Seisan Mahoushi – 120

Chapter 120 – We Rushed!

I taught magic to Enna and the Kappas, and crafted tools, and before I knew it, the sun had set.

And so we decided to stay on White Sand Island for the night.

This was because we had matters to discuss with Kambel, regarding the future of the alliance.

First, I received their permission for others of the Fendel Alliance to visit this island. They could live in the houses here, or fish in the surrounding waters. I also said that the Tengus would watch the area every day. On the other hand, the Kappas were also free to visit and live in Fendel Village.

Next was trade.
We would give the Kappas the river fish, fruits and vegetables that they preferred, and they would give us fish from the sea in return. And for a while, I would also offer them tools that I had made.

As I had also created boats for the Kappas to use, they could use it for transportation of goods.

Furthermore, the Kappas would continue to watch the west sea. And they would let us know if the Lizardmen or others of the Demon King Army made a move.

Additionally, in preparation for the Demon King Army attack, I reinforced the lighthouse so that it would be more durable. If it came to it, they could lock themselves inside.

And so the next morning, we decided to depart from White Sand Island.

“Please come again!”

Enna, Kambel and the Kappas waved their hands at us as our boat went down the river.

As Melk and Mette waved bag, Iria muttered.

“It was a good thing that we found them…”
“Aye. We found the tribe we were looking for, as well as the child I was worried about. And it’s all because of Melk.”
“We couldn’t have come here without your boat, Joshua.”

Melk said with a look of slight embarrassment as she wagged her tail.

“But more importantly, the sea was such a beautiful place. I want to come back.”
“Me too. And the fish was delicious.”

Mette replied cheerfully. She was not seasick yet.

Ecleshia nodded.

“There were a lot of unfamiliar plants, and it was very fun. I would like to bring some of the other Ents next time.”
“We will do that… But I hope that next time, we can relax a little more.”

If possible, I wanted to avoid having to go protect the island during a battle against the Demon King Army.
But all of it depended on Olto the Lizardman, who I had asked to negotiate with the Demon King.

That being said, a small fighting force would not be enough to take the island now.
The Kappas now wielded weapons that I had crafted. Furthermore, Enna now had a staff, and could use water magic to create giant whirlpools.

As we talked about such things, Asuha must have noticed something while up in the sky, as she then flew on ahead in front of the boat.

When I turned my head towards the sky above the bow, I saw that a Tengu was flying from the direction of the village.

Asuha met up with the Tengu and they seemed to talk.
Then she quickly returned to us.

“Sir Joshua. I’ve had word from someone who was scouting north of the village. From farther up north of Varthburg, a band of humans is descending.”
“What? What kind of band?”
“They ride horses, wear armor, and raise flags. And there are at least five hundred of them.”
“They must be an army from somewhere. But that is not too many. In any case, we must rush back to the village.”

And so Asuha sent wind magic to our sails, and Berdos and Mette used oars to propel the boat.

Thanks to this, we were able to return to the village before sundown.

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