Royal Magician – 157

Chapter 157 – Time that even God cannot see

“Captain. Mr. Luke has escaped.”

Gawain’s expression did not change at Haribel’s report.

“He should have been strictly guarded. What happened?”
“Apparently, he won over Henry, who was the closest to him.”
“Won over?”
“He talked about how important a friend his buddy was. About how he owed his current self to her, and that he would do anything for her. ‘Without her by my side, I will lose something that is more important to me than my life.’ After hearing so much, Henry was moved.”
“Well, sounds like he’s still insisting she’s only a friend.”
“Regardless, Henry’s betrayal is why there was a delay in the matter being discovered. And it is likely that Luke is already in Ardenfeld.”
“He is without a doubt. And how much has he recovered?”
“Very close to a complete recovery. Otherwise, I doubt Henry would have allowed it.”
“Yes, he would be too kind for that.”
“He still betrayed your order. And he says that he will accept any punishment.”
“Tell him that if he determined that it was safe, then I am fine with that.”

Gawain sighed and then turned to look out of the window.

“More importantly, have there been any reports regarding the forced investigation?”
“No, there have not been any reports yet.”
“Something might have happened. We must be prepared to act.”
“You worry too much, captain.”

Haribel siad with a chuckle.

“Aside from Noelle, there are several other former members of the 3rd unit, and they are all quite brilliant. Besides, this is the Bureau for Inappropriate Use of Magic, where the finest members of the 2nd unit gather.”
“I know that. But there is a reckless person who acts alone.”
“Mr. Luke? Surely he could not have reached them already.”

(If you think that, then you don’t know him very well.)

Gawain let out a deep sigh and then looked at the documents on his desk.

An application form for taking half a day off.
The thing that was written in beautiful letters had been submitted by Leticia that afternoon.

Gawain was not told the reason she wanted to leave three hours earlier than usual.

However, he had a bad feeling about it.
Something about her actions seemed like it was related to the forced investigation.

(I hope she stays safe.)

◇  ◇  ◇

“Luke? Who are you talking about?”

Said the hooded man in a low voice.

“My name is Gilen Hamit. An agent of the Ardenfeld Secret Intelligence Agency.”
“No, you’re clearly Luke. It’s obvious.”
“I don’t know who that is. Really, what are you on about?”

The man shrugged his shoulders.

And so I stretched out my hand in order to raise his hood.
While he frantically tried to move away, it was a narrow alley, and there was not enough space for him to evade my pursuit.

Silver hair fell, and then the sapphire blue eyes.

“So it is you, Luke.”
“Why are you so perceptive?”

He said, looking away.
Apparently, he was a little embarrassed to be exposed like this.

And so I eagerly searched for the right words to taunt him, but then I suddenly realized how close our faces were, and my heart leapt in my chest.

“We-well, it is nothing for someone like me.”

I said, stepping back and turning my nose away.

“So, why did you come here?”
“This forced investigation of Count Wilhelm. As if I would allow such a great opportunity to pass me by.”
“Did you escape from the hospital…”
“Well, I am practically fully recovered.”
“That’s not fully.”

I pouted, and Luke smiled.

“You are my Buddy and friend. And I could not stand by while you alone were put in danger.”

I probably should have been mad at him.

Why are you being reckless? You must rest.

However, I could not do that.
In spite of myself, I was relieved.

Whether or not we could save the prince. It felt like so much of the weight was on my shoulders.

However, I might be too weak.
I might not be able to do it.

Somewhere, I had been feeling such things.

My vision started to blur.
And I relaxed because of the strong and reliable presence right next to me.

This was strange.
It wasn’t like me.

I was supposed to be just as strong as him.

“Oh, I got some dust in my eyes.”

I wiped my eyes quickly.

“It looks like it.”

Luke said, as if he didn’t notice.

And in that narrow alley, where it felt like we were hidden from even the eyes of god.
Time passed by quietly.

“It was a trap, and they were all arrested. Count Wilhem has a dungeon relic that seals all magic”

I felt better after shedding those tears, and then we shared information while standing in the darkness.

“Like the one used during the attack against you and the queen?”
“And he seems to have nearly a hundred private soldiers. And they are probably pursuing us now.”
“Things will not be easy then.”
“To be honest, I think it is too much for just the two of us. We should call for help.”
“That will be difficult.”
“There is a new law that was passed by the High Court.”

I gasped.

“That’s right. According to the new law, this whole operation is illegal.”
“All activities of the Royal Magicians Order are effectively restricted.”
“Still, I’m surprised you knew. It was a surprise to Mr. Shamus.”
“There are a few nobles in the High Court who have weaknesses that I made use of.”

Luke said this as if it were nothing.

“Still, if we cannot call for help, then it will be up to us. But how can we get through their severe security when the others of the bureau were unable to…”

It seemed like an impossible situation.

“It’s possible. If it is us.”

Said luke.

“The two strongest. We’re invincible. There is no way that we can lose to evil nobles. Isn’t that right?”

He smiled confidently.
Gradually, a warmth started to spread throughout my body.

It gave me strength to move forward. It gave me courage.

I nodded.

“Yes. Let’s go and punch them down together.”
“Your choice of words are bold and lively, as always.”
“After all, he is pretending to be a hero of justice while working evil behind the scenes. On top of that, he used bribery to create laws to protect himself.”
“It is not a bad thing. We won’t have to feel bad about going against it then. Though, you never did care about breaking rules, did you?”

I thought back on my days as a student.
About the nights when I snuck out of the dormitory, breaking curfew.

“Yes, I love breaking rules.”

I said with a grin. And then Luke replied.

“Well, as villains, let us go and defeat the even worse villain.”

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