Ossan Boukensha – 68


“Today’s transport is canceled! Send the iron ore back to the storage houses!”

When I entered the mining area from the gate, I saw the soldiers were running around and spreading the news to the miners, even as more iron slaters were raining down.
The miners frantically changed the direction of the carts and returned. And Adventurers took care of the iron slaters. In the meantime, I searched for Lutma.

It seemed that the closer you got to the storage houses, the fewer iron slaters there were.

At this rate, there would be none in the actual mines.

“Where are you, Lutma!”

I shouted while searching for her.


I heard her voice from far away. And when I ran in that direction, I found her!
She was on one of the lower floors of the mine, which was like a circle hole that went downwards like a staircase. She was with her party, waving at me.

And so I made my way down while shouting.

“The transport is canceled! We have to return to the church!”


I guess I had to get closer for her to hear me.
She had also separated from her party and was rushing towards me.

But as we were close enough to hear each other, there was suddenly shouting coming from above, and the sky darkened.

What the…? But there was no time to even think about what it was.
Because with a great burst of wind, the thing came flying right towards Lutma.

I could only see its back, but it was so big that it covered Lutma entirely. But the membrane of the large arms, the gray skin, the long neck and tail. It looked like a dragon. I had heard of such creatures before. Wyverns! C-Rank monsters!
Lutma had been shouting and waving her arms, on top of separating from her party. That was probably why she was targeted.

Why was there a wyvern here? Such questions could be asked later!

Thankfully, the staircase-shape of the terrain meant that you could not attack from the side. As Lutma fell back in surprise, the wyvern flapped its wings in the air and lunged with its claws.

That second was all I needed. There was something I liked to do, ever since I got a prosthetic leg. And it would come in useful now.
I held my unsheathed sword over my shoulder, and started to run on the top step of the mines. And then, I bounced off my prosthetic leg and launched myself into a long jump.

Each ‘step’ was about two meters high. I jumped off, gaining more distance than even I expected. And like that, I dropped down onto the back of the wyvern that was trying to grab Lutma. My sword then slammed into its back.


After being hit, the wyvern let out a cry of pain. It let go of Lutma and fell to the ground.


But the impact of the crash, and being thrown across the ground meant that I did not come out untouched. My collar bones and stomach hurt. Had I broken something? But I could not stay down.
I used my prosthetic leg to cast Heal.

A sharp pain shot through my body, and then the pain subsided. Good. I could do this.
I looked around me, picked up my sword, and turned to Lutma and the wyvern.

Damn it. Lutma must have been in quite a shock, as she was still sitting on the ground.


The wyvern rose up and roared with rage. It was on the other side of Lutma now, and closer to her than me.

“Over here!!”

I shouted in order to distract the wyvern, and then raised my sword while running… But…

It wasa huge! It was one thing to see it from above, but it looked different once you were on the same level. Even with both of its arms on the ground, it was over two meters tall.

Wait, maybe I couldn’t do this?

The thought flashed through my mind, but I could not just let Lutma die!

The wyvern saw me running with my sword raised, and then seemed to decide that I was the bigger threat.


It opened its jaws and screamed.
It wouldn’t breathe on me, would it? I had never done any research on the wyverns in this world. And I had never heard of them appearing here.

Every time I swung at it with my sword, it would retract its long neck.
And just when there was an opening…

“Mr. Ajifu!”

Lutma shouted, and then the wyvern opened its mouth and attacked. At the same time, I jumped to the side and swung down with my sword as if drawing a circle.

I felt it hit something as the neck was swiftly drawn back.
The tip of my sword had cut a thin line in its neck, causing blood to flow out. Apparently, the skin was not too tough.

In an instant, the wyvern tried to raise its body. I moved forward, trying to follow it, but then its head descended.
Hmm? Was it trying to fly?
I see. It couldn’t fly immediately. It had to prepare first. But I did not want it to fly.
Lutma would not be able to retreat. I won’t let it.

Should I use Light? No, its body was too big, and my sword wouldn’t reach it when it retracted its neck. And I didn’t want to give it enough distance to fly away. This was bad.
I swung my sword, and the wyvern’s neck stretched out. As we waited for each other to show an opening, a voice rang behind me.

“Lutma! We’re retreating!
“But Mr. Ajifu!”
“We can’t beat it! We’ll call for support!

I couldn’t turn to look, but it seemed like Lutma’s party had come to help.
Yes, go and call for support. But, uh, I wouldn’t mind if you cast Heal on me just once first?
And so while swinging my sword to keep the wyvern in check, I shouted.


She protested, but the sharp fangs snapped at me again, and I could not bother to reply. I’ll cut it again! And deeper this time!
I took a big step forward, and raised my sword. But by then, the head had already been pulled back, and I saw its wing swinging towards me from the corner of my vision.


The world turned upside down as I was blown into the air. I rolled and slid on the ground and then stopped.
Apparently, its arms were not that powerful.

I quickly raised my head and looked ahead. With its wings now spread out, the wyvern was trying to fly away. Damn it!
I got to my feet and started to run towards the wyvern, but then its body lifted off of the ground. I would not make it in time.


It screamed as it rose into the air.
Now it might target Lutma. Hopefully, it would just give up and fly away. But I doubted it.

“Lutma! Stay close! Against the wall!”

I said, while wary of the wyvern in the sky. Thankfully, Lutma was not too far off.

“Mr. Ajifu! Are you alright!”

“Please cast Heal.”

“Of-of course. Me-le-mote-sei! Heal!”

The pain in my body started to subside. However, the wyvern had been circling the air above, as if targeting its prey, but it suddenly changed to a dive. So it was coming. There wouldn’t be time for another Heal.

“Here it comes! It won’t be able to charge at you if you stay close to the wall. I’ll charge once it slows down, and then you can run.”

Lutma’s party nodded with serious expressions. I believe they were F-Rank. They seemed like a good party.

“Mr. Ajifu! Why are you doing this!”

I told you that it’s coming! Don’t ask questions like that right now!

“I can’t allow you to die!”

You have to live and help the church! I need you so that I can use Reverse Age again! It’s for my leg and my youth!!

The wyvern was now flying at a diagonal angle. It was going to charge with its legs stretched out. And while it spread out its wings to slow down a little, it would not make much a difference. It meant to crush her!


I couldn’t charge into that!!
I ran away, along the walls, but the wyvern turned its wings and changed directions as if sliding horizontally. However, it also slowed down considerably! I could do it now!


As the claws moved towards me, I thought only of swinging with all of my strength as I hit it with my sword.
Such recklessness would not go unpunished. I was kicked into the air, briefly losing consciousness. And when I was aware again, the world was spinning.


I felt like my body was being torn apart.
However, I saw that the wyvern had also fallen to the lower level. I did it.

“Mr. Ajifu! Me-lei-mote-sei! Heal!”

I felt a little better. Enough to talk, at least.

“Could you do it again?”

“This is the last one! Me-lei-mote-sei! Heal!”

I sat up. So I could still move.

I then cast Heal on myself, and felt much better. I could do this.
I rose to my feet and accepted the sword I had dropped from a member of Lutma’s party.
And then I turned to the wyvern.

“This is enough! Let’s run away!”

Lutma said, teary-eyed. But there was no time to explain. Even if there was, I could not explain.

“I have my reasons for protecting you. Just go.”

I said, turning my back to her. I won’t let you fly again! Wyvern!

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