Ossan Boukensha – 67

Chapter 67 – Room to Leave

“Listen, Gairo. There are so many things a G-Rank Adventurer has to know. Whether it’s the client, the town, the surrounding area… And that knowledge is important for us, who work at the church as well.”

We had come to the Adventurers Guild today.
This was so Gairo could register as an Adventurer, and Lutma was to search for a party.

“Mr. Ajifu, what should I do?”

“Go to the counter and say that the church told you to come to register. Don’t worry, the church will pay all of the fees.”


Gairo said cheerfully, and then he headed to the reception counter.

“Now, as for Lutma…”

“Mr. Ajifu. I am perfectly capable of searching for a party on my own, you know?”

“Yes, I wasn’t going to do it for you. Since you are a woman of the church, it would be best if you have the guild recommend you a party. One that can be trusted.”

“I understand that, but…”

“Your schedule will have to accommodate both your work at the church and commitments with the party. That won’t work unless they are very understanding. Healers are important in this town without medicinal herbs. And so the guild should be happy to have you.”

Ah, Royalah was at the desk. That was unusual during midday.

“Royalah! I want you to recommend a F-Rank party for this newcomer to the church. As you can see, she is a woman, so it must be a trustworthy party.”

“Hello, Mr. Ajifu. Is that her? Can you please show me your Adventurers plate?”

“Y-yes! Thank you!”

Oh, Lutma’s back straightened. I had been right to choose a desk with a man after all. They were the same age, and Royalah was quite handsome.

Their education continued quite smoothly. It helped that both of them could already use light magic. As Gairo still had low MP, he was more like an assistant personnel. But he was still doing well.

“Mr. Ajifu, there is a quest that I want to participate in with my new party. Could you change shifts with me?”

“As long as you return the favor in the future.”

“Mr. Ajifu! I want to swing around a mace! Can you accompany me as I hunt iron slaters?”

“I’ll adjust my schedule, so wait one moment.

While I did what I could to help them…

“I think that everyone should do squats while they worship.”

“That would be blasphemy against god.”

I had to continue to thwart Father Zernima’s wild ideas day after day. Still, the two grew accustomed to their jobs, and were a reliable addition to our fighting force. And so we were not as busy as we used to be

That meant I had more free time, which I used to visit Lettelotte’s workshop.

“I’m telling you that I can’t trust the durability of the mechanism!”

If my leg broke at the joint, it would not be possible to attack with the spike in my foot!

“You say that, but the last one you asked me to do, the projectile type. It was a failure as well. Do you know how hard it was to make that?”

The idea of the lock coming off depending on how hard you stepped down was a good one. I did not expect it to malfunction so easily.

“That was indeed a shame.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. In any case, just take the leg with the widened back part.”

It was just the minor change I had asked for. However, these kinds of small improvements were important. Adding gimmicks was like a hobby for Lettelotte.

In fact, Lettelotte was not a prosthetic limb crafter. She was supposed to be making magic tools. However, as we talked, I ended up making requests for things that had nothing to do with magic.

Regardless, it was because of the two newcomers that I could spend time on modifying my leg.

It was morning. The day that the iron ore was going to be sent from the mines. A guild worker had rushed to the church as we were preparing.

“A sandworm has appeared in the desert! A huge one! The carrying out of the iron ore has been canceled! We request the church’s support!”

“Hmm, that’s not good.”

Father Zenrima narrowed his eyebrows. Depending on their size, sandworms had a hunting rank of D to A. The largest ones were A Rank.

“Pemeri and I will head to the desert. Brother Kifume will support as a healer. Linel and Gairo will continue to work in the infirmary. Ajifu, you go to the mines, and call Lutma. And then join the others in the infirmary.”


Everyone started to move at once. Well, this was the result of me listening to Lutma’s request to participate in a quest with her party…
Though, there had been no way for me to predict this.

I went out the north gate of the town, and to the narrow part of the gourd. It was like a corridor with walls on both sides. They must have been contacted already, as there were no wagons carrying the iron ore.

However, it seemed that they had been preparing for it in the mines, and I could hear the sound of iron slaters dropping. As the Adventurers left within the walls were all from low rank parties, they must not have been called to fight the sand worm.

“It’s coming!”

The shout came from on top of the wall. Oh, I couldn’t let my guard down.
I stopped and looked up. A short distance away, an iron slater came plunging down.

While it wasn’t a collision course, I crouched just in case, and covered my face with my arms.


It landed about five meters away, and sand rose into the air. You would probably die if hit by something like that directly.
As sand rained down, the iron slater rose out from the dust clouds. And then some F-Rankers fell upon it and crushed it.
So even the F-Rankers couldn’t take it easy here.

Still, I continued on my way to the south gate of the mines. Normally, it was closed off to outsiders, but it was open today, probably to carry out the ore.

And so I went through it and entered the mining area.

Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabi

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