? I had never heard of such a thing.

But still…

“‘Ability God’ wasn’t the most interesting to me…”

What about something like…Magic God or Blacksmith God…
No, I should not be complaining about gods.

However, what benefit was this blessing going to have for me? Up until now, I didn’t have a title with any actual effect. If only there was some description… I tried focusing on the Status title and then… Oh! A description appeared!

‘Blessing of the Ability God
The blessing of Ability God Ibitrayme’

Huh!? So it’s not Lord Memrikia?
Then I suppose it was this Lord Ibitrayme who managed Statuses. Perhaps I was being told now because I didn’t know while I was praying? Surely not.

Still, it didn’t seem like there was any special effect to it…

Also, did this mean that there were gods that the priests didn’t know about? I had a feeling that this wasn’t something that I should talk about carelessly. Who knows what trouble it could cause with religions that only believed in one god.
At worst, it could be a secret that only the top members of the order knew about… Well, that was maybe taking it too far. But I would still keep quiet until I knew more.

So for now…
Theory 1.
Ability God = Status God. Perhaps Lord Memrikia was the main god and this Lord Ibitrayme was the Ability God.

Theory 2.
Ability God ≠ Status God. Lord Memrikia was the Status God and Lord Ibitrayme was some rogue god.

Theory 3.
Ability God = Main god = Lord Ibitrayme. And Lord Imrikia is the Status God.

Well, while I had no evidence, I think that theory one is the most likely. As for 2, surely I wouldn’t get a blessing from a god that was completely unrelated. And 3. Ability God = Main god sounded kind of strange, but I suppose it could be another way to say omnipotent.

Perhaps I would pay the church a visit on the next day of light and ask the priest about blessings.

Speaking of which, in this world, or at least, the world of humans, the day of light was not a holiday. They only had holidays during festivals or celebrations. However, whether you are free or a slave, you have the right to go to the temple to worship on the day of darkness, or the church on the day of light. But of course, not both.

While I had trouble sleeping that night, I decided to start accepting quests at the guild from the following day.

First, I checked the quest board at the guild. My targets were kobolds and undead.
These were the fixed quests:

Kobold hunt – Rank: F, E
5 kobolds: 2 silver
Proof of the hunt: Right hand.

Low-rank undead hunt – Rank: F, E
Zombie, skeleton, ghoul, ghost
5 low-ranking undead: 4 silver
Proof of hunt: Magic stone.

At a glance, the reward was higher for undead, but given that the proof was magic stones, you would actually make a better profit with kobolds.

There were also requests from villages.

Low-rank undead hunt. Rank: F
Zombie, skeleton, ghoul, ghost hunt.
5 low-rank undead: 5 silver
Will buy magic stones.
Hunt 15 for quest completion. Limit is 30.
Massu Village. Chief Eihiki.

Hunting 15 would get you 15 silver, which was better than the fixed quests. However, you could only do it once.
The reason that it was a F-Rank quest was probably because it was cheaper that way.
To be honest, it wasn’t too appealing.

As for why there were only fixed quests for kobolds, it was probably because the others had been taken in the morning.

And so I just tore off the Massu Village request and went to the counter.

“Excuse me, I’d like to ask you something.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“How far away is this Massu Village from here?”

I showed the quest sheet and my Adventurers plate.

“It is one day by carriage. Think of it as about two days on foot. However, as you are expected to hunt a large number of them for this request, it recommends you go as a party.”

Woah. It’s no wonder that no one wanted this one.

“Are there any carriages going there?”

“There should be people from Massu Village that have a stall in the morning market today. I’m sure you can ride with them when they return tomorrow morning.”

Hmm. I suppose I’m going to go corpse hunting then.

“All right, I’ll accept this. Solo.”

“I see. While I will not stop you, please prepare for this very carefully. Not only should you have extra potions and holy water, but paralysis potions as well.”

The receptionist said as she looked me over and then stamped the request sheet.

“During this time of the day, you should be able to find Gifton from Massu Village in the market.”

“Thank you for all the advice.”

Hmm! She sure knew a lot of details about this request, even though it was just F-Rank! That was quite impressive.
I rarely gave much thought to these receptionists, but I would have to remember this one. So I don’t piss her off.
I took note of her appearance. She was beautiful, with long blue hair and a voluptuous figure. Yes, I would avoid lining up at her desk from now on.

“Well…is there anything else then?”

“No, I am fine. Thank you.”


After the quest was accepted and the Adventurer went on his way, Leesha, who worked at the desk next to me, whispered.

“He’s fallen for you. No doubt about it.”

Really, she did like to talk a lot of nonsense.

“I don’t think so. I only explained it to him in detail because it’s my village. But I don’t see why that would make him fall for me.”

“Ahhh, but I know that look! He’ll line up in front of your desk again next time. I’ll even wager a few pockles if you want.”

Leesha was very fond of pockles, so she must be serious?

“While he is a low-ranking older man, I still envy the attention you get. What’s wrong with me, Cilette? Is it my chest? Is that the problem? Hah! Hyah!”

Leesha began to poke me in the chest.

“Ah, hey. Stop that!”

In fact, they were heavy and men looked at me in the most disagreeable ways. They were the bane of my existence. Also, why hasn’t she stopped yet! Oh, now other people were looking. This was no good at all.

“Maybe I should punish them now. Gahahaha.”
“Kya! You sound like an old man! Stop!”

“Will you two stop that racket!!”

See. Now the guild master was angry at us.


I left the guild and after a change of plans, headed towards the church. I wanted to restock on holy water. I would also have to stop at the pharmacist.

“Father, I came again for some holy water.”

“How very…pious of you. Do you still remember the prayer?”

“I’m sorry, if you could say it again like you did yesterday. Also, may I ask you one question about god?”

“What is it? I will answer it if I can.”

“What should I do in order to gain the blessing of Lord Memrikia?”

“Indeed… the blessing is proof that Lord Memrikia has recognized your faith. If your faith and devout actions are accepted, then you will see it in your status. ‘Blessing of the God of Creation.’ You will need to pray many times and perform acts to show your sincerity. But when the time comes, we will offer you baptism.”

Blessing of the God of Creation? I was certain now. And the blessing was the requirement for baptism.

“I am grateful for your words, and shall carve them into my heart.”

“But first, we will start by praying today. And do not forget to be grateful towards Lord Memrikia.”

“Great Lord Memrikia, who bestows on us the sun, earth and moon. The forest and seas and blessings of nature and our status. With our daily prayers we praise your eternal reign and offer our gratitude for the favors you grant us.”

(Lord Memrikia. I have no harem and am not invincible, but I still feel grateful for everything that I’ve been able to accomplish. I thank you for Lord Ibitrayme, who manages the status, and the blessing that I received yesterday. Also, I do wish that you introduced yourself when we first met.)

I conveyed my gratitude in my own way. I do hope that it got through.

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  1. Well I already like this receptionist more than the previous one. She actually was helpful and gave good advice. The receptionist from the last town was such a bitch who got angry over every little thing.

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