Seisan Mahoushi – 119

Chapter 119 – Arranging the Island’s Defenses!

“You do this and…”

Mette aimed with the crossbow and pulled the trigger.
The unleashed bolt shot straight towards the target that was fifty beters away…and landed in the center with precision.

“How’s that! Simple, isn’t it!?”
“Amazing! You shot it from so far away!”

Enna and the other Kappas were astounded as they saw Mette’s crossbow.

Mette replied with a proud expression.

“Hehe. After all, it was crafted by my husband!”

She gave me a passionate look.
Iria glared at her sharply.

As angry sparks began to fly between them, I averted my eyes and returned to my tool crafting.

Now that the Kappas had joined our alliance, I decided to make some tools for them.

Aside from weapons and armor, like the crossbow that Mette was teaching them to use, I wanted to make things that would aid their survival.

And the most important thing now was fishing tools.
Fishing nets and harpoons, for instance.
And while they probably did not need boats, I decided to make two of them, just in case.

As the tools were created one after another, Kambel looked stunned.
And then he bowed his head.

“You are making so much for us… Thank you.”
“No, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’ll have to return to the village once, but we will be back with more. In fact, is there anything else that you need?”
“Hardly. You have made so much already. We could not ask for anything else. More importantly…”

Kambel then took something out from his reed clothes. It was a shining sphere that had a clear blue color that looked like the sea.

“This is the treasure of our tribe. When our ancestors first found this island, they found this as well in the lake, or so the story goes.”
“Huh. In that case, it might be a magic stone. As it is blue, perhaps it improves your water magic… And it is so big.”

The sphere was about the size of a baby’s head.
With such a magic stone, you would be capable of incredibly powerful water magic.

“Very well. Allow me to make a staff with it. And then you can use that staff.”
“D-do not worry about us. I wanted to give it to you as a gift.”
“I told you about the Demon King Army, didn’t I? With this magic stone, you may be able to use magic that will allow you to defend yourselves. It will also help us greatly in the north, if you and your people are able to deal with them.”
“If that is what you say…then please do it.”

And so Kambel gave me the magic stone.

“Thank you. And now…”

As it was just a staff, it was easy to make.
And so I attached the blue magic stone on the tip of the rod that was made of purple iron.
I kept it short, so that the Kappas will be able to wield it comfortably.

“Alright, it’s finished. The person who is best at using water magic in the tribe should be the one to wield it.”
“While I know what magic is, can we really use it?”
“If you practice, then all of you should be able to do it. Well, allow me to demonstrate it for you first. besides, I want to see how much water will come out of it.”

And so I took the staff and headed to the south beach of White Sand Island.

This was where we had defeated the kraken. On the south side, the sea continued into the horizon for as far as the eye could see.

“Here, we’ll be able to test the magic as much as we want. Kambel, is there anyone out at sea now?”
“No one is. Besides, we do not go out on this side. Because we cannot go too far from land.”
“I see. In that case, I’ll try unleashing one here.”

I pointed the staff to the south sky.

I would unleash a low-level water ball here, and see how far it will fly.
As I was not very good at anything outside of production magic, I would likely have to rely heavily on the power of the staff.

“Water Ball! …What!?”

Suddenly, a massive wall of water appeared in front of me.
No, it was in the shape of a sphere. I was able to grasp its shape as it moved farther away. The sphere of water was about fifty beters wide.

And it was shooting towards the horizon at an incredible speed. Eventually, it hit the surface of the water near the horizon, and created a splash that seemed to reach the sky.

“Wh-what was…”

Kambel was stunned by it all.
My jaw had also dropped, and it took a moment before I could speak.

“Uh, umm… I guess that’s what happens when you use magic with this staff.”

I said, even though I could hardly believe it myself.

And so I would do it one more time.
Only this time, I would use magic that created waves on the water’s surface.

“…Wave! Woah!?”

A wall of magic that was just as high as the previous one appeared, and water splashed everywhere as it moved out into the sea.

“Si-sir Joshua. Was that also…?”
“Aye. It’s the magic of this staff, I think.”
“Not only can you craft tools with such speed, but you have tremendous power…”

Kambel muttered as he stared at the sea.

While I had been holding back, the wave had been very big.
This magic stone…really did hold great power.

“Joshua. I see you made something incredible again.”
“Wh-what was that?”

Melk and Mette came from behind.

“A magic staff… You take it, Kambel. We will now find out who among the Kappa can use magic the best, so that they can train.”

Kambel looked a little frightened as he accepted the staff and nodded.

After that, I checked everyone’s magic energy in order to find the strongest one.
Ultimately, it was revealed that Kambel’s daughter, Enna, had the most magic energy. And so I taught Enna some water magic.

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