Court Magician – 30

Chapter 30 – Floor Boss 5

“Leave it…to me!!!”

In front of me, was the Dullahan, who had been hit by the three-point seal, and was tangled in numerous white chains that emerged from the magic circles.

By sealing the most dangerous thing about it, its speed, I would now be able to slam it with my strongest magic.
That was the setup that was completed here.
In that case, there was only one thing to do.
Everything up until now was just preparation.
And so…

“Spread out…!!”

I had to prove that Loki was not wrong to trust me to deal the final blow, after setting the scene so impressively.


I put away the Artifact, so that my hands were empty, and I directed my palms at the enemy while shouting the words.

This was the second time I used Acceleration today.
And while a sharp pain rushed through my head, the corner of my mouth rose, and I laughed as if it was nothing.
I would show that I was strong.

Eventually, golden magic circles spread in the air.
They continued to multiply, as if ignoring the ceiling.

Twinkling like stars in the sky, they attracted the attention of everyone who was present.

…Since I went through the trouble…
I’ll cover everything, in every direction.
With the greatest firepower, the greatest scale, and greatest speed. All out, with everything within me, body and mind…


The depletion of magic energy at such a sudden and rapid pace had an enormous effect on one’s body. As my vision blurred, I saw that the Dullahan struggled against its chains, moving its body violently in every direction as the scraping sounds echoed.
And then it tried to make a final, unpredictable attempt.


That did not change what I had to do.
So, I need you to die now. I thought silently as I smiled.

‘…But, I’m just a useless, former Court Magician?’

If nothing else…
‘Nevermind that!’ I swept aside the self-deprecating thoughts. I did not want to disappoint those who had helped me.
Those who were my friends.

And so now, I just needed to let my heart and emotions take shape.
So even if red began to enter my vision.
And even if I could barely stand…

“That doesn’t…matter at…all.”

That was the only reason, that in this moment, I was able to exceed my own limit.
And then, as if to envelope the enemy, thirty magic circles were drawn in the void.


There was just one last step.
But just then, my body began to sway.
The battle against the four-legged monster. And then the close quarters combat earlier. All the fatigue that had built up washed over me like a wave.

Still, I opened my mouth as I began to fall back.


My throat shook, and with a carefree smile, I shouted.
Immediately after, a surge of thunder.
And in the blink of an eye, they increased, two, three, four, five. What seemed like one line of attack had turned into a surface, blocking all escape as the bombardment began.

‘…We need Alec Ugritte, no one else.’

‘…Alec Ugritte, the floor is all yours!!’


The kind words. So many of them.

We don’t need you. You’re useless.

…The words of Yorha, Loki, and Ornest. They painted over the words I had heard for four years. And covered them completely.

“…Being relied on really isn’t a bad feeling.”

The continuing sounds of thunder.
The sounds of impact were so loud that it seemed like the air was exploding around us. And like that, I fell to the ground on my back.

“It’s not about relying on each other. It’s just the four of us, acting like fools in the dungeon. Isn’t that right?”

Eventually, a single figure came into view.
It looked down at me, peering into my face as I lay there.

“Eh? Alec?”
“…Ornest, you. You just silently watched as I fell.”

Surely it wouldn’t have hurt you to offer me a hand? I protested, but he just shrugged with a ‘Well, I don’t quite remember?’

“In any case, whichever way you look at this, clearly I have won, eh?”

He grinned.
I knew him well enough to know that this was an honest smile, with nothing else behind it.

While the sounds of Thunderbolt continued to ring in my ears, his words entered my head and…


I did what I could.
I did everything I was capable of.

…That’s what I felt when I collapsed. I had not been thinking about our ‘competition’ at all.

There was only one rule.
The person who fell first was the loser.

“Don’t tell me you forgot that there’s a penalty for losing?”
“Well, I know you are not the kind of person who would go back on their word. The Alec I know is more noble than that. He wouldn’t make up excuses in order to get away.”

…He continued, blocking off any escape exits. He really did have a terrible personality.
The absolute worst.

However, I had been the one to suggest it in the first place. And so it was my fate to accept the penalty, whatever it might be.

“Well, I’m no demon, either.”

Ornest suddenly said.

“After all, in the end, you were at quite a disadvantage, Alec. And so… I shall be merciful when it comes to the special penalty.”

Ornest said with a smile. But behind his eyes, I had the feeling that there was a different emotion than what I was seeing.

“And so…”

And then…

“…No more secrets, like four years ago. It can be the clean freak, Yorha, or even me. If you are troubled about something, you have to confide in one of us. You can’t keep it to yourself. Got it? That’s the penalty.”

The penalty was sweeter than sugar.

“What. …I didn’t think it would be that light.”
“Eh? Do you want a heavier one then? Eh?”
“…Not at all.”
“Right? Right? You may cry with gratitude, for I have a merciful and magnanimous heart.”
“…I’ll do that.”

Annoying him now might just make him change the penalty to something much worse, and so I just nodded politely.

And then…

“…Well, well… Good work everyone.”

We were interrupted by a voice that sounded completely drained and exhausted.

He was moving towards us while leaning on the shoulder of an unfamiliar man… It was Loki, and just like Ornest, he seemed to be peering into my face.

“I’ve seen a lot of different sorcerers, but I’ve never seen one who could create so many magic circles at once. Thanks to that, we were able to defeat it. If not for you, we would have started round two right about now.”

Loki said as he turned to look at the Dullahan. While being held down by the white chains, it slowly weathered away.

“Even with that many, it was still a close call. Such first-rate agility on top of durability. It is not fair. Not fair at all. …I never want to fight that thing again.”

While Loki had a disheartened expression, I somehow felt that he still had some strength left in him.

“Ah, also… That Artifact that I let Alec borrow. You know? Well, our leader said you can have it. A present. Since you helped us.”

Isn’t that right? Leader?

Loki said as he addressed the man whose shoulder he was leaning on.

“Yes. That is fine. A mere show of gratitude. And I also promise to fulfill the request made by young Ornest here.”
“Well, if this is coming from you, and not that bastard, then it must be true. …Hey, Alec. You should accept the Artifact without hesitation. If it was just the bastard, I might worry that there was some angle, but there is no need to worry if it’s Rewell.”

The man in front of me. He had small eyes and was the leader of Loki’s S-Rank party.

I had just been about to return the Artifact to Loki, when Ornest interrupted me with such words.

“Am I really so untrustworthy?”
“Hey! Is no one here on my side!?”

Even Rewell had nothing to say in his defense, which suggested that Loki lied to just about everyone, regardless of who they were.

It was not hard to imagine it.

“Well. Enough about things that don’t matter. …Thank you for everything. Also…you are a good party.”

He was the leader, after all.
Rewell clearly knew how to deal with Loki, and so he turned to me and Ornest.

“Things that don’t matter!!” Loki protested, but was ignored.


Ornest snorted and then laughed as if it was an obvious thing.

“Of course. After all, we are the legendary party. Lasting Period.”

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