Ossan Boukensha – 70

An Offered Prayer

When my body tensed after being grabbed by the wyvern’s talons, I thought, ‘Ah, I’m going to die.’
However, that was when I saw what was behind the wyvern’s back. Mr. Ajifu was flying through the air.

Even though I had graduated from the seminary, I was not a brilliant student. It took me more years than most. And since no church would have me, I had no choice but to become an Adventurer.
After rising to F-Rank, I was considering just continuing as an Adventurer. But then I received some unexpected news from the seminary. They were going to send me to a church.

I was happy at first, but then I quickly realized something. It was a church that was infamous for how severe it was.

Still, I accepted it, because I knew that I wasn’t fit to be an Adventurer. It was fine when I was only G-Rank. All I had to do was quests around town. But I couldn’t do that when I was F-Rank. I didn’t want to go on dangerous adventures. I just wanted to serve God and the church.

And so I made up my mind and went to Rokuidol. And though it was very hot, it wasn’t nearly as bad as rumors had it. The people there were kind, and though I still had to fight, they even taught me how to use weapons.

Mr. Ajifu was the person in charge of instructing us. Overall, my impression was that he was an ‘average’ person…
Of course, he was very good to us, and I was grateful for his help.

The only thing that made him stick out was that he was able to fight, in spite of having a prosthetic leg. I suppose his face was not bad, but not particularly good either. He was normal. Not someone who attracted much interest.

And so I did not expect him to help me to this degree.

After having its back attacked, the wyvern let go of me, and I fell to the ground. But I was so afraid. The strength left my left, and I was unable to stand up.

But in spite of crashing into the wyvern so violently, Mr. Ajifu had already gotten up and was facing it. How was he able to do that?

“Lutma! Are you alright!?”

My friends in the F-Rank party came to help me.
They picked me up off of the ground and tried to carry me away. But! Mr. Ajifu was fighting alone!
However, while still facing the wyvern, Mr. Ajifu just said,


That was all. Like he was pushing me away.


I couldn’t help but shout.
As my party members moved me away, I was finally able to stand on my feet again. Though, I was still shaking.

But then the situation changed. The wyvern had leapt up into the air.

“Lutma! Stay against the wall!”

If the wyvern was in the air, it would be a bad idea to try and run away. Even I knew that.

“Mr. Ajifu! Are you alright!”

I shouted.

“Please cast Heal.”

That’s right! There was something that I could do!
And so I chanted the healing spell, and saw the relief in his expression. By then, my legs had stopped shaking.
However, I gasped when I heard what he said next.

“It’s coming! It won’t be able to charge into you if you stay against the wall. I will charge in once it slows down. That’s when you must run away.”

The wyvern was targeting us again. And yet he was going to stop it alone? But why…

“Mr. Ajifu! Why are you doing this!”

I did not expect his answer.

“I can’t allow you to die!”

Huh!? What did he mean? But before I could think of anything, he continued.


The wyvern was here! And so I pushed all thoughts aside and just ran on ahead!
However, I then heard a great sound coming from behind. When I turned to look, the wyvern had lost its balance and crashed to the ground. And Mr. Ajifu went flying like a rag doll.


He rolled on the ground and finally stopped. But he was groaning in pain. I was just relieved to see that he was alive.
In any case, I had to heal him!
And so I rushed to him and cast Heal. Mr. Ajifu’s face relaxed.

“Can you do it again?”

Apparently, it still wasn’t enough. But I only had enough MP to do it once more.

“This is the last one! Me-lei-mote-sei! Heal!”

If only I had leveled up, I would have been able to heal him more…!

But such thoughts did not reach Mr. Ajifu. He had recovered enough to stand up again, and yet he was now walking towards the wyvern!
Why!? That’s not why I cast Heal!

“You did enough! Let’s run away together!”

Right now, we just had to survive!
But his reply to this only confused me even more.

“I have my reasons for protecting you. Now go.”

What did that mean!? I don’t understand! Explain it to me!

But Mr. Ajifu just continued on his way. There was nothing that I could do to stop him now.
But I could still do something. I could keep my eyes on him. Because I realized it.

That this person was not ‘normal’ at all. I had only thought he was, because I wasn’t looking close enough.
And so now, I will not look away. Surely it is not too late.

The battle between Mr. Ajifu and the wyvern started once again. The opponent was so big. And Mr. Ajifu was struggling. I wanted to cry out, but held myself back.

“This is Ajifu’s moment. His battle as a man! If he is in danger, then Dust Claw shall save him! But until then, do not interfere!!”

I heard someone shout from behind me. I had not noticed it until now, but other Adventurers had arrived. But none were doing anything.

Is this how men were like? I don’t understand!

‘Just go and help Mr. Ajifu!’ The words were on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t say them.

Because they were all watching him with such serious eyes. It wasn’t like they were abandoning him. They wanted to help, but were holding themselves back.

I did not understand why Mr. Ajifu was going this far. What his reason to protect me was. But was that the same reason that the others did not help?
I just did not understand it at all.

Really, I wanted them to help. But I also felt that since he was fighting so hard, that I had to watch him. The others probably felt the same.

Come back safely, and explain to me what you mean! Please…

No matter how many times he was knocked down, Mr. Ajifu would get back up. I wanted to watch him, but my eyes would keep filling with tears.
But I wiped them away and looked up. I could not stare at the ground while he was fighting.


Before I knew it, there were enough Adventurers that they surrounded the battlefield. And they were cheering for Ajifu.
I just hoped that it would give him strength.


The voices echoed through the circular arena.

Lord Memrikia. Please. Bring Ajifu back safely.

The only thing that I could do was offer a prayer.

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