Seisan Mahoushi – 127

Chapter 127 – We Split Up!

“Hmph… Mette, surely you can do it?”

It was rare to see Iria puff out her cheeks like this as she stared at Mette.

“I-I’m not worried about myself. But…as Joshua said, I think that you and Joshua should split up, considering our fighting force…”

Mette muttered next to me.

“Iria, you are the strongest person among us. That is why you can be the commander of the other group.”

Upon hearing those words, Iria’s eyes lit up.

“Si-sir Joshua… You are too kind. But I suppose it is because you trust me. I will do my best then!”
“What an abrupt change…”
“Did you say something, Mette?”

Iria turned to Mette. She was laughing, but her eyes were dead serious.

“Joshua… I’m scared.”

Mette said in an unusually weak voice as she gripped my hand.

Upon seeing this, Iria suddenly became frantic.

“Me-me-mette!! No, it will not do at all! I must go with Sir Joshua!!”
“It is just a job. Hurry up and go, so we can get this over with.”

Melk said to them in a calm voice.

Mette grinned as she replied.

“Are you sulking, Melk? Is it because you aren’t going with Joshau today?”
“Mette is getting carried away now…and must be punished.”
“St-stop that!”

Melk had started to use her fluffy tail to tickle Mette.

“Hah… The other demihumans are going as well, so why is it such a big deal…”

The day after our arrival in Ymirdia, we started to prepare to enter the dungeons.

The team for the Ymirdia dungeon would include me, Wiz, Mette, and Berdos. As for Iria, Melk and the others, they would go to the quarry dungeon.

There were also some other demihumans that would accompany us.
We especially needed Golems to support the dungeon so that it didn’t collapse, while the dwarves destroyed walls and traps.

And so it wasn’t as if anything would happen, just because Mette was with me.

“In any case, I’m counting on you all. There are many traps in the dungeon. So proceed with caution.”

While Iria seemed a little dissatisfied they all nodded.

As for me, I was happy that Iria felt that she wanted to stay with me…

However, Iria was the only one that I was sure would be fine. There were not many enemies who could match her. I would be worried if it was anyone else.

And like this, the dungeon exploration began.

And so we headed to the dungeon entrance on the lowest floor of Ymirdia.

“Alright. Wiz, Mette, Berdos and I will take the lead. Ymir, the dwarves and Golems will follow after us and deal with the walls.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“I can already detect a lot of magic energy coming from the other side of the door. I have no doubt that they are skeletons. Mette and Berdos, can I leave the advance guard to you?”

They nodded.

“Well then…let’s go.”

And so I opened the door to the dungeon.

And then, as if they had been waiting for us, the skeletons moved in our direction.

“They’re charging already! Hya!”

Mette swung a mace that was as long as she was tall.

Next to her, Berdos raised his axe high in the air.

Skeletons shattered and crumbled to the ground. In an instant, about ten of them had been crushed into splinters.

However, as these dungeon skeletons had been summoned, they vanished immediately.

But from behind them, more skeletons were pushing forward in waves.

“I’ll cast Magic Shield as we advance! Both of you, continue to move forward without restraint!”
“Aye! Berdos, it’s a contest!”
“Say no more!!”
“Wai-wait, you two! I didn’t tell you to run!”

And so Mette and Berdos dashed on ahead, deep into the dungeon.

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