Royal Magician – 97

Chapter 97 – Epilogue 2

The Ardenfeld Kingdom’s grand royal palace was also known as the Red Palace.
In one room, where the light of the rising sun came pouring in, a meeting was being held.

“Unfortunately, it seems like you do not understand the gravity of the situation.”

Said the elder, who was the royal advisor, and one of the most powerful men in the kingdom.

“While the World Trophy may have been started by the empire, it has expanded to a scale where the whole world’s eyes are fixed on it. One cannot prepare for it with the same carelessness as before. One mistake, and it will leave a blemish on this kingdom’s history.”
“And that is why I am saying that we should have Magus-Rank magicians participate.”

Said Gawain Stark, who was considered to be the greatest with fire magic. The Magician of Roaring Flames.

“If you send me, you will see the best results. That is what I’m saying.”
“That will not do. The last thing we want is for one of our Magus-Rank magicians to be defeated. Now that is something that will affect our authority. We cannot allow that.”
“The empire has called in an elf magician, who has higher mana than any human. And yet this kingdom is quivering in fear over defeat before the fight has even begun. The results would be no surprise then.”
“That is why I am saying that we should send strong magicians of our own. We select the strongest, most brilliant magicians who are not Magus-Rank. I have already included Luke Waldstein. This isn’t about pride, but about winning at all cost.”

Said the old advisor.

“And so I will ask you once again. This commoner of unknown origins… A Silver-Rank magician who has not been with us for a whole year. You are seriously going to consider making her an Ardenfeld representative?”
“Of course, I am serious.”
“Your preference for that commoner has grown tiring. What makes you think that…”
“I thought you would say that.”

And then he took out a sealed letter from his pocket.

“Here is a recommendation from the Holy Blade, Eric Rushford. I’m sure you have heard all about their fight.”
“That was just some festival entertainment.”
“Read it. Those who have fought her understand more than anyone. Her potential.”

Said Gawain Stark.

“I will say it again. I, Gawain Stark, and Eric Rushford, captain of the Royal Knights Order, recommend Noelle Springfield as a representative for the World Trophy.”

◇  ◇  ◇

The Fermar Holy Empire was a vast country located near the center of the western continent.
The country had continued to expand with its power gained from its main resource, the magic stones that could be mined from their northern mountain ranges. And they were also known for being one of the most advanced countries when it came to magic.

As for the World Trophy, which they also managed, they had continued to overwhelm the other countries.

Perhaps that was a driving force in their decision to use the elf magician, who had been called from the outside.

Elves were said to be able to live for thousands of years, and with so much time dedicated to their craft, they easily outranked human magicians, and had dominated the games.

In a room in the state guest house, owned by the Diplomacy Bureau.
The minister, who held a seat at the senate, bowed deeply to the two elves who had arrived.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see us.”
“Indeed. Queen Evangeline is not someone who would usually get involved with the mundane affairs of humans. This is merely the result of Her Majesty’s magnanimity and kindness. Do not forget it.”

Said the elf with light green hair.
The strong words caused the other elf, who stood a step to the back, to smile.

“It is fine, Estelle. I do not hate these sorts of social events.”

Came the gentle voice, which took the minister’s breath away.
He could sense a level of mana that was on a different level from any human.

The Elk Queen, Evangeline Runeforest was one of the greatest magicians of the age, and was the ultimate champion, after being the first to win in the singles three times in a row during the previous World Trophy.

He would have to deal with her with the utmost delicacy.
If he were to make such a big mistake that would offend her… Well, he did not want to think of the consequences for that.

“So, where is Synthia? I heard that she was to arrive here first.”
“Lady Synthia has gone to Ardenfeld, saying that there was something she wished to investigate.”
“Yes. She seemed rather frantic. Apparently, there was a magician she needed to look into. Nothing like this has happened before, and so I was very surprised.”
“Can you show me the document that she was reading?”

Evangelline looked through the document that was handed to her.

(Who made her react in such a way…?)

The minister watched as she perused the document and he said,

“Surely it is nothing too important. There is no one on this list who can match you, Your Majesty.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

Evangelline Runefrots said with a smile.
As if she had found something very interesting.

“I am glad that I agreed to participate. I haven’t felt so excited in some time.”

The minister followed her gaze in surprise.

(On that page…?)

It had information of magicians who had the lowest ranks on the list, and relatively fewer achievements.

(Who could it be…?)

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