Ossan Boukensha – 69

The Adventurer Saw

“A wyvern has appeared within the walls! Adventurers are keeping it at bay! Dust Claws, go and support them!”

It was the day that the iron ore was to be exported, and we had come with much excitement. Only, it was canceled due to the appearance of a sand worm. And so we had no choice but to hunt the monsters that gathered around. And it was just as we were about to finish, that this new order came.

“A wyvern? Why the hell is there a wyvern here?”

“Who knows? It could be one of those lone wyverns you sometimes hear about? Well, we shouldn’t have much trouble taking on a single C-Rank monster.”

Our party, Dust Claw, was a C-Rank party made up of five Adventurers. We were quite well-known within Rokuidol.

There was another top party that was B-Rank, called Desert Dawn, in the area, but they had gone off to fight the sand worm. And we had been left in charge of this place.

And so we rode the gondola and went to the top of the wall. The soldiers on the battlements seemed to be quite frantic.

“We didn’t notice it soon enough, and it went into the center of the mines. There are four Adventurers facing it now, but the situation looks bad. And if we tried to shoot it with arrows, we might hit them. Please go and help!”

Hmmm… I guess it was because everyone was looking outside of the walls. And only low-ranking parties would have been inside. Well, the guards who control the gondola would not be able to defeat the wyvern. So we should probably be quick about it.

“Let’s go!”


The others replied in unison. We had been a party for a long time. And so there was no need to talk to each other first.

We rushed down the stairs of the walls, and by the time we started to descend into the mines, where we could see the wyvern below, it started to beat its wings as if to take off. Arrows flew in the air, but they didn’t seem to do anything.

“Huh? Did it escape?”

Said someone in the party. But the wyvern was flying in a circle up above.

“No, it moves like that when targeting its prey. It means to attack the Adventurer below!”

We started to run at a faster pace, but then the wyvern was already diving down. It will reach them soon. Just hold on a little longer!

The wyvern’s claws attacked the Adventurers party, but they reacted quickly, and dodged it. However, the wyvern turned swiftly in the air for a follow-up attack.
And then a single Adventurer turned around and slammed his sword into the wyvern’s talons. How reckless!

As expected, the Adventurer was thrown into the air, like a doll. However, the wyvern also lost its balance, and fell down to the lower levels in a cloud of dust.

“Is he alive?”

“I don’t know. He’d be lucky if he is.”

An Adventurer in priestess garb rushed to the fallen Adventurer. She was probably a healer.
A moment later, he must have recovered, as the Adventurer got back to his feet.
Good. He was alive then. You can leave the rest to us now.

That was what I thought. But we were not able to move. Because we heard it.

His words, after standing up, in spite of being beaten. He held his sword without even looking behind him.

“I have my reasons for protecting you.”

After that, we couldn’t just charge in and cramp his style.

We stopped and nodded after looking at each other. And then we put our weapons away, folded our arms, and watched the fight.

And then the other Adventurers from their party came running towards us.

“Why! Why aren’t you helping him!?”

What a strange thing to say.

“I should be asking you that? Isn’t he from your party?”

“No! We’re just an F-Rank party. We cannot fight a wyvern! He is a friend of one of our members, and has been protecting us! So hurry…!”

I see! So he has been fighting alone… What a brave man!
Now it would be even harder to interrupt his moment of glory.

“If you’re F-Rank, you probably have little experience in battle. In that case, watch and learn. There comes a time and place when a man must stand his ground and fight. You think he was protecting all of you? Indeed, not. He was protecting his lady over there. See?”

I pointed to the woman who had not taken her teary eyes off of him as he fought.

“Those are the eyes of someone who believes in her man’s ability to fight. Of course, if he is in real danger, we may intervene. But this is not something to get involved in lightly! Understand? So be silent and watch!”

After hearing this, the Adventurers were silent as they walked away. Yes, go and watch. After witnessing this battle, it might change the way they fight.

My eyes turned back to the man and the wyvern. He was fighting well, but seemed to be at a disadvantage? The wyvern was much larger, but its movements were clumsy…
Just then, one of my party members shouted.

“Hey, is that a prosthetic leg?”


He was moving like that with a prosthetic leg!? Impossible!
However, on closer inspection, one of his legs was indeed strange in shape.

“A warrior with a prosthetic leg. I just remembered something.”


“There was a priest warrior at the Rokuidol church. I’ve seen him at the guild. He had a prosthetic leg with a strange shape.”

“So this is the man. But…what was his name?”

“I think…it was Ajifu. A D-Ranker.”

“Ah, so he’s called Ajifu. Apparently, that is a name that I should remember.”

A few other parties had now gathered around, but none were offering the lone Adventurer any help. It was certainly a strange sight. Not only that, but other Adventurers were starting to come down to see what the commotion was about.

Hmm, this was no good. We would not want any of them to ruin this fight. I would have to speak with them first.

“This is Ajifu’s moment. His battle as a man! If he is in danger, then Dust Claw shall save him! But until then, do not interfere!!”


The others muttered, ‘So that’s what this is.’ And they put away their weapons and watched.

Amidst all of this, Ajifu and the wyvern’s battle continued. The number of wounds on the wyvern were increasing, but he had fallen multiple times, due to his leg.

Those that watched were clenching their fists tightly. More than a few times, I thought of going in to help.

But no matter how many times Ajifu fell, he would rise up again, and face the wyvern. The other Adventurers seemed to notice the change as well, and they began to mutter.

“…Stand up, Ajifu.”

It started quietly at first.

“Ajifu! Go!”
“Get it! Ajifu!”

And then the layered voices grew louder.


Eventually, their booming voices cheered him on.

And it wasn’t just Adventurers who watched the fight. Miners and guards had started to gather around. They now formed a circle of spectators around the mine. It was like a colosseum.

Hehehe… Ajifu, I envy you. To be able to fight on such a stage.


The voices echoed through the arena, where man and wyvern battled.

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